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15 Easy Thanksgiving Craft Ideas for Elderly

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Since the holiday is coming up soon, it’s time to gather up fun Thanksgiving crafts for seniors.

All of these easy craft ideas are great for the elderly to be able to use their creative side while having fun.

Use these simple crafts to motivate them to do arts and skills in a way that will build their own confidence quickly. 

Here are 15 fun Thanksgiving easy crafts for seniors that can be used as a fun way to decorate their homes. 

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#1 Cricut Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

If they own a Cricut machine, this is a fun and easy craft to do! Creating cute and colorful turkeys is a blast!

#2 Rainbow Turkey Craft

Being able to choose the colors for this turkey craft is half the fun. This simple holiday craft is an excellent decoration for windows or doors.

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#3 Thanksgiving Turkey Painted Rocks

It’s so much fun to paint rocks! Who knew that they could look so much like turkeys?!

#4 Cheese Stick Turkey Craft

This would be the perfect craft for someone to make to hand out to kids or grandkids who are visiting!

#5 Watercolor Turkey Art

This art is a fun way to use bright colors and create a unique turkey fast.

#6 Dollar Tree Pumpkin Basket

Gather up the items from the Dollar Tree and make this fun and affordable craft. Perfect for cheap home decor.

#7 Turkey Leaf Lanterns

Light up the room with these fun and easy lanterns. Great for a simple and stunning focal point in any room.

#8 Turkey Toilet Paper Roll

Looking for a cute craft that seniors can make with their grandkids? Save up those empty toilet paper rolls and make cute turkeys out of them! These are fun and easy ways to be creative.

#9 DIY Turkey Spinner

It’s always a good idea to be reminded of things to be thankful for. This spinner craft is perfect at just that.

#10 Chalk Pastel Turkey Craft

This turkey art is a great way to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. 

#11 Q-tip Painted Pumpkins

You no longer have to worry about carving pumpkins with this fun activity. Just a little bit of paint will do!

#12 Pinecone Place Holders

Having crafts that can be useful is excellent! These are not only fun to make, but they’re perfect for setting the holiday table as well.

#13 So Grateful for You SVG

The great thing about this craft is that it can be used to make so many different things!

#14 Thanksgiving Fruit Turkey

There is no age limit on wanting to play with food! Create a fun fruit turkey in just a few steps.

#15 Paper Bag Tree

This Paper Bag Tree is great for Thanksgiving and could be a really fun centerpiece for the table, too.

Here’s a quick video recap.

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15 cute Thanksgiving Crafts for Seniors

What are your favorite Thanksgiving crafts for seniors? Please share with us below!

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