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15 Easy Valentine Crafts for Seniors

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In search of easy Valentine Day crafts for seniors? Then you’re just in the right place!

I’ve shared some of my 15 favorite Valentine’s craft ideas that are simple to do and budget-friendly. 

No matter how old your senior is, they will love putting together these fun Valentine’s Day crafts to celebrate the season of love. 

Well, hop on the love train, and let’s get crafty.

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15 Amazing and Easy Valentine Crafts For Seniors

From simple heartstrings to quilled photo frames, your seniors will love making these for their favorite grandchildren!

1. Yarn Wrapped Cardboard Hearts

A nifty heart-shaped decor made from simple materials: a ball of yarn and cardboard.

These are very easy to make but very pretty to look at.

It conveys all the love you must bring out on the day of hearts.

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2. Valentine’s Day Salt Dough Conversation Hearts

This makes use of 4 easy-to-get ingredients from your pantry: salt, flour, water, and oil.

Mix in a bit of food coloring, and you can come up with colorful hearts that can make for good conversation pieces as well.

3. Newspaper Heart Garland for Valentine’s Day

Upcycle those old newspapers [1] and paint them red.

Cut them into heart shapes, string them on a piece of yarn, and voila! You have awesome decors to use for Valentine’s day!

4. Quilled Paper Valentine Heart Balloon Card

Cutting and rolling stock cards to form 3D hearts look great as accents for those Valentine cards for your loved ones on the 14th. [2]

Quilled Paper Valentine Heart Balloon Card 

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4. Penguin Valentine Craft

Children will love these penguins with hearts, all made from colored paper or cardboard. [3]

Penguin Valentine Craft

They’re fun and easy to make and perfect to give out on Valentine’s day too!

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5. Quilled Heart Photo Frame

A lovely picture frame surrounded with colorful quilled paper valentine hearts for your favorite Valentine memory.

6. Paper Quilling Valentine’s Card

Paper quilling is a craft that is a no-fail. It’s easy to make using effortless cardboard paper. [4]

They make great accents for cards and other decors that add a touch of home on a special day like Valentine’s day.

See how it’s done in this tutorial:

7. Cardboard Heart String Art

Cardboard Heart String Art 

String wrapped around cardboard hearts in different directions adds a rustic touch to Valentine’s Day heart decor.

8. Build a Graham Cracker Love Shack

Christmas may own the gingerbread houses, but Valentine’s has the graham cracker love shacks! [5]

Graham Cracker Love Shack 

Shape those crackers into tiny little shacks and top them with your favorite pink and red candies and icing.

9. Painted Heart Worry Stones

Paint colorful hearts on plain stones and add a message at the back for a more personal touch.

Let your loved ones know that you are always thinking of them, especially on a day meant for love.

10. Cupid’s Quiver & Arrow Valentine’s Craft

Play Cupid using used paper towel rolls and paper straws.

Turn them into arrows and start targeting those hearts!

11. Easy Stuffed Felt Heart Bag Tag Craft

Cut out some felt hearts, sew them together, and stuff them.

Easy Stuffed Felt Heart Bag Tag Craft 

They are great for hanging as Valentine decors, and they even make for great bag tags even after Valentine’s day!

12. DIY Paper Heart Pick

Bamboo skewers, glue, cardboard, and crepe or tissue paper are all you need to get creative with these paper heart picks.

diy heart picks - a quick and easy paper craft idea to use to decorate your home and gifts - great for valentine's day and mother's day!
Credit: kenarry.com

They make great-looking paper flower bouquets that you can use as centerpieces for Valentine’s Day!

13. How to Make Simple Paper Heart Flowers

These paper heart flowers are made from paper straws and scrapbook paper of different colors and designs; these paper heart flowers make for a cute and cool Valentine’s day craft project. 

14. How to Make Heart Paper Flowers

Different colors of card stock paper shaped like hearts and glued onto bamboo skewers make for beautiful paper bouquets that you can use even when it’s not Valentine’s day!

15. Quilled Paper Valentine Heart Balloon Card

Cutting and rolling stock cards to form 3D hearts look great as accents for those Valentine cards for your loved ones on the 14th.

Quilled Paper Valentine Heart Balloon Card

To Wrap it All Up

Valentine’s day is about expressing your love to those you hold dear.
A fun crafts day for the people they cherish is best to spruce up the day for your favorite seniors.

Love knows no age, and the seniors will cherish making these simple crafts to show those who they love just how much they mean to them.


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various easy Valentine crafts for seniors

What are your favorite easy Valentine crafts for seniors? Let us know in the comments below!

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  3. These are some wonderful craft ideas for seniors to make. I hope that activity coordinators at nursing homes see this awesome list of ideas. My mom worked in a nursing home, and it made me upset how little they did to entertain them.

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