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20 Fun and Easy Easter Crafts for Seniors to Make!

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Whether you’re visiting your loved one in an elderly care facility, or just looking for a way to spend time during the Easter holiday yourself, there are many ways that seniors can still celebrate without hunting for eggs.

These Easter crafts for seniors are a great way to keep your elderly loved ones active and even boost their health during their prime years.

20 Exciting Easter Crafts for Seniors to Try

I’ve made sure that the easy crafts for elderly listed do not require complicated resources. Most of the requirements can be found in your DIY toolbox or your nearest convenience store.

1. Easy No-Sew Sock Bunny

Nothing beats an adorable Easter Bunny Craft.

No Sew Sock Bunny Easter craft for seniors
Credit: redtedart

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2. How to Make the Easiest Paper Bag Bunny Craft

This paper bag craft is a great way to recycle and everyone will need it for carrying Easter candy and Easter eggs.

Such activities can also be incorporated as dementia nursing homes craft ideas for elderly residents, providing them with a therapeutic and engaging outlet to express their creativity and enhance cognitive function.

3, Edible Easter Egg Cone Treats

This adorable sweet craft could work as an Easter gift or an Easter party centerpiece.

Edible Easter Egg Cone Treats 
Credit: craftymorning

4. DIY Emoji Easter Eggs

These Emoji eggs are a modern edgy way to create easter memories.

5. Stained Glass Easter Eggs Craft

These are great for easter crafting and easter decor.

6. Hidden Message Easter Card

A colorful Easter Card with a hidden message will be a beautiful surprise for your loved ones.

Do you enjoy making greeting cards? Check out our article about homemade Mother’s Day crafts for Grandma to recreate this activity with your loved ones during Mother’s Day.

7. Printable Easter Silhouette Craft

This super simple, super easy-to-make Easter Silhouette Craft will make an adorable DIY Easter decoration.

8. How to Make a Resurrection Garden using Wheat Grass

It’s not too late for you to have a resurrection garden. Wheatgrass sprouts overnight and you will have your garden in no time.

Check out this amazing wheatgrass resurrection garden.

9. Peeps Playdough Recipe

Ready to turn yummy marshmallows into great peeps playdough in less than 5 minutes? And you will need only 3 simple ingredients.

10. How To Make a Crystal Egg Easter Craft

This is a beautiful easter craft for your outdoor decor.

11. Easter Egg Doily Craft

This is an absolutely beautiful easter craft. Plus its mess-free (no paint needed)

12. Easter Egg String Art Craft

String art is a cheap way to create decor or even gift a loved one. Make sure you try out this easter egg string art.

13. Sponge Painted Easter Egg Basket

Awaken your inner Picasso with this simple sponge-painted easter egg basket.

Easter Crafts for seniors
Credit: buggyandbuddy

14. Marshmallow Easter Bunny Craft

All you’ll need is: You will need some mini marshmallows, white glue, googly eyes, some yarn, pencil, some construction paper, and pom-poms.

15. Easter Paper Plate Basket

This can be a great craft activity for a lazy Easter afternoon.

16. Wax Resist Easter Egg Craft

Bring together wax technique and water coloring for the perfect Easter Craft.

17. Paper Plate Easter Egg Wreath

This easy-to-make but gorgeous wreath is great for those who don’t want the mess of gluing plastic eggs.

18. Toilet Paper Roll Bunny Stamps

For cute bunny rubber stamps, you will only need toilet paper rolls, washable paint, and colored sharpies.

19. Popsicle Stick Easter Craft

Hold a puppet show with these DIY peppers. And once the show is over you can still use them as bookmarks.

20. Bunny Holding Easter Egg Craft

Let your loved ones know that some ‘bunny’ loves them with these adorable bunny crafts.

Check this video for a quick recap!

In Conclusion

Crafts are a great activity, especially for seniors. Crafting has been known to increase mental stimulation and slow the deterioration of cognitive function in seniors [1].

So this Easter ensures you try one or two of these easter crafts for seniors.


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20 Fun and Easy Easter Crafts for Seniors

What are your favorite senior crafts for seniors? Let us know below!

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