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Can Mobility Scooters be Stored Outside? [5 Storage Tips]

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Are you wondering, “Can mobility scooters be stored outside?”

When I didn’t have enough space for my father’s mobility scooter in the house, I wondered the same thing and looked at various solutions for winter month storage.

And I’m here to share my experience with you and discuss your cold-weather storage options.

Just keep reading. 

Quick Summary

  • It’s possible to store mobility scooters outside, but the battery requires special care. 
  • You have more storage options than you realize. 
  • Removing dirt and salt residue before storage is vital to avoid damage. 

Can You Leave Your Mobility Scooter Outside?

I’ll start with the good news. You can store mobility scooters outside, providing that you protect them from freezing temperatures and bad weather. 

However, outside storage has a few disadvantages.

  • Someone can steal your scooter if you leave it outside, even if you lock it well. 
  • Frequent exposure to hail, snow, rain, or heat will speed up the wear and tear of the frame and seat upholstery. It can also damage delicate electronic parts. 
  • You don’t always have easy access to electricity for charging the electric scooter. 

But what about your vehicle’s battery? Can you leave it outside? 

Can You Store Mobility Scooter Batteries Outside?

Even if you store the best outdoor mobility scooter in the yard, you shouldn’t do the same with the batteries. Very cold weather can damage them or shorten the battery life.

As experts from MK Powered, say,

“It is best to store your battery and scooter in a cool, dry place where the temperature will not get above 85 degrees or below freezing.” (1)

Otherwise, charging batteries at temperatures below freezing can cause irreversible damage from the sudden heat. 

Since scooters run on different types of batteries, read the instruction manual to check how to preserve the battery life to get the maximum travel distance and avoid scooter battery replacement.

So, what’s the best place to store mobility scooters? Let’s explore your options!

What Are the Best Places for Storing My Mobility Scooter?

The options for storing mobility scooters are limited since you need a dry and secure place to protect them from the elements and theft.

In an ideal situation, the storage place should be six feet away from your house to avoid fire hazards. 

1. Garages

A garage is one the best places to keep your mobility aid – it won’t be exposed to the elements, you can lock it inside, and you have access to electricity for charging.

Mobility scooter garage

However, you should keep something in mind. Some types of tires crack if you keep them on concrete surfaces or cold ground for an extended period. (2)

And driving in about of the garage can be challenging if you have a high threshold since the minimum ground clearance for mobility scooters is around 1.5 inches. (3)

2. An Outside Shed

A shed will also be a suitable place to store your mobility vehicle if it has the key features – enough space to maneuver and protection against cold temperatures.

3. Purchasing a Storage Unit

Buying a storage unit is another possible option for storing your electric scooter outside. These units are made from heavy-duty materials and have a decent lock for maximum protection. 

Check this video to see what these mobile units look like. 

However, such units cost money, and the price can be too much for your budget. A cheaper option will be to rent one for cold-weather storage. 

4. Waterproof Cover

If you must leave your scooter outside, the best opinion is a waterproof cover. It will protect your mobility aid from the elements and keep it dry.

5. Inside the House

Mobility scooters come in a wide range of sizes and weights, so it’s normal not to have adequate space in the house. But the lightest folding mobility scooter will fit in tight spaces. 

So, if you don’t have any secure options for outside storage, pick folding or collapsible mobility scooters when shopping for the perfect scooter. 

6. Disassemble Your Scooter

Finally, you can always disassemble your scooter during the cold winter, store it in the house, and reassemble it in the spring.

It’s not ideal because you don’t have access to it for emergency travel, which is vital for people with mobility disabilities.

But it’s better than something stealing your vehicle or the cold corrupting the controls. And If you decide to leave your scooter outside, I’ve got five smart tips to help you keep it in one piece! 

Find out the best practices for charging your mobility scooter and avoid potential issues with our article ‘Should I Leave My Mobility Scooter on Charge All the Time‘!

5 Tips for Storing Mobility Scooters Outside

Outdoor storage is easy if you keep several things in mind – avoid extreme temperature fluctuation, clean it well for storage, and lock it! 

1. Consult the Manual

The instruction manual contains all the necessary information you need to know about your vehicle, from the maximum speed to battery range to suitable storage temperature.

Don’t throw it away! Instead, consult it to ensure you keep your scooter in optimal condition. Otherwise, it may void the warranty. 

2. Clean the Vehicle Well

Use liquid dish soap and a tough sponge to remove salt residue, dirt, and mud from the tires and frame. Otherwise, salt can damage your vehicle’s wheels and frame over time. 

For delicate parts, use a dry cloth and wipe gently. Then don’t forget to lock the scooter! 

3. Get an Insurance Policy

Even if you use a decent lock, you never know when someone may attempt to steal your mobility vehicle. Or it can get damaged by natural disasters, accidental collisions, etc.

So, when considering keeping your scooter in an outdoor space, it’s better to have an insurance policy to cover any unexpected or additional costs.

4. Keep the Battery Charged

You shouldn’t let your scooter’s battery get flat, or it will lose its capacity over time. Keep it charged with a trickle charger and let it work every couple of weeks to prevent damage. 

That’s why it’s better to store the vehicle close to a power supply. 

5. Check-Ups

Check on your vehicle from time to time to ensure it’s not rusting and that you can start it without problems. And avoid placing heavy objects over your scooter! 

Also, don’t forget to have a service at least yearly to ensure your mobility vehicle is working in top condition. 


Can Mobility Scooters Go Out in the Rain?

Mobility scooters can handle light rain, but they aren’t waterproofed and can get damaged in heavy rain. And most manufacturers don’t recommend exposing such delicate technology to rain, snow, ice, etc. 

How Do You Secure a Mobility Scooter Outside?

Red mobility scooter

Get a wheel lock to secure a mobility scooter outside a building while you’re shopping, doing business, or visiting friends. Get your scooter inside a lockable storage shed or a garage for outside storage.  

How Cold Is Too Cold For an Electric Scooter?

Temperatures below freezing can be problematic for scooters because the cold affects the battery. The ideal temperature for scooters with lithium-ion batteries is between 50°C and 86 °C. 


Can mobility scooters be stored outside? You can keep your scooter in dry and secure outdoor storage places, such as garages, storage units, or shed. 

You can also consider getting a waterproof wheelchair cover to keep your mobility scooter dry and protected from the elements if you don’t have a suitable outdoor location.

However, be careful to secure your outdoor mobility scooter with a lock, clean it well, and take good care of the battery to keep the vehicle in good condition for travel. 

mobility scooter outside, can mobility scooters be stored outside

Where do you store your mobility scooter? Please share your experience with us in the comment section. 


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