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Don't let your age or your limited mobility slow you down

Lo Aids is created with one simple goal – to make life easier for people with a lack of mobility, seniors, disabled people, and their caregivers, too. We don’t just aspire you help you live better, we want to help you make a significant difference in maintaining everyday tasks. What is more important, we tend to present only truthful and proven information. By reading our articles and reviews, you will get a whole new perspective of life. Dealing with disability is not an issue, but a new opportunity for you to grow.

Who We Are

Our team of highly specialized experts includes medical professionals from every field as well as health writers with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

What We Do

We help seniors and people with limited mobility find the best products and services to make everyday tasks easier.

Our People

Dayna CooleyOwner/Founder

Dayna has an incredible passion for helping others and a background as an in-home caregiver for the elderly. She left the field temporarily three years ago to stay at home with her twins, but found that she really missed working with senior citizens. She launched LoAids as a way to help not just her own loved ones and former clients, but ALL seniors live life to the fullest in their golden years. Follow her on LINKEDIN and TWITTER

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Haley B.Writer

Haley has been working with seniors and their caregivers for more than 17 years. She has held local and national leadership roles in a variety of senior services and senior care agencies. Today, she is a sought after writer specializing in topics for older adults, their family members, and professional caregivers. When she isn't at her computer sipping coffee, you can find her hiking with her husband, son, and dog or trying a new cookie recipe in the kitchen. Read her Latest Articles. Follow her on LINKEDIN

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Claire B. Writer

Claire is a registered nurse with experience in freelance medical writing. She is very passionate about geriatric nursing and seniors care and education (it is her favorite area of nursing). She worked with many seniors in a variety of medical settings to provide high-quality education and instructions about medical conditions and proper self-care. Read her Latest Articles. Follow her on LINKEDIN

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Lamia A Kader, MDWriter

Lamia A Kader is a Medical Doctor and a Medical Research Professional with a Ph.D. in Clinical Research. ISMMS, USA. She had enhanced her medical knowledge of medical devices and equipment development and innovation by attending clinical meetings, local national courses, journal clubs, and conferences, in addition to e-learning, subscribing to major medical journals and keeping an eye on latest trends in medicine and keeping an eye on clinical trials industry and healthcare marketing current trends. She had participated in several medical device innovation projects by conducting clinical research studies, developing clinical trial protocols, writing patient safety narratives, and “Medical Device Risk Assessment Reports” to transform new medical technologies into real products that save and improve lives. Read her Latest Articles. Follow her on LINKEDIN

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Lilian Wamaitha Writer

Lilian Wamaitha is a passionate writer and avid cyclist with over 4 years of experience in blogging. As a lifelong learner, she is driven by her curiosity to discover and learn new things. This curiosity and passion eventually sparked a love for the senior writing niche. She has written countless articles to help seniors find their footing in this world through healthy and holistic living. She’s passionate about seeing the seniors in society live a more fulfilling life to the end. Read her Latest Articles. Follow her on LINKEDIN

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Olaf BieschkeWriter

Olaf Bieschke is a senior year medical student from Charité University of Berlin in Germany. He has gained professional experience in various hospitals and offices in Germany, Belgium, France, Poland, Brazil and Spain. Currently working on a dr. med. title thesis in neurosurgery. Follow him on LINKEDIN AND FACEBOOK

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Martina is a graduated Doctor of Dental Medicine with a huge obsession for anything beauty-related. Her freelance writing started out as a creative outlet and turned out to be a full-time job. If you have any beauty questions, the chances are Martina has the answers. Follow her on LINKEDIN AND INSTAGRAM

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Grigorina L. Writer

Grigorina discovered that writing is her vocation early in her school years. Since then, she's taken part in several literary contests. For the past three years, she's also been an ELS teacher, pouring her heart into showing children and adults how important English is for their future. She has a Bachelor's degree in Applied Linguistics, an ESL Teacher's degree, and a Master's degree in Accounting. Read her Latest Articles Follow her on FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM

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