A Detailed Wheelchair Maintenance Checklist Guide

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Are you trying to learn how to properly care for your wheelchair? I will teach you the steps and tools to keep your wheelchair in good shape.

Here is a wheelchair maintenance checklist for you. Check it out!

Below is a quick checklist just for you!

 check1. Perform Weekly Brakes Check
check2. Check the Front Wheels
check3. Inspect the Wheelchair Tires
check4. Perform Monthly Wheelchair Bearings Checkup
check5. Check the Wheel Spokes
check6. Do Wheelchair Annual Checks

How to Do the Wheelchair Maintenance

1. Perform Weekly Brakes Check

Brakes are critical parts of your wheelchair. You are advised to perform a weekly brake checkup.

If your wheelchair’s brakes are failing or not stopping effectively, you should change them. Get the new brake fittings from a reputable wheelchair dealer.

Note that wet weather affects the smooth functioning of the brake mechanism. So, don’t perform the basic check on wet tires or wheels without the correct air pressure levels.

It is also a good idea to check the brake levers to ensure they don’t wobble excessively. If they are loose, you should tighten the bolt.

Here is a video [1] on how you should perform brake inspection.

2. Check the Front Wheels

You should check that the front wheels are in perfect condition. Otherwise, they may drift to the right or left or become difficult to turn correctly.

Your wheelchair’s front wheels should rotate efficiently and touch the ground. Take your time to adjust to the angle and play to ensure your wheels are flush with the ground.

If you ride on rough terrain, the wheels get damaged. I always double-check the wheel locks and spokes after riding on a bumpy surface for signs of damage.

This video [2] shows you how to check the front wheels.

3. Inspect the Wheelchair Tires

You should always maintain the correct pressure [3]. This keeps your wheelchair functioning properly.

Excess air pressure levels make your tires susceptible to bursting. On the other hand, too low air pressure will make you put a lot of effort into propelling your manual wheelchair.

To check the pressure, press down firmly with your thumb. If your tire presses down for more than 5 millimeters, inflate it. Check your tire pneumatic pressure weekly.

You should also inspect the tire cushion and cover. Remove the cover to check both the cushion and cover itself. Look out for holes or tear in the cover. Make sure you check the zip, too.

Now check the cushion for contour and shape. If there are defects in the cushion or cover, you need to change them. Do the wheelchair tire inspection weekly.

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Inspect your wheelchair tires following this video [4].

4. Perform Monthly Wheelchair Bearings Checkup

Your wheel bearings wear out through frequent use. I usually detect malfunctioning bearings through unusual noises or knocking sounds.

Perform the checkups by lifting one of the wheels from your wheelchair and giving each a great spin. Your wheels should spin freely and stop evenly. Do the checkup every month.

If the wheel stops rapidly, the bolts holding the wheel bearing are too tight. You should tighten the bolts if the wheel spins backward after completing the rotation.

Here is a video [5] on how to perform a wheelchair bearings checkup.

5. Check the Wheel Spokes

Check the wheel spokes from the rim to the axle to ensure they are intact, not loose or bent. If they have loose connections, your spokes will eventually break or bend.

Check this video [6] on how to check the wheel spokes.

6. Do Wheelchair Annual Checks

You should perform a full service annually. An annual check helps detect any hidden issue that may get bigger with time. This helps you avoid high repair costs in the long run.

Your authorized wheelchair repairer can do the checkup and perform all the necessary repairs, as shown in this video [7].

Things You Need for a Complete Wheelchair Maintenance Check

Wheelchair maintenance tools help you perform high-quality work on any part. You need to have the required tools to make the work easier. Some of the tools include:

1. Spoke wrenches.

LETUSPORT Bike Spoke Adjustment Wrench Bicycle Rim Truing Tool Set of 2
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2. Upholstery hole gauges.

3. Ruler sets.

Walewale Multi Tools - 16 in 1 Bicycle Multi-Function Tool Repair Kit for Road and Mountain Bike with Screwdriver, Wrench, Ruler Set
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4. Bearing axle spoke gauge.

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5. Bearing setter.

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6. Tire repair kit.

BETOOLL Tire Repair Kit 24 Pcs for Car, Motorcycle, ATV, Jeep, Truck, Tractor Flat Tire Puncture Repair
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The tools you need depend on your model and other maintenance needs.

You need to invest in the most critical set of tools needed. However, your service provider can help with the more expensive tools since they invest in all the tools needed regardless of your model.

Assemble and store a set of tools that you will need for maintenance and other emergencies.

Factors to Consider When Doing Wheelchair Care

Read User Manual

Consider the guide provided by your user manual. This ensures you follow the correct procedure to handle the wheelchair parts, the type of battery to use, and the tools needed.

If you have issues and you can’t understand the user manual, contact your service provider for the proper maintenance procedure.

Check our review of the best wheelchair accessories.

DIY vs. Professional Maintenance

Consider whether you can do a DIY wheelchair checkup or hire a professional. You can perform simple checkups, but contact your dealer for major repairs for an annual checkup and other complex tasks.


Does my wheelchair need servicing?

Yes. Your wheelchair should be serviced to ensure it works at optimal levels for a long time.

How often should wheelchairs be serviced?

You should do wheelchair servicing annually. But do weekly maintenance.

Do wheelchairs need to be oiled?

All your wheelchair folding joints should be lubricated annually. If you live in a humid area and use a wheelchair frequently, you can oil more often.

Can I perform DIY wheelchair maintenance?

Yes, you can if you have skills and basic tools. However, for more complex servicing, work with a certified service dealer.


The wheelchair maintenance checklist provided can help you perform proper wheelchair maintenance. Keeping it well-serviced enhances its functionality and helps reduce repair costs.

As you can see, it isn’t hard because the process involves basic steps and the use of basic tools. However, your wheelchair dealer comes in handy to ensure the maintenance work is done perfectly.

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