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20 Unique Ideas for 90th Birthday Cake

Written by Haley Burress
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If you are looking for 90th birthday cake ideas – then look no further!

I found you some of the best designs to help you celebrate your loved one’s 90th birthday!

From simple ideas that you can recreate at home to inspiration to take to your local baker, there’s something for everyone.

Let’s dive in!

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TOP 10 Birthday Cake Designs You’ll Like Best

Let’s start with my absolute favorites, shall we?

#1. Cake for the knitting enthusiast Grandma

An amazing cake design made especially for knitting enthusiasts. The yarn balls on top are made of icing and fondant.

The buttons can be made with white or dark chocolate. You can easily design most of these components with edible prints.

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#2. Cake for the Music Lover

Looking for a cake made especially for music enthusiasts with a sweet tooth? Well, then this is the best cake for them!

Vanilla flavor icing with piano keys made of fondant makes this a delicious and simply gorgeous cake!

The cake topper is made of candy sticks and white or dark chocolate. Simply amazing to make this sweet occasion, even sweeter.

#3. Elvis Presley-themed cake

Speaking of music, how can one forget about one of the hottest musicians of the mid-1950s – Elvis Presley?

Give this cake to your loved ones for a sweet nostalgic trip down the memory lane to their twenties.

The photos of Elvis are made with edible prints and the cake discs are designed as music records.

The entire cake is covered with smooth chocolate icing and the base is made of white chocolate and vanilla. You can also use a cake topper. Overall, it’s great for Elvis Presley fans!

#4. Go fish!

Looking for a cake for a fishing lover, Grandpa? Well, then you just caught the right design! The entire cake is covered with blue vanilla flavor icing with green streaks of seaweed.

Be careful, the fish on top and the fishing line are not edible, but they complement the general aesthetic look of this elegant cake design. Definitely, a must-try for a 90th birthday party!

#5. Spiritual theme

Life becomes a lot sweeter when you add a bit of spirituality to it!

There is nothing more satisfactory than the taste of learning the act of letting go of your materialistic needs and letting the universe take care of you.

For spiritual enthusiasts, this wonderful cake is absolutely ‘heavenly’!

#6. Board-game enthusiast’s cake

board game 90th birthday cake ideas
Credit: The Knot

Who doesn’t love a round of board games? This cake design is perfect to remind your loved ones of those cozy evenings.

The game pieces are made of edible prints and the cake is covered with vanilla icing. To bring a playful element to your loved ones’ 90th party, this cake design is absolutely perfect for you.

#7. Chess Master’s cake

Speaking of games, who can forget the amazing game of tactics and patience- chess?

With its rich chocolate chess pieces and creamy icing, this cake design is absolutely perfect for your loved one’s 90th birthday party.

#8. Golf themed cake

golf designed cake
Credit: davemelillo.com

Does grandpa love golf? Whether they like playing or watching golf, this mouth-watering golf course cake will definitely be a great choice for their birthday party!

The flag and the caddy golf bag can be made with white chocolate and edible prints.

#9. Cake with family tree

family tree 90th birthday cake ideas
Credit: Cake Central

This is going to be one of the best gifts for 90th birthdays. A delightful and scrumptious cake design based on the family tree.

You can mention all of their closest family members on the cake. An amazing and heart-warming cake design to give your loved one on their birthday!

#10. Cake with family photos

Credit: Cake Central

This cake design enables you to feature your loved one’s family members, or all of the occasions and events that you all attended together, or of major milestones and events.

This is a wonderful 90-year-old birthday cake decoration. Instead of photos, you can also use the birthday cake topper of closest family members.

10 More Amazing Ideas for 90th Birthday Cake

#1. Astronomy themed cake

astronomy designed cake
Credit: lilsugar.com

How about a delicious and beautiful Galaxy Cake made especially for astronomy lovers and stargazers?

The entire cake can be covered with beautiful shades of purple, indigo, blue and white icing. To learn how to make such a cake, visit the following YouTube tutorial link:

#2. Photography lover’s cake

Did Grandpa take lovely photos in his youth? Then he will surely love this cake designed for photography lovers!

The camera and film strips can be made of edible prints and delicious fondant. A scrumptious cake design for your senior citizen’s birthday!

#3. Jewelry themed cake

What a creative and dazzling ‘happy 90th birthday cake’  design a jewelry cake can make.

Jewelry cake with rhinestone decoration is not only rich in its icing and texture but can also have edible jewelry accessories and a glitter cake topper that will make your loved ones and guests go “WOW!” just by looking at it!

#4. Crocheting

Credit: birijus.com

A cozy and delectable crochet blanket cake for your 90-year-old granny to enjoy! With its tasty icing and decorative, edible yarn balls on the top make this cake not only look but also taste amazing!

#5. Checkerboard cake

A lovely checkerboard design if the guest of honor enjoys playing checkers or chess. Its design is relatively simple and is easy to bake at home with the right ingredients.

For the detailed recipe, visit Betty Crocker.

#6. A heart-warming journey!

th birthday cake
Credit: Birijus.com

To express your gratitude to your elderly loved one for all the important roles they’ve played in your life and of the other people whom they’ve blessed with their presence, this cake design is the best one!

With delicious icing and heart-warming text prints, this cake will make your loved one’s mouth (and eyes) water.

#7. Cake for the Word Game lover

90th birthday cake ideas
Credit: CakesDecor

For those who enjoy lazy Sundays at home, with a fresh cup of coffee in one hand and the crossword section of the newspaper in the other, accompanied by a plate of pancakes topped up with syrup!

This cake will revive some mouth-watering memories and take your loved one’s taste buds on a delicious, sweet trip of flavor!

#8. Puzzle cake

Don’t we all just love a good family puzzle night with grandpa and grandma? This cake will surely bring back memories of those fun game nights that you and your entire family enjoy!

A great choice for people who love intellectually stimulating puzzles or who just enjoy spending time with friends and family.

#9. Origami themed cake

Ah… The relaxing art of paper folding. If your senior citizen is a fan of origami, then this cake design is just perfect for them! Surprise them on their birthday with such lovely 90-year-old birthday cake ideas!

#10. Pet lover’s cake

dog cake
Credit: thewhoot.com

If your senior citizen owns or owns a pet, or if they’re simply just an animal lover, this creative cake design is an absolute “paw”-fect for them!

With creamy icing and cute designs, this cake will be an absolutely charming and delightful treat to have on your loved one’s birthday.


There are hundreds of 90-year-old birthday cake ideas – literally, the sky is the limit.

Simply add a cute happy birthday cake topper, edible prints, cake topper gold glitter, and their favorite colors along with some of the above 90th birthday sheet cake ideas for a fantastic celebration.

90th birthday cake

What are your favorite 90th birthday cake ideas? Please share your pick with us below!

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