a senior woman holding a bouquet while embracing her husband

Dating in Your 60s: Is It Feasible? (Uplifting Guide)

Dating in your 60s? You bethca! Today’s Baby Boomer generation is bucking all aging trends, reinventing the stereotypes of the generations before them, as usual. Even just a few decades ago, dating during the retirement years was not quite taboo but certainly not all that common. However, today’s older adults are ready to spend their …


gray apartment with wheelchair ramp for handicap people

Handicap Accessible Apartments: Expert Advice to Find One Fast

Looking for some expert tips on how to find handicap accessible apartments in no time? When you are ready to move, you want your new home to have everything you need. If you have mobility challenges or use a device such as a cane, walker, or travel wheelchair, your new home must be accessible in …


We researched on the best laptops for seniors on the market. Big screens, portability, backlit keyboards – it has never been easier to ...

5 Best Laptops for Seniors in 2021 (Detailed Review Guide)

Are you having trouble finding the best laptop for seniors and need help? No matter if you’re a senior citizen or care for aging parents, we’ve got your back with our buying guide.   Just keep on reading.  Top 5 Laptops for Seniors This post contains affiliate links. We earn a commission if you make a purchase. …