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How to Meet Older Singles: 40 Best Places To Try!

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As a dating expert, I know that finding someone who resonates with your views, passions, and hobbies can be challenging as you age and the dating pool shrinks.

But, where do older singles meet?

I have compiled an extensive list of the best places for you to meet older singles.

Continue reading to know how and where. 

How to Meet Single Seniors?

The dynamics are way different if you’re dating in your sixties or are an over 50 senior looking for singles.

The older singles meetup looks and functions differently from youthful speed dating. So, knowing where to meet older singles is ideal. These are the best.

1. Online Meetup Groups

Online is one of the most efficient ways to meet fresh faces in the 21st century. Join meetup groups with people you share interests with.

lady attending a zoom meeting

The more specialized the group, the higher the probability of meeting single mature women and men. A simple search of senior singles groups near me should help.

2. Wine Shops with Tastes and Classes

If you love wine, a wine tasting event might be what you need to meet other single people.

Suppose you can sign up for a wine class, the better for you. It is a better way to find people in real life, especially if you are tired of meeting people online.

3. Mature Dating Websites and Apps

Downloading a dating app could be the first step you need to take to meet someone new. Online dating is one of the most vibrant and popular ways to meet singles (1).

Popular dating apps usually have millions of users from different age demographics. With daily matches for compatible people, it’s easier to meet a compatible single.

senior lady signing up in online dating apps

4. Local Happenings

Local happenings are another excellent way to meet people. Such in-person events attract many people you can interact with and hopefully start romantic connections.

5. Libraries and Bookstores

If you love books as I do, then libraries and bookstores are where you should go next in your quest to meet senior singles.

lady and older man drinking coffee at the bookstore

6. Local Sports Activities

You don’t have to bet an overly sporty person to meet suitable matches at outdoor sports events.

A day trip to the local stadium could be all you need to do to meet older singles.

7. Church

Christian singles also need love and mingling with singles at your local church. Besides the church widening your circle of people, it can also help you get a spiritual partner.

Taking on a more active role in your church will expose you to many older singles.

8. Music Events

Nothing calms me better than a playlist of my favorite music. If you love music, then music events could give you opportunities to mingle.

people at the music concert

Differences in music taste also make for perfect conversation starters.

9. Singles Travel Groups

If you love traveling and seeing new places, consider joining a singles travel group. There is a fair chance you’ll meet your soul mate on these travels though they’re primarily for fun.

10. Yoga Classes

More women practice yoga than men (2). So as a senior male wondering how to meet senior singles, joining a yoga class could be it.

women having chair seated yoga exercises

Besides meeting new singles, you’ll also enjoy the health benefits of being a yoga.

11. Community Colleges

More 50-year-old singles are joining college to boost career prospects or pass the time. Such colleges are another excellent way to meet singles.  

12. At Work

 All Work and no play make anyone dull. Workplaces through professional settings should prove a fertile hunting ground.

Beware of falling foul of workplace regulations, though.

13. Meetup Groups

The internet has sensationally changed the dating market. It is easier to meet people online, especially with the help of meetup groups.

Meetup.com is one such meetup group platform that will allow you that.

14. Spas

While some men have qualms about going to a spa, women don’t mind. Therefore, it could prove an excellent place for you to meet new people and return to the dating scene.

15. Dog Parks

I regularly walk Arnold, my Pitbull, by our local park. I see a sizeable number of seniors out with their dogs each time – making it the ideal time to meet someone new.

senior couple walking a dog

That’s why I think the chances of a senior meeting a potential partner at dog parks are high.

16. Coffee Shops

A cup of coffee gets me going even on the frostiest of days. Coffee shops are some of the most frequented places by people of all ages.

senior dating on a coffee shop

If you love coffee, who knows? You could meet someone there and hit it off.

17. Flea Markets

Markets often have sizeable crowds and are a wonderful place to meet unfamiliar faces. Visit the nearest flea market, smile, and greet the people you’ll meet there. You never know.

18. Organized Trips

How about an organized trip with a group of strangers? It will satisfy your urge to travel and could even help you meet someone.

19. PTA Meetings

How about taking notice of different faces at PTA meetings? While only a few could be single, it wouldn’t hurt to try your luck.

20. Facebook

Facebook dating might seem like something younger people would do. But there’s no denying the extensive social network with millions of users could be an excellent place to meet singles.

senior man listening to music on his phone

21. Hardware Stores

Most hardware stores on weekends have men coming over to get something. If you’re a DIYer, get more from your visit to the hardware store than that screwdriver.

22. Local Hair Salons

Hair salons see a wide variety of women come to do their hair or spruce their looks. Visiting them for a shave while meeting singles wouldn’t hurt as a single man.

23. Public Spaces

Someone that’s on the look for a romantic partner needs to be alert to the opportunity life presents. That includes meeting people anywhere you go. It could be in the grocery store or parking lot. 

24. Hiking Clubs

If you love hiking, joining a hiking club is a fantastic way to meet people. Save for those with their spouses, and you’ll probably meet some singles.

senior couple hiking

25. Theatre Groups

For theater lovers, a theater group could present you with opportunities to meet single seniors.

26. Horse Stables

Horse stables over the weekend usually have lots of single women. As this Quora user would say, the horse world could be the largest congregation of single women.

27. Weddings

Weddings attract many people, including a healthy number of senior singles. If you can, always accept wedding invites and see how many senior singles you meet.

28. Museums

Museums are collections of art pieces from the past. If you love art, there’s the probability you’ll meet a like-minded person when you visit museums.

29. Trade Shows

If you’re into business, trade shows are another platform for you to meet singles.

30. Specialty Auctions

Besides trade shows, specialty auctions also attract numerous singles. You don’t need to be buying anything at these auctions, as they’ll always admit anyone.

31. Health Clubs

I’ve only ever been part of one health club and met some fantastic people I’m still friends with. Besides the health benefits, health clubs could also boost your chances of getting into a long-term relationship. 

women having chair seated yoga exercises

32. Reunions

For a single person, any event likely to have a crowd is a good place. That’s where reunions come in.

If you have college or high school reunions, that’s a healthy hunting ground for singles from your age group.

33. Grocery Stores

The best relationships sometimes start by chance when people meet at a grocery store or the supermarket. 

34. Restaurants and Bars

Most seniors would disapprove of meeting potential love interests in bars since sometimes they might have a younger crowd. However, some age-exclusive bars exist. 

Your favorite restaurant could also have events that will allow you to meet different people.

35. Shopping in The Men’s or Women’s Section

There is a high likelihood you’ll meet lots of potential partners when you shop in the opposite genders section. Stores are also more accessible places for you to start a conversation. 

36. Friends Meetings

Do you and your friends meet regularly? You can have your friends come with new members to add to your circle. If each person brings an extra person, that’s a pretty large pool to choose from.

37. Art Galleries

If you love art, then art galleries are somewhere else you can boost your chances of meeting someone.

Strike a casual conversation with anyone and talk about or critique some of the art in the gallery. 

38. Gardening Clubs

There is almost a club for everything, be it reading, writing, or gardening. The likelihood of meeting like-minded people is high if you join one of these clubs.

39. The Local Gym

If you rarely go to the gym, I suggest you start now. At the gym, you’ll meet some exceptional people who also are super fit.

Dropping in every other day to work a sweat and possibly meet mature singles.

40. Comicon

How much of a nerd are you? Or probably you want a nerdish partner? Comic-Con is an excellent place to meet such a person. 

Also, look out for role-playing events in your area or on online listings.


What are some events for singles over 50 I should try?

Local events should be your first stop. Such includes events in your area such as book signings, wine tasting, or sports events. Check our list of events for singles over 50.

Are there dating websites for mature singles only?

Yes, there are dating websites that only cater to an older population. Silver Singles is one such dating site. However, many others might work fine. Match.com, eHarmony, OK Cupid, and Bumble are such options.

Where do singles meet?

Older singles can meet at special events, sports, work, or even libraries and bookstores.


There you have it—a long list of the best places to meet older singles. I know you will have lots of success meeting singles at the places on the list.

men and women drinking wine

Do you know of other places where older singles can meet? Mention them in the comments, and I’ll add them here.


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