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14 Interesting Social Events For Singles Over 50 Near Me

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A quick google search of social events for singles over 50 near me gives you many results! But will they work for someone feeling rusty after a lengthy period away from the dating scene? 

It’s the reason I compiled a list of single events for over 50 seniors, with many of these suggestions working for many individuals. Let’s dive in!

7 Ways to Meet Singles Over 50 Near Me

Senior couple dining in a restaurant

Mature singles often have difficulties meeting people. I got to see this firsthand when I made my return to dating after years away. 

Your social life might have received a battering when you were away raising kids or progressing a career. That makes it even harder for a senior to start dating.

But is that to say mature people can’t meet singles and connect? Of course not. Here are some ways to meet new people as you return to the dating scene.

1. Volunteer

group of friends volunteering to plant trees

Active people have better chances of meeting someone. If you love giving back to society, you can volunteer and get to meet amazing people out there.

Volunteering centers rarely attract the numbers you’d expect at a bar or hotel. But they are one of the best ways to meet new people. 

I like to think if you meet someone doing charitable work, they probably have a good heart. So you can be sure if a connection forms, it will be genuine.

2. Get into An Exercise Program

Seniors need to exercise even if with a measure of enthusiasm. We all want to age gracefully. So why not get into an exercise program and kill two birds with a single stone?

Hitting the gym is a fun way to meet new people, especially if it’s a new gym. I say this as a certified gym rat.

Therefore, join an exercise program to boost your likelihood of meeting someone and living longer (1). 

group of friends volunteering to plant trees

Though I value loyalty in everything, I advise you to ignore the gym outside your home or office. It’s okay to do some gym hopping.

It’s a time-tested technique to meet singles and boost your social networks.

3. Take an Educational Course

Adult courses at your local community college are also an excellent choice if you don’t know where to meet older singles

However, it isn’t only community colleges that give you a chance to ramp up your social engagement.

Recreation departments, adult workshops, and senior-specific classes are all worthy options. If you’re lucky, you could get more than just a new skill (wink wink).

4. Sign Up for Online Dating

It’s 2022, and you don’t have to follow all the traditional dating methods. Many online dating sites can help you meet someone.

senior lady signing up in online dating apps

Who said online dating is only for young people? Many have had success meeting people via online dating sites.

In addition, many seniors aren’t shy about using Tinder and other dating apps, so why should you be? (2)

5. Get Involved in Sports Activities

Sports events could be the perfect opportunity to boost your social relationships if you love sports by watching a bowling or hockey game.

Get out of the home and try a game you’ve never watched before. Try soccer, and you’ll meet new people.

6. Have Friends and Family Hook You Up

I took some time to get married, and I had my friends and family try setting me up with their single friends.

Who says you can’t have your friends set you up even as a senior?

Your friends could help you get someone even at your advanced age. So, tell your friends and family to set you up if they know anyone.

7. Keeping an Eye Out

matured man and woman dating and drinking together

Meeting new people in real life isn’t the scripted affair typical in movies. While some people get lucky, keeping an eye out for potential mates anywhere could be precisely what you need.

That will mean being on the lookout at grocery stores, local coffee shops, bar community libraries, or even hotels. 

If you’re always out and about, strike conversations with people you fancy. Of course, you should be careful lest you spook people and appear creepy.

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7 Places Where Singles Over 50 Can Meet

You can meet people in many places if willing – these are the best places to meet singles. 

1. Meetup Groups

Your local community could also have meetup groups for singles that you can take advantage of. 

Meetup groups aren’t expressly for meeting love interests, but who wouldn’t want them to lead to something?

With the growth of the internet, you can use event listing on sites such as Google Events, Eventbrite, or Meetup. 

Meetup is especially suited to meeting mature singles since it has age-specific listings (3).

Also, a simple google search of the terms single senior meetups near me could help you find groups of interest in your area. 

2. Book Clubs

group of people in a book club

If you love books, book clubs and bookstores will offer you plenty of opportunities to meet other seniors. 

Whether they are single could be another matter. But then I always find that the more you meet other people, the higher the probability of meeting a compatible person.

Book stores usually have author signings immensely popular with readers. They’re a meeting of a select group of people (seniors included) you can get to know.

No crowd’s too large if you’re trying to meet someone. It only gets better when you find you share a love for something.

What better way to form a genuine connection with someone than over something they love?

Book clubs usually host regular events such as book readings.

If you know the events coordinator for your local book club, you could tell them to inform you of any upcoming events so you never miss out – that could be a way to connect with someone.

3. Online Dating Sites

This could be one of the fastest ways to meet other singles your age. There are more dating sites than you can count, all with a wide variety of people to meet.

Lauren House, a relationship expert at eHarmony, says, “The platform is different: online. The style is different: more direct. Your bodies are different: aged.” (4)

SilverSingles, eHarmony, Match.com, and OK Cupid are some of the best options to try. You’ll need a good dating profile to boost your chances of matches on these sites.

Also, these dating sites can be highly specialized. For instance, Disabled Passions is one of the various dating sites for people with disabilities.

4. Singles Cruise

I love traveling because it gives me to experience unknown places. Did you know that an extended cruise can help you meet potential partners?

Though cruises might look like the sort of thing young people do, there are age-specific cruises you can hop on and meet other senior singles. 

Next time you hear of that river cruise and can spare some time, hop on and get ready to meet some fresh faces.

5. Dance Clubs

How much do you love dancing? If you love it as much as I do, why not use it to meet unfamiliar faces?

Dance clubs and venues at nightclubs can be some of the best meetups for singles. Some dance clubs even have exclusive events for singles over 50. You certainly can take advantage of that.

You get to do what you love and still potentially get dates. Remember to arm yourself with some intriguing conversation starters to increase your success rate.

6. Adult Summer Camp

Young people sure know how to have some fun. But that’s no reason for them alone to hog all the fun at summer camps. Enter adults-only summer camps.

If you can spare some time, go to an adult summer camp and meet exciting groups of people.

Summer camps have many events targeting different age groups and could be the perfect answer to queries of over 50 singles events near me.

Of course, not everyone there will be single, but the odds of meeting many singles are high. If you don’t want to gamble on that, look up summer camping events for singles over 50 in your area.

There are adult camps for almost anything from cooking to singing. (5) There are plenty of social opportunities, as I learned when I went to an escape camp.

Connecting with someone over something you both love doing would be amazing!

7. Online Social Communities

Online dating sites aren’t the only way to mingle online.

Social community platforms such as Stitch are also excellent ways to meet people.

Joining an online community helps keep away boredom. But that’s not the only thing you will gain. It also allows you to build social connections with different people.



Is stitch a good way to meet people?

Yes, Stitch is an excellent way to meet people. It is an online community of over 150,000 people with different interests. That’s a healthy pool for anyone looking to form a social connection with someone.

Where can I meet nice guys over 50?

There are so many places where you can meet nice age 50+ guys, from online dating sites such as eHarmony and SilverSingles to outdoor social gatherings like book clubs. 


Dating as a senior requires you to be proactive. No one will get to know how outstanding a person you are if you don’t put yourself out there. 

Grab any chance to socialize by looking for social events for singles over 50 seniors near you. Who knows, that could be the lucky break you need to be happy for the rest of your life.

matured man dating a woman

Do you have other ideas about how seniors over 50 can meet other singles? Please share them with us in the comments.

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