wheelchair in front of stairs

5 Easy Steps to Get a Wheelchair Up a Flight of Stairs

Are you wondering how to get a wheelchair up a flight of stairs? If you’ve ever been a caregiver to wheelchair users, you know how difficult it can be to maneuver steps. A standard wheelchair is heavy on its own and a person sitting on it only adds to the weight. It is not an …


a man putting a wheelchair at the back of the van

Wheelchair Carrier Storage: 4 Tips to help you

If you’re looking for the best guidance on how to store a wheelchair carrier, we’ll help you out. Your carrier not only makes it easier to get your wheelchair or scooter in and out of your vehicle, but it also keeps it safe and sound during transportation, so it’s pretty important! How you store it …


manual wheelchair

6 Ways to Get Free Wheelchairs + Qualifications

How can I get a wheelchair for free? Mobility products such as wheelchairs are not easy to come by if you’re living on a tight budget. Fortunately, there are a few different ways to cut that cost down to zero (or close to it, at least). We’ll outline them below, so keep reading! How Can …


a diy threshold ramp in front of the wooden door

How to Make a Threshold Ramp in 5 Easy Steps

Wondering how to make a threshold ramp for a senior with mobility issues? It’s actually not as hard as it sounds! In fact, if you follow our guide below, you can pull it off in 5 easy steps with just a few basic supplies. Just keep reading to see how! How to Make A DIY …


an old man in front of a cake celebrating his 75th birthday

12 Entertaining 75th Birthday Ideas for Elderly Parties

Are you looking for some amazing 75th birthday ideas to give your elderly parents or grandparents the best party ever? It can be hard finding things to do during a party for elderly adults, I know. Don’t worry, though; we came up with several great party ideas that you can try out now and in …


senior couple smiling while running at the park inspired by senior fitness quotes

50 Inspiring Senior Fitness Quotes to Keep You Moving

Looking for some amazingly motivational senior fitness quotes? Maybe you’re trying to get inspired to get your exercise routine back on track? We’ve got you covered below! Read on for 50 inspirational quotes that will make you want to hit a gym right away. 50 Fun and Inspiring Senior Fitness Quotes Whether you need some …


three wheeled walker used by an elderly man

5 Lightweight Three Wheel Walkers For Seniors (Review & Guide)

Are you looking for the best three wheel walkers for seniors? Picking the right walking aid is essential, so you’ve come to the right place looking for answers.  Keep on reading to discover best rollator walkers for older adults! Start with the comparison table below for a quick guide, then read the review for further details. This …


Smiling inter generational couple while hugging each other

InterGenerational Love Relationships: Do They Really Work?

If you’re curious about whether intergenerational relationships really work, you’re in the right spot. Below, we’ll look at some of the benefits of romantic relationships between different generations. Then, we’ll go over some of the factors that play a role in determining whether or not they work out. By the end, you’ll have enough information …


a senior woman volunteering and packing donations stuffs with her family

5 Exciting Senior Volunteering Opportunities

Are you looking for the best senior volunteering opportunities? Volunteering is not only a way of sharing your resources and time with someone who is in dire need but it’s a great way of spending your own time. Not sure where to start, though? We’ve got you covered on some of the best opportunities below! …


Happy senior woman working on her knitting skills and making a scarf, a very cute craft

Elderly Crafts: 15 Fun Projects Senior Citizens Can Easily Make

If you’re looking for fun elderly crafts, this list has them all. The significant part about these activities and ideas is that they’re all relatively simple to do. On this list, you’ll find art crafts, crochet crafts, and many other crafts that are certain to spark their imagination and creativity.  Let’s dive right in and …