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How Fast Does a Mobility Scooter Go? (Comprehensive Guide)

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Your mobility scooter can move at different speeds. Learn how fast your scooter can go.

When buying your mobility scooter, you should consider its maximum speed and weight capacity. You should check the product details to understand the safe speed for each model.

The speed of your fast mobility scooter is measured in miles per hour. So, how fast does a mobility scooter go? Learn more!

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Are Mobility Scooters’ Speed Restricted?

senior man riding a mobility scooter at the park and checking how fast does a mobility scooter go

Yes, mobility scooter speed is restricted to enhance the safety of the other road users.

When choosing a mobility scooter, you should know all the codes regulating the speed. There is a maximum speed set for your travel scooters. You should also know the restrictions by authorities.

The maximum speed restriction for your 4-wheel scooter is determined by where you are riding. Each area has recommended speed limit viewed as safe for all.

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Most trails and parks have set a speed limit of 5 miles per hour. Note that trails have distinct properties, so you should move your wheel scooters at a safe speed to avoid accidents.

If you are moving on pavements with many pedestrians, the recommended range mobility scooter speed is 4 mph. This ensures you don’t endanger the lives of the pavement users.

When moving on parking lots, the speed limit is 4 miles per hour. [1] The maximum speed set for travel scooters is based on the fact that parking lots experience heavy pedestrian traffic.

As you access the restroom, you need to move your scooter at a low speed. There are no speed limits; you can move your mobility scooter when accessing restrooms, but always move safely.

If you are operating your wheel scooters inside a building, the speed limit is 2mph. However, note that not all buildings allow you to operate your electric wheelchairs.

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How Fast Should Mobility Scooters Be?

man riding a mobility scooter

How fast a mobility scooter goes, is determined by size, battery charge, model, and other internal factors. This makes the speed relative to all these factors.

When moving with your mobility scooter, you want to go faster from one area to another. This makes you ride the scooter at maximum speed. However, you must respect the speed limit set.

Regardless of the speed limit set for your powered wheelchairs, the most critical thing is to ensure you have a comfortable ride.  So, how fast does a mobility scooter go?  Let’s see.

When moving on trails with gravel, you should drive the scooter at a low speed. This ensures you don’t fall. Consider slope, width, trail traffic, and other trail characteristics to choose the speed.

Note that even the fastest models are meant to improve your quality of life. Always ensure that you are moving at a safe speed, even if you have the fastest mobility scooters.

How fast your mobility scooters go is determined by charge and power unit. With a low battery charge, even a perfect scooter moves slower.

For a faster speed, ensure the battery is fully recharged. If you move at a smaller mobility scooter, it can go between 15 and 20 miles on a single charge. [2]

On the other hand, if you have heavy-duty scooters or larger scooters, they can move up to 35 miles on a single charge.

Dave Tuchler of Step Ahead Mobility in Raleigh, North Carolina says, “Scooters with small batteries (which weigh less) travel a shorter distance before needing to be recharged compared to scooters with larger batteries”. [3]

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How to Make Your Mobility Scooters Faster?

It’s not daunting to increase your mobility scooter speed. There are easy steps you can use to increase the actual speed. Here are the steps to make a mobility scooter move faster.

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1. Replace With a Powerful Battery

If your mobility scooter slows down, you can increase speed by upgrading the battery. A more powerful battery makes your mobility device electric components work rapidly with more power.

Before you start to replace the battery, remove the adjustable seat. Put your mobility scooter in drive gear before turning it off. Remove the adjustable seat by removing the pins or screws.

Now, remove the cover to find the battery. Take note of the cable attachment to help when reinstalling the new battery. Unplug your battery through the two plugs in-between.  

Remove all straps and clips and gently remove the battery, keeping it upright. Once you remove the battery, use a spanner to remove the bolts at the terminals. This helps disconnect the wiring.

Now start installing the new powerful battery. Reconnect all the wirings to the new battery terminals by connecting black to black and red to red. Place the battery onto your electric scooter.

Reconnect all the electrics to the new battery. Ensure that the clips or straps are in place to hold the battery. Reassemble the seat, seat belt and fully charge the battery before use.

With an upgraded or new battery, you experience better speed and long charge range performance. Before adding the battery, remove the speed limiter if your scooter has one.

There are many mobility scooter batteries you can replace with. However, before replacing the battery, make sure that you only use one that can work effectively depending on your model.

Watch this video to replace the battery.

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2. Rewind Your Motor

Your mobility scooter motor features a complex mechanism. To increase the speed, you should wind the coil of your brushed motor. The speed increases and also minimizes windings on the coil.

By doing this, you will enjoy more revolutions a minute and reduced torque. Since this is an advanced technique, you need to ask your reliable mobility scooter professional for help.

The entire process should be done efficiently. Read the user manual for the product description and how to rewind the motor.

You can also opt to replace the motor with dual power motors that improve the overall speed of your heavy-duty scooters.

This video shows you how to rewind your mobility scooter motor.

3. Remove the Speed Limiter

Removing the speed limiter is another way to make your electric scooter move faster. A medical scooter comes equipped with a speed limiter to allow you to drive at a safe speed and adhere to restrictions set.  

With the proper technical knowledge, you can easily remove the speed limiter, but you can also seek help from a four wheel scooters technician.

You need a pincer/piler and a screwdriver to perform the task. Start by removing the screws at the front and back of the deck. Then, remove crosshead screws on the deck’s top.

Towards your scooter front wheel, open the casing. You will find white wires, pull them out and cut at the bottom using the pincer.

Tape the wires and then close the casing to prevent the wires from dirt. Screw the crosshead screws back and ensure that they are tight. You are done removing the speed limiter.

However, you need to note that your battery life is adversely affected when you remove the speed limiter. You also lose the warranty since you interfere with your scooter’s original condition.

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Watch this video on how to remove the speed limiter.

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How fast does a scooter go?

The average speed of your mobility scooter is about 4mph. This speed ensures you have a comfortable, safe, and smooth ride. However, larger scooters move at about10 mph.

Is there a speed limit for mobility scooters?

a women on a lightweight mobility scooter outside

Yes. Mobility scooters should not exceed 4 mph on pedestrian areas or pavements. This is the speed that ensures that other road users are safe.

How far can my mobility scooter go on a single charge?

On average, it will go for around six to twenty miles with a fully charged battery.

What are the types of mobility scooters available?

There are different types: folding scooter, 3-wheel mobility scooters, recreational scooter, raptor mobility scooter, portable scooters, and 4-wheel mobility scooters.


How fast does a mobility scooter go? Now you know the answer.

Mobility scooters move at different speeds. You can drive it at the maximum speed, but it is always essential to adhere to the speed limit restrictions set.

With the different types of mobility scooters available, you can always choose one that moves more miles per hour. Make sure you have a comfortable ride at a safe speed.

If you want to increase the speed, you can always use the best method that suits your needs. Ensure that you do it efficiently to avoid damaging your mobility scooter’s original condition.

man riding a mobility scooter on a garden

Have you ever thought of tweaking your mobility scooter just for the sake of having a faster speed? Let us know how you did it in the comment section below!


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