20 Engaging and Fun Mother’s Day Crafts for Seniors

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Mother’s Day is fast approaching and I’ve got 20 engaging and fun Mother’s day crafts for seniors!

Whether you are seeking crafts that can be made during a private or group session, or something you can hand off to the kids to help out with at home, there is sure to be something here that suits your needs!

Check out these great Mother’s Day crafts for seniors!

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20 Exciting Mother’s Day Crafts for Seniors

Nothing says “I love you” like a handcrafted gift that has been lovingly prepared with care. To demonstrate your love for your grandkids, there are hundreds, of Mother’s Day crafts you may do.

Here are some of my favorite senior craft ideas.

#1 Drip Paint Pots 

Firstly, how much fun! Everyone will enjoy creating without the need for any painting experience or ability.

#2 Easy Hand Shaped Flower Bouquet

This hand-shaped flower bouquet is a simple Mother’s Day project and a bouquet of flowers that will not wilt!

#3 DIY Mother’s Day Herb Garden Kit 

This Herb Garden Kit is ideal since it requires only a few supplies and a lots of love to create.

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#4 No-Mess Glittered Tea Light Luminaries 

These tea light luminaries are beautiful and sparkling, and they’d make a lovely handcrafted gift for someone special. Best news? Its mess-free

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#5 Lavender Candles

If you love the smell of dried lavender as much I do, you’ll love how simple it is to make these gorgeous DIY lavender candles.

#6 Floral Herb Perfume 

Aren’t these Floral Herb Perfume stunning? They’re not really perfume but flower and herb-scented water, but they smell amazing when sprayed and are a thoughtful gift.

#7 How to Make a Custom Photo Puzzle 

A personalized picture puzzle is an excellent mother’s day gift, and it’s really simple to create!

#8 Mother’s Day Flower Fortune Teller 

This Mother’s Day Flower Fortune Teller is an easy and fun craft.

Credit: redtedart

#9 Mother’s Day DIY Coloring Cards 

It won’t be mother’s day without mother’s day cards.

These Mother's Day cards are sure to be a big hit this year! Simply print, color and deliver! :: www.inallyoudo.net
Credit: inallyoudo

#10 Mother’s Day Mason Jar Votives 

How about this mother’s day mason jar votive coupled with a cute message.

#11 Duct Tape Rose 

Try out a mother’s day bouquet with these duct tape roses.

Duct Tape Rose
Credit: craftbits

#12 Bright And Cheerful Mother’s Day Card 

With only cupcake liners and buttons make these adorable mother’s day cards.

#13 Mother’s Day Fingerprint Flower Bouquet 

Want mother’s day flowers that will last forever? I absolutely love these bright and cheerful bouquets.

Mother’s Day Fingerprint Flower Bouquet
Credit: ourkidthings

#14 Kid Made Jewelry Dishes Mother’s Day Craft

I love how simple it is to personalize this project. You may select the sort of ornamental paper you like, as well as the colors and sizes of the plant saucers.

#15 Duct Tape Rose Pens 

With just duct tape, scissors, and a pen you can make these cute rose pens.

Duct Tape Rose Pens
Credit: redtedart

#16 Mother’s Day Flower Pot Craft 

This Mother’s Day flower pot project is unbeatable if you’re hunting for a beautiful Mother’s Day gift for seniors to make this year.

#17 Painted Rock Photo Holder Craft 

This is a great keepsake gift. It’s easy and super fun to make.

#18 Mother’s Day Flower Craft

Looking for an easy inexpensive mother’s day craft for seniors to try? This flower craft is one everyone will enjoy.

#19 Mother’s Day Bird House Craft 

This charming Mother’s Day Bird House Craft is an ideal homemade card for mums who adore birds and all things nature. Seniors will have a lot of fun designing this adorable Mother’s Day card.

#20 Mother’s Day Painted Rock Craft with Fingerprint Art 

An easy painted rock activity that uses fingerprint art to create a lovely Mother’s Day craft and memento.

In Conclusion

According to research [1], art therapy can help elderly folks communicate more effectively. It can also help with depression and anxiety symptoms.

Individuals with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease have been known to improve by participating in art and craft activities [2].

So grab this opportunity and engage them in fun mother’s day crafts for seniors.

mothers day crafts for seniors

What are your favorite Mother’s day crafts for seniors? Please share below!


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