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Elderly Crafts: 15 Fun Projects Senior Citizens Can Easily Make

Written by Liliane
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If you’re looking for fun elderly crafts, this list has them all.

The significant part about these activities and ideas is that they’re all relatively simple to do.

On this list, you’ll find art crafts, crochet crafts, and many other crafts that are certain to spark their imagination and creativity. 

Let’s dive right in and check them out!

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Some of these crafts will require a bit more effort than others, but they are sure to produce a smile and a beautiful work of art or creation.

They’re all a fun way to keep your minds active and make some pretty cool home décor as well. 

Here are 15 fun elderly crafts that anyone of any age can easily do. 

#1 Hedgehog Rock Painting

hedgehog craft for elderly

Rock painting is so much fun, and this craft proves just that! Check out the art tutorial here. If you’re also interested in digital entertainment, there are some fantastic free iPad games for seniors available.

Give your beautiful creations to grandchildren, or leave them out and about for others to find and enjoy!

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#2 Walnut Shell Manger Ornament

walnut shell craft

Who knew that you could make the cutest Christmas ornament ever this way? It’s easier than it looks, too. Look at the fun ornament craft here

#3 Simple Pointillism Art Activity

painting made of pointillism

All of the dots come together to create a beautiful piece of art. See the finished creation and learn how to make it here

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#4 Infinity Crochet Scarf

gray handmade crochet scarf

If they know how to crochet, this can be a super fun activity. Get the fun pattern here and make a few to give as gifts! 

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#5 Marble Painted Snowflake Craft

marble painted snowflake

This winter craft is great for the colder months of the year. Find out how to make it for the holidays here

#6 M&M Painted Rock

cute rocks painted as M&M chocolates

This painted rock activity is great for anyone with a sweet tooth! Check out these adorable rocks here

#7 Mirror Leaf Drawing

half-leaf mirror craft for senior

What a great way to work on their drawing and memory skills. See the fun art idea here

#8 Acorn Marble Necklace

DIY necklace made of acorn and marble

Find out how to make an acorn necklace with a few simple supplies. To learn how to make this great gift idea, click here

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#9 Painted Ladybug Rocks

rocks painted as lady bugs

These ladybug rocks are simple, easy, and adorable. See the cute stones here

#10 Rustic Acorn Marble Ornaments

DIY rustic acorn craft

A different spin on the acorn necklaces about is to make ornaments for your tree out of them instead.

They’re also beautiful just to hang in the window. The marble catches the light and creates gorgeous patterns on the wall. Check out the ornaments here

#11 DIY Christmas Wreath

DIY christmas wreath craft

This wreath craft is a fun way to decorate the front door, and it’s not just for Christmas. This particular style looks beautiful throughout the fall, too. Learn how to make it here

Plus, once you know how to make a wreath, you can use it to create different versions for every season. I love this Hello Summer Watermelon wreath for summer, for example!


#12 Modeling Clay

homemade clay, craft for senior

With this one easy DIY, you can actually make countless other fun crafts! The truth about modeling clay is that it can be used to make so many fun things! Get the easy recipe here

#13 Marbled Clay Bracelet

red bracelet made of marbles

Making this bracelet is fun. Then, let them decide who they want to give it to. Use that modeling clay you just made with the above craft to make this one! See the tutorial for it here

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#14 Crochet Dishcloth

red crochet dishcloth

This is another super fun crochet project that they’ll love. Get the pattern here.

#15 DIY Pumpkin Spice Soap

homamade pumpkin soap

Soap making isn’t hard and is a great skill to learn. See how to make homemade soap here

Check out this video for a quick summary:

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Want to try some fun elderly crafts? We give you 15 easy ideas that not only seniors can make but everyone! Check them out and try them yourself.

Which one is your favorite elderly craft? Share more ideas below!

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