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10 Exciting iPad Games for Seniors in 2023: Stay Sharp!

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Are you looking for games for seniors on iPad?

ipad games for seniors

When my grandmother got her first iPad, I spent hours looking for exciting games to keep her entertained and improve her brain health.

And I’m here to share these digital games with you and give you tips on choosing the best games for seniors.

Just keep reading.

Quick Summary

  • Gaming has several health benefits for seniors – it boosts memory, lessens boredom/depression, and can improve social interactions. 
  • Brain training apps are great for exercising the brain, slowing cognitive decline, and improving critical thinking, strategy, and creativity.
  • Always consider the game’s difficulty to ensure it’s not too hard for seniors to play it. 

Top 10 Games for Seniors on iPad in 2023

Many people assume that gaming is a hobby for the younger generation or that seniors can’t use iPads, iPhones, or tablets.

But according to statistics, over 27% of gamers in the USA are over 45 years old! And the average age of iPad users is 41. So, gaming is no longer a hobby for teenagers or young adults. (1)

Moreover, playing interactive games on mobile phones, iPads, and laptops has many benefits for seniors – improving their cognitive ability and boosting motor skills.

So, which are the best games for seniors on iPad? Here are ten fun games to try! 

#1 Words with Friends

Words with Friends is not just another mobile game; it’s a top-rated video game for seniors. It’s reminiscent of classic board games where players take turns to form words from letters in a crossword-like fashion.

The beauty of this game lies in its simplicity, making it relaxing and engaging for seniors.

Seniors can play with family and friends worldwide, choose solo play to train their skills or pair with another anonymous player. And my grandmother loves the Weekly Challenges.

Best of all, you can track how much you’ve improved thanks to the detailed game statistics. And you can communicate with friends, thanks to the in-game chat function. 

Such puzzle games are also excellent for improving one’s vocabulary/sp, slowing the decline of cognitive skills, and increasing social interaction.

Remember that Words with Friends is free to play, but in-app purchases are available.  

Dive into this beginner-friendly tutorial and learn how to play your first game on Words With Friends easily and confidently!

#2 Magic Jigsaw

Planning a GAMES FOR SENIORS PARTY? Does your senior friend love jigsaw puzzles? Then they won’t be disappointed by this online game for iPad, created to satisfy every jigsaw fan. 

Magic Jigsaw for iPad has a large database of puzzles with up to 1200 pieces! It even allows you to create a jigsaw from your pictures. 

Seniors can also participate in weekly tournaments, choose the difficulty level, and pick the music. In-app purchases give you even more boons.

Best of all, puzzles are an excellent workout for the brain and can slow cognitive decline, according to studies. (2) And completing a puzzle gives you a sense of accomplishment!  

Embark on a visually stunning journey as we explore level 1 of Magic Jigsaw Puzzles, the free game that’s perfect for puzzle enthusiasts!

#3 Matching Game

Matching games are great for training memory skills because you must remember where to find the matching pair. They also train coordination, attention, and patience.

And as specialists from the Crossing say, “Memory games for seniors with dementia have been shown to help seniors exercise their minds, which can boost brain health over time.” (3)

Furthermore, many card games for seniors are designed so that they don’t have to fret about winning or losing, nor do they need to navigate complicated rules. It offers a fun, relaxing activity that seniors can enjoy without added stress.

The mentioned matching game version provides over 600 challenges, ensuring a diverse experience and beautifully designed layouts that captivate the players.

#4 Microsoft Solitaire Collection

Solitaire is a classic game, perfect for seniors or older adults. The Microsoft collection comes with five Solitaire versions to match anyone’s taste: Klondike, Spider, FreeCells, Pyramids, and Tripeaks.

Besides increasing their skill level in each type of Solitaire, seniors can participate in daily events and complete daily tasks to earn coins.

And these card games have easy rules and don’t require any commitment, so seniors can pick up from where they left it any time. 

Moreover, solitaire games provide not only hours of fun but are also great for keeping seniors’ minds sharp, developing one’s strategic thinking, and boosting concentration levels.

And Pyramid Solitaire is an excellent workout for the mind because you have to match cards that add up to 13 to win the game. 

#5 Farmville 2

For senior players who want something more engaging, interactive, and stimulating, “switch games for seniors” such as Farmville 2 will not disappoint. Unlike the original game, you don’t need an internet connection to play it.

Your object is crafting baked goods, harvesting crops, collecting treasures, raising animals, and building a prospering farm. Seniors can play with friends or connect with people worldwide.

Watch this YouTube video to see how to play:

It’s a great game to stimulate one’s strategic thinking, improve creativity, and relax the mind to reduce stress and blood pressure. 

And since the game features a social component, it’s perfect for seniors who struggle to meet with people in real life. 

#6 Data Wing

Data Wing is not your ordinary racing game, so it’s perfect for seniors. The goal is to deliver data to its destination in a stunning neon landscape. 

I like Data Wing for its simplicity, and my grandmother loves playing because it has only two touch controls, so seniors find it easy to play.

Moreover, Data Wing has over 40 levels to complete, beautiful music, and an engaging story. Its only con is that it’s a bit short. 

Watch this video for a full walkthrough of the game:

#7 Alphabear Words

Do you love a light brain workout? Then you’ll love Alphabear Words. The goal is to spell words by selecting letters on a grid and earn bears for every solved puzzle. 

It’s a fun activity to improve one’s dictionary, challenge your mind, and practice your language skills. And you get to enjoy the great story, amazing graphics, and special events.

It’s also a suitable game for boosting creativity because you can customize your bear’s appearance. However, some levels are hard to complete without spending real money.  

#8 Candy Crush Sage

Candy Crush is among the most popular tablets, phones, and iPads games. And people love it because it’s simple, engaging, and challenging. 

The game’s object is to clear a board by matching three pieces of the same color. As you progress through the levels, it gets more and more challenging to reach the goal.

Despite the simple rules, the game can provide a mental workout for seniors while they try to figure out the best way to beat a level without spending real money.

Candy Crush gets updated frequently, so seniors can participate in various events when bored with the regular levels.  

#9 Cat Museum

Cat Museum is an excellent choice for puzzle lovers to challenge the mind, experience beautiful art, and interact with a mischievous cat.

It has a unique, emotional story and many mysteries to solve, so Cat Museum can keep you engaged for hours. And when you get stuck, you can watch YouTube tutorials to pass the levels. 

#10 Seeker’s Notes

Seeker’s Notes is a hidden object game, perfect for seniors who want to explore fabulous locations, solve mysteries, and participate in monthly events. 

Hidden object games improve hand-eye coordination, patience, and visual acuity. They also reduce stress, strengthen problem-solving skills, and entertain you. 

And since you need friends to get the most out of these online games, they’re perfect for making new friends. But it gets a bit boring to explore the exact locations repeatedly. 

How to Choose the Best Games for Seniors on iPad?

Since the App Store is full of various games, it’s natural to get overwhelmed when looking for the best games for seniors for iPad. But you can narrow down your choices if you follow these tips. 

#1 Consider Players’ Interests

Ask yourself, “What does he/she like to do?” Some seniors enjoy adventure games, while others prefer puzzles, racing, cards, hidden objects, time management, etc. 

So, pick a game type that suits the player’s interests to ensure it keeps them entertained and provides the health benefits I mentioned. 

#2 Game Difficulty

Complex games can put seniors off using iPad, make them experience negative emotions, and impact their mental health. On the other hand, easy games won’t keep seniors’ attention for long. 

So, if you’re unsure how difficult the game is, you can watch some YouTube videos to determine if it suits seniors. 

#3 Fees

Many games for iPads are free, but they offer in-app purchases to help you advance quickly in the game. And it can be challenging to pass levels without spending real money. 

If you’re looking for a more fun way to keep your mind sharp and your reflexes quick, don’t miss my article on the best video game for seniors!

Discover a collection of more enjoyable sit-down games perfect for senior citizens in our video, “Fun Sit-Down Games For Senior Citizens To Play!”


1. What can seniors do on an iPad?

Seniors can use various built-in iPad apps to read, access social media, monitor their health, and take pictures. iPads are also great for gaming. 

2. Which is the best game for elders?

Classic games like Checkers, Chess, Solitaire, Bingo, and Sudoko are among the best games for seniors. But online games and games for iPad can also improve seniors’ mental health. 

3. How do I make my iPad elderly-friendly?

You can make an iPad elderly-friendly by using Zoom and magnify to enlarge icons, voice commands to make it easier to control, and improved text size. 


Seniors can play many games on iPad and reap health benefits from the experience. The right iPad game for seniors can enhance memory, coordination, and mood. 

However, don’t forget that online gaming can’t replace physical connections, so ensure your senior gets plenty of time to interact with family members. 

senior couple happily looking for some GAMES FOR SENIORS ON IPAD

What do you think about these top games for seniors on iPad? Which one is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comment section! 


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