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Veteran’s Day Crafts for Seniors: 20 FUN & PATRIOTIC IDEAS

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If you are looking for a fun way to celebrate a senior veteran in your life or just a fun way to spend Veteran’s Day as a senior, crafting is an excellent idea.

As a caregiver, finding a great craft idea for elderly hands can be challenging. This is why I put together a great list of patriotic and fun Veteran’s Day activities that are perfect for seniors.

They can do these crafts on their own or with other seniors. They could even do these activities with their grandkids too! Here are the best Veteran’s Day crafts for seniors this Veteran’s Day.

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20 Fun Veteran’s Day Crafts for Seniors to Make!

1. Patriotic Oreo Pops for 4th of July

While many people associate Veteran’s Day with picnics and barbecues, the holiday can also be an excellent opportunity to get crafty.

For seniors who are looking for a fun and patriotic project, Oreo pops are the perfect treat.

2. Pom-Pom American Flag Painting Craft

This Veteran’s Day, show your support for our veterans with this fun and easy pom-pom American flag painting craft. It’s an excellent project for seniors and a perfect way to decorate for the holiday.

Credit: craftymorning

3. Paper Straw Bubble Blowers

If you’re looking for easy arts and crafts for seniors, try making paper straw bubble blowers. You’ll need a few supplies: paper straws, scissors, and glue.

Cut the paper straws into 2-inch pieces and glue them together at the top, forming a loop. Once the glue is dry, blow through the loop to make bubbles!

These bubble blowers will surely bring a smile to any veteran’s face.

4. Painted Coffee Filter Poppy Craft

Veteran’s Day is a time to remember the brave men and women who have served our country. For seniors, it can be a time to reflect on their service or that of a loved one.

It can also be a time to connect with others who have shared similar experiences. One way to do this is through craft projects.

The Painted Coffee Filter Poppy Craft is a simple project that can be done individually or in groups. It is also a reminder of poppies’ role in Veterans’ Day celebrations for many years [1].

5. Salt Art Painting

Salt art painting is a beautiful craft that is also calming and therapeutic, perfect for seniors [2]. All you need is some salt, watercolors, and a paintbrush.

Salt Art Painting veteran's day crafts for seniors
Credit: gluestickblog

6. Popsicle Stick Flag

Popsicle stick American flags are a simple and fun project that can be completed in the afternoon. All you need are some popsicle sticks, red and blue paint, and white glue.

7. Make an Eagle from a Cardboard Tube

Try making an eagle out of a cardboard tube this Veterans Day with your senior loved ones. This easy project is perfect for any skill level and is a great way to spend quality time together.

Plus, your finished eagle will be a beautiful and patriotic decoration that you can display all year long.

8. DIY 4th of July Ribbon Wands

One fun way to get seniors involved in the festivities is to have them make their 4th of July ribbon wands.

These wands are easy to make and can be used to wave during parades, lead patriotic sing-alongs, or add a festive touch to any Independence Day celebration.

9. Pom Pom Bald Eagle

For seniors, we’ve got a unique project that’s sure to be a hit: a pom bald eagle.

This project is perfect for anyone who loves our national bird, and it’s a great way to show your support for the men and women who have served our country.

10. Egg Carton American Flag Craft

One of the best things about Egg Carton American Flag Craft is that it’s a perfect activity for seniors. It’s a fun way to show patriotism and support for veterans, and it’s also a great way to get creative with some everyday materials.

11. Handprint American Flag

One simple but impactful project is an American handprint flag. All you need is some red, white, and blue paint, paper, and a few willing hands.

handprint on American flag, an interesting veteran's day crafts for seniors

Help your seniors dip their hands in the paint, then press them down on the paper to create the flag’s stripes. Once the paint is dry, add a star field with stickers or stamps.

This project is perfect for group activities and an excellent way to show support for our veterans.

12. Patriotic Pinwheels Craft

This Patriotic Pinwheels Craft is a perfect example of a craft that can be easily adapted to different skill levels. For less mobile seniors, the pinwheels can be pre-assembled.

Credit: https://myhomebasedlife.com/patriotic-pinwheels-craft-for-kids/

13. Patriotic Paper Windsock

There’s no better way to show your patriotic spirit than flying a windsock adorned with stars and stripes.

14. Red, White, & Blue Kids Placemats

For seniors, making patriotic placemats is a fun and easy way to show their support for the men and women who have served. Plus, it’s a great way to add a touch of color to their dining room or kitchen table.

15. Poppy Suncatchers

These suncatchers are sure to brighten any room – and they make a great conversation starter about Veteran’s Day. So whether you’re looking for a simple craft project, these poppy suncatchers are a great option!

16. Popsicle Stick American Flags

These flags can be displayed in a Veteran’s Day display or given to a senior as a gift. Thanks to crafts like this, we can all show our support for the veterans who have sacrificed for our country.


These fun and festive fireworks will surely sparkle any Veteran’s Day celebration.

18. American Flag Mason Jar Easy Sand Art

I love how beautiful yet simple these mason jar crafts are.

American Flag Mason Jar Easy Sand Art veteran's day crafts for seniors
Credit: attagirlsays

19. Patriotic Painted Rocks

These painted rocks make a fun and easy project for kids or adults and a great addition to any Veteran’s Day display.

20. Easy 4th of July Flag Kids Craft

One of the most iconic symbols of America is the flag. What better way to show patriotism than by making your tissue paper flag?

This Veteran’s Day, bring some patriotic cheer to a nursing home or senior center by leading a flag-making project. All you need is some red, white, and blue tissue paper, a dowel or wooden spoon, and some glue.

Veterans Day is a time to honor the men and women who have dedicated their lives to serving our country. It can also be a time for family members and friends of veterans to show their support by creating unique crafts or projects.

These super easy crafts will surely be a hit with lots of laughter and fun moments.

I hope you enjoy these crafts to show appreciation for the sacrifices veterans have made.

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Explore a variety of engaging and fun crafts for senior citizens in nursing homes with our video, “Entertaining Crafts for Senior Citizens in Nursing Homes!”

various veterans day crafts for seniors

Do you know other than the above crafts for Veteran’s Day? Don’t forget to share with us in the comments section!


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