Stretching Exercises for Seniors : Top 10 List

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Aging might affect your body negatively. If you notice that you are losing flexibility, your muscles go tight, and you feel more severe aches and pains than before, you might want to take a look at some of the stretching exercises for seniors. Stretching is overall good for your body, as it reduces pain and … Read more

Is Depression a Disability? Types, Tips and More


People use the word “depressed” so much in everyday parlance to describe they are feeling down, sad, or dull, while others really do experience depression in all its forms but rarely talk about it. However, one question imposes itself about this topic– is depression a disability? When we talk about depression, you should know there … Read more

Top 3 Walking Aids That Will Help You With Your Back Pain


If you recently experienced weakness or pain while walking, if you feel insecure, or you even had a fall, these are the reasons why you should consider getting a walking aid. Walking aids can help you through the process of rehabilitation or they can be your long-term solution. Back pain reduces your body flexibility, mobility, … Read more

Best AFO for Foot Drop in 2019 ( Review & Buyer’s Guide)

Foot drop is a medical condition that occurs due to neurological abnormalities that make it very hard to even walk. However, the technology invented a device that will take back normality in the lives of people suffering from this abnormality and we are here to tell you more about the best AFO for foot drop. … Read more

Best Shower Seats for Disabled Review & Buyer’s Guide (2019)


It is not easy to come to a phase of life when even the simplest tasks seem as impossible to maintain.Taking a shower is one of the activities that might be an obstacle to your normal functioning.Luckily, if you find the right shower seats for disabled, you bring a solution to every person that needs … Read more

Best Electric Wheelchair ( 3 Options for Every Budget )


If you are looking for the best electric wheelchair reviews to read, then we are glad to inform you that you are in the right place! In this article, we are about to give you an insight into some of the best electric wheelchairs according to customer reviews, experts opinion, sales data, and consultation with … Read more

Best Travel Wheelchair 2019 (Review & Buyer Guide)

A wheelchair can confine you. You will feel liberated and freed from fittings. Using a wheelchair will provide you to move as normal as anyone who doesn’t use it. It will enable you to access many public places or to travel somewhere outside the town – even outside of the continent. You can see your … Read more

7 Super Easy to Use Medical Apps For Seniors and Disabled


We all would use some help and back up sometimes. The world we are living in demands of us to multitask everything, without asking if our organism can bear those demands. However, thanks to medical apps, we can balance all aspects of life, including health (which, somehow, is the easiest aspect to forget about). Yet, … Read more

Jobs for People with Disabilities (New) 2019


Your disability doesn’t limit you in any way, especially if we talk about jobs for disabled people at home. Still, some people like it more to work in a professional surrounding, in an office, or another space that is not their home, as this makes them more productive. Remember that having a disability still means … Read more

Is PTSD a Disability? ( Symptoms, Treatment, and More )


Just as its name implies, PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a disorder triggered by an event or series of events in one’s past. Some of the events that may cause PTSD are accidents, sexual abuses, or physical violence. Yet, a question that imposes here is: Is PTSD a disability? The fact physical factors … Read more