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5 Exciting Senior Volunteering Opportunities

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Are you looking for the best senior volunteering opportunities?

Volunteering is not only a way of sharing your resources and time with someone who is in dire need but it’s a great way of spending your own time.

Not sure where to start, though?

We’ve got you covered on some of the best opportunities below!

Senior Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteering comes with a ton of benefits like bridging the generation gap when you interact with younger people and share your experiences and lessons you’ve learned throughout your life. 

It also helps you learn new things as you go on, keeps you both mentally and physically engaged, helps with your social life and not to mention you get to give back to the community. 

We’ll touch more on the benefits later on. First, though, let’s look at how to get started, and some of the best volunteer opportunities for seniors.

How Can I Volunteer as A Senior?

With age comes a great deal of wisdom and life experience that you can share through volunteer work. 

By joining a senior volunteer program, you can either volunteer abroad or locally doing all manner of things. 

As a senior citizen you can either;

  • Help feed the hungry by assisting in local food drives.
  • Use your years of experience to mentor young people at a youth center for instance.
  • Volunteer in needy communities abroad in less developed countries.
  • You can also share your knowledge by tutoring online if you are not in a position to leave the house.
  • You could also help keep the environment clean by participating in both local and international environment volunteering opportunities. 
  • Volunteering could also mean helping a local politician that you believe in during their political campaigns. 

5 Volunteering Opportunities for Seniors

So now that we’ve covered the benefits of volunteering your time and resources as a senior, here are a few opportunities that might pick your interest. 

#1 Food Banks

male courier delivering dry food package during quarantine period

Sadly, there are so many people who can’t make enough money to put a meal on the table for their families no matter how hard they work.

Food banks exist for that very reason. As a senior with extra time on your hands, this is a great volunteer opportunity, especially during these very trying financial times. 

You can volunteer at a food bank in several ways. One such way is through sorting and packaging where you ensure that the shelves are always stocked with food. 

You could also assist in drive-through pantries, mobile pantries as well as no contact deliveries and distribution of food so that families remain fed.  

Another way you can volunteer at a food bank is by delivering food to vulnerable community members like the homeless. 

To volunteer at a food bank just join a good local senior companion program if you really want to make a difference in the community. 

#2 Community Support

a woman senior holding a garbage bag and volunteering to clean the community with young people

Ever thought of giving your time to a community center as a social worker? As far as volunteer work for seniors goes, community support is one of the most rewarding. But, what does community support involve?

  • Volunteering at a youth center where you can help bridge the generation gap by helping youths make better life decisions.
  • Women rescue shelters where you can assist victims of domestic violence.
  • Drug rehabilitation centers.
  • Child care and development centers to help underprivileged kids.
  • Volunteering opportunities abroad at refugee camps or even locally helping immigrants trying to get their life back on track.

#3 Dog Shelter

a senior man in a blue shirt holding a dog from the dog shelter as one of his senior volunteering opportunities

If you love animals, this is definitely one of the best senior volunteering opportunities. There are so many animal shelters that are understaffed and underfinanced. 

If you have the time, why not walk into a local dog shelter seeking senior volunteer work? Dogs especially need extra contact with people.

You can help with all manner of activities from grooming to finding abandoned dogs good forever homes. 

Not only will you be helping animals in need, but studies show that spending time with animals is good for your physical and mental health.

#4 Volunteering at Senior Homes

a senior woman sitting on a chair with her crane

Even as a senior citizen, there is so much you can do at a senior center to help others your age.  

You can work as a caregiver or a senior companion by spending a few hours of each day with residents at the center.

Older adult volunteers could also help to organize outings for the elders and participate in weekly community service projects, or even helping older adults make fun crafts for elderly.

Such senior volunteer programs can open doors for you to discover new hobbies and passions that you never thought you had.

Likewise, it could end up curving a new and satisfying career path that you can pursue for the rest of your life. 

#5 Volunteering at Schools

old man surrounded by the kids in the school while he is volunteering

Senior volunteer services don’t end at spending time at a food bank or an animal shelter. Volunteer tutors are always in demand and this is one area you can take advantage of.

A majority of such volunteer opportunities are abroad and it’s one of the best reasons to take that volunteer vacation that you’ve always wanted. 

As a global volunteer, travel to developing countries and volunteer as a tutor or help raise money to keep education centers running so that even less privileged children can have a chance at education.

If you have the resources, you could also help sponsor a kid(s) education. The good thing about volunteering at schools is that you can even do it in the comfort of your home by tutoring online. 

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Benefits of Senior Volunteering

You have the time and you have the resources and have found a good project for older adult volunteers that you want to give a try. 

What are the benefits of joining a volunteer service as a senior citizen?

#1 Volunteering Positively Impacts Your Mental Health

According to several studies, senior volunteering can have a direct impact on one’s quality of life as well as self-esteem.

When you volunteer, you immerse yourself in a totally different world where you get to impact someone else’s life while improving your social life. 

By volunteering, you get to lower your risk of stress and depression which can be caused by isolation feelings that are common in older people. 

#2 Volunteering Bridges the Generation Gap

As a senior citizen, it might prove difficult to connect with younger generations.

Volunteering in projects that help you interact with children and younger adults alike can help bridge that generational gap for you. 

You may have years of life experience under your belt but there is still a lot you can learn from those younger than you. 

Likewise, through such volunteer activities, you get to share all the life lessons that you have learned to help shape the lives of younger people for the better. 

#3 It’s a Great Way to Incorporate Physical Activity Into Your Routine

As you get older, your body changes and you need to remain active to stay healthy. As a senior volunteer, you get a chance to stay active.

Volunteering opportunities like walking dogs at a local animal shelter, or book sorting at the library are great ways of getting your exercise routine on track. 

#4 It’s a Great Way to Improve Your Social Life

As we age, it’s common for feelings of abandonment to creep in which can lead to all manner of health issues like depression.

When you volunteer, you meet people who share the same interests and passions with you which is a great way to start new friendships. 

#5 Volunteering Helps Nurture New Skills

There are so many opportunities to volunteer for senior citizens where you get to travel the world or even help at a local rescue center.

Volunteering can open all manner of doors for you and expose you to opportunities that help you develop new skills and passions. 

Without even intending, volunteering can open doors for a new career path. 

And the good thing about that is that such a career path would be the most satisfying because you get to help people and develop yourself in the process. 

Check out this video for more of the health benefits:


There are countless opportunities for senior volunteers. There are so many benefits of volunteering for older adults that range from mental to physical benefits.

Volunteering is one of the best ways you can spend your time as a retiree if you love helping other people.

If you are looking for a way to spend your time, join a volunteer organization and get to impact lives positively while developing new skills and interests that will keep you preoccupied. 

Are you planning to try something new in your life? Great! Read this guide as we showcase 5 senior volunteering opportunities that are fun!

Do you know of other senior volunteering opportunities? Share with us below!

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