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14 Crafting Ideas for Seniors: Transforming Everyday Items

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If you’re wondering how to turn everyday items into stunning crafts for seniors, look no further!

As a caregiver, I’ve discovered numerous engaging and creative projects that use common household objects.

In this post, I’ll share a curated list of 14 fun and easy crafts, backed by thorough research, that will keep seniors entertained and showcase their artistic abilities.

So, keep reading to discover stunning craft ideas perfect for seniors!

Key Takeaways

  • Crafting engages seniors mentally and physically, making it an excellent way to maintain cognitive skills and fine motor functions.
  • Repurposing common household objects into art projects is eco-friendly and a cost-effective way to encourage seniors to express themselves.
  • Sharing these crafting experiences can help foster social connections, improving seniors’ overall well-being and quality of life.

Ready to feel like a kid again? You’re almost there with these stunning crafts…

14 Fun & Stunning Crafting Ideas For Seniors Using Everyday Items!

Hold your breath, and get cracking with egg cartons and butterfly vases…

1. Egg Carton Butterfly Vase: Fluttering Beauty

I discovered the magic of transforming egg cartons into delightful butterfly vases when I was young.

Our Kid Things shows you how to upcycle those cartons into whimsical home decor for seniors to enjoy.

2. Air Force Keepsake Box: Cherished Memories

As a DIY enthusiast and caregiver, I once crafted a special keepsake box. Now, seniors can create their own Air Force-themed box with Organized 31’s tutorial, preserving precious memories in style.

Explore the benefits of mindful crafts as therapy and discover how to create beautiful crafts made from nature materials for a wholesome and therapeutic experience.

3. Pouch Painting: A Colorful Twist

 According to a 2010 review, crafting and engaging in creative activities may help decrease anxiety, stress, and mood disturbances and improve well-being and quality of life [1].

DIY Candy rekindles that feeling with pouch painting, allowing seniors to unleash their creativity and add a pop of color to any fabric pouch.

4. Our Nest Bird Craft: Feathered Fun

As a child, I crafted cozy nests with adorable, feathered friends using recycled materials. Now, Our Kid Things presents a charming bird craft that seniors will love, perfect for creating a touch of nostalgia.

5. Doily Wall Art: Elegant Decor

According to Senhu Wang, Hei Wan Mak & Daisy Fancourt, “Arts engagement amongst the population as a whole may help enhance positive mental health and life satisfaction, and protect against mental distress. [2]”

That’s why you need to transform doilies into elegant wall art with this tutorial from Down Redbud Drive – It’s the ultimate way to boost your brain and amp up longevity…

Eager to learn more fancy tricks about doilys? Launch into this video:

6. Clothespin Trivets: Practical Charm

DIY Candy offers a clever way to repurpose clothespins into functional and charming trivets. Seniors can protect their countertops while showcasing their crafting skills.

7. Confetti Plates: A Party on Your Plate

Mod Podge Rocks bring the party to your table with DIY confetti plates. Seniors can celebrate every meal with these vibrant and fun dinnerware pieces.

Best Crafts for seniors

8. Marbled Hangers: Stylish Organization

Dream a Little Bigger demonstrates how to turn ordinary hangers into fashionable marbled masterpieces. Seniors can keep their closets organized in style with this easy DIY.

marbled hangers

9. Yarn Bowl Craft: Cozy Creations

Fantastic Fun and Learning shows you how to craft cozy yarn bowls, perfect for seniors looking to create functional and decorative pieces for their homes.

10. CD Fish: Discs Reimagined

Craftbits offers an inventive way to upcycle old CDs into eye-catching fish decorations. Seniors can enjoy giving new life to outdated technology with this aquatic-inspired craft.

11. Book Succulent Planter: Literary Greenery

I love libraries – they prove that curiosity did not kill the cat!

If you’re like me, try out this project: combine your love for literature and plants with Dream a Little Bigger’s book succulent planter tutorial!

Seniors can create unique and eco-friendly planters from old books…

12. DIY Garden Markers: Labeling with Flair

Turning Clock Back presents an easy way for seniors to create personalized and charming garden markers using spoons. Add some flair to your garden while keeping track of your plants.

13. Desk Supplies Organizer: Tidy Workspaces

Organized 31 helps seniors craft a functional and stylish desk supplies organizer to keep workspaces tidy and efficient.

14. Hawaiian Beach Glass Vase: Tropical Treasure

Bring a touch of a tropical paradise into your home with Organized 31’s Hawaiian beach glass vase tutorial.

Seniors can create stunning decor reminiscent of warm, sandy beaches.


1. How can seniors get started with repurposing everyday items into crafts?

Seniors can start by collecting items they usually discard, such as empty jars or cardboard boxes.
From there, they can brainstorm ideas to turn these items into something beautiful and useful.

2. What tools and supplies are needed to repurpose everyday items into crafts?

The tools and supplies needed will depend on the type of craft, but basic supplies may include glue, scissors, paint, brushes, and various decorative materials such as beads, ribbons, or fabric.

3. Are there any safety concerns when repurposing everyday items into crafts?

Yes, seniors should be careful when working with sharp objects such as scissors or knives and should take care when handling potentially hazardous materials such as paint or glue.

4. What examples of crafts can seniors make from everyday items?

Seniors can make various crafts from everyday items, such as creating a decorative vase from an old wine bottle, a jewelry holder from a cardboard box, or a picture frame from old Scrabble tiles.

5. Can seniors sell or donate their repurposed crafts?

Yes! Seniors can sell or donate their repurposed crafts to friends, family, or local craft fairs or online marketplaces.

6. How can seniors find inspiration for repurposing everyday items into crafts?

There are many sources of inspiration for repurposing everyday items into crafts, including magazines and websites that feature DIY projects, craft stores, hobby shops, and even nature and the outdoors.


If you’ve been pondering “how to turn everyday items into stunning crafts for seniors,” you’re now armed like never before…

You’ve learned that turning everyday items into stunning crafts for seniors is an enjoyable and rewarding activity that promotes creativity and cognitive health.

Plus, these crafts are simply – and I’m being humble – out of this world!

So get crafty and share all these juicy details you’ve picked up with me in the comments section (I’m counting on you!)…

a woman Transforming Everyday Items Into Crafts


1. Stuckey HL, Nobel J. The Connection Between Art, Healing, and Public Health: A Review of Current Literature. American Journal of Public Health [Internet]. 2010;100:254–63. Available from: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2804629/

2. Wang S, Mak HW, Fancourt D. Arts, mental distress, mental health functioning & life satisfaction: fixed-effects analyses of a nationally-representative panel study. BMC Public Health. 2020;20.

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