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21 Fun and Social Crafts for Seniors to Do with Friends!

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Are you looking for easy, fun, and social crafts for seniors to do with friends? Look no further!

As a passionate crafter and expert in senior activities, I’ve scoured countless resources and conducted extensive research to curate the ultimate list of 21 engaging projects.

Through trial and error, I have handpicked the most enjoyable and interactive crafts that not only boost creativity but also promote social connections among seniors.

Please keep reading to discover my top 21 DIY crafts I can’t wait to share them with you!

Key Takeaways

  • From a craft stick love bug to a tissue paper flower bracelet, there are many DIY projects to choose from.
  • Whether you’re a nature lover or a fan of origami, there’s something for every senior.
  • Crafting is a fantastic way for seniors to engage their creativity, keep their hands busy, and relax their minds. So grab some materials, gather some friends, and get crafting!

Looking to step outside “the Matrix” into a world of creativity? Get cracking with these 21 fun and social crafts – for your eyes only!

21 Fun and Social Crafts For Seniors

Grab some sticks and lots of glue, and put the love back into the love bug…

#1 Craft Stick Love Bug Craft: A Love Bug Invasion

A life-changing encounter with an elderly crafting enthusiast led me to introduce her to the craft stick love bug.

The joy it brought her while creating these adorable bugs for her loved ones reinforced my love for simple yet meaningful crafts…

craft stick love bug

#2 S’mores Mason Jar Gifts: Savor the American Dream

I must confess my obsession with the classic American way: campfires, cowboy hats, and of course, s’mores!

This mason jar gift offers a delightful and scrumptious twist on this timeless summer treat.

Smores Mason Jar Gift

#3 Finger Knit Bookmark Craft: A Royal Crafting Adventure

A sage once whispered, “Finger knitting is the sport of Kings and Queens.”

This finger-knit bookmark craft exemplifies the elegance and creativity of this regal pastime, perfect for seniors to explore and enjoy.

Explore a variety of creative craft ideas that celebrate the memories and stories of seniors’ lives, and be sure to check out our article on the different social activities available for seniors who enjoy crafting, fostering connections and fun in their golden years.

#4 Cardboard Roll-Stamped Butterflies: Unleash Your Inner Artist

Don’t toss those cardboard rolls! Instead, unleash your inner artist and transform them into charming stamped butterflies.

Ideal for cards, gift tags, or even wall art, these creations will have you soaring on the wings of creativity.


#5 Tissue Paper Flower Bracelet: A Colorful Trip Through Time

Hailing from China over 2,000 years ago, tissue paper remains a popular crafting staple, celebrated for its versatility and vibrant hues.

Embrace this ancient tradition and fashion a stunning flower bracelet bursting with color.

Tissue Paper Flower Bracelet

#6 Butterfly Craft: Let Your Creativity Take Flight

Nature-loving seniors will adore this delightful butterfly craft.

With just colored paper and pipe cleaners, you can craft a stunning butterfly decoration or gift that is sure to brighten anyone’s day.

Easy Butterfly-Craft

#7 Magazine Collage: A Treasure Trove of Creativity

Unleash your creativity and embark on a treasure hunt through magazines, transforming ordinary clippings into a one-of-a-kind collage masterpiece that captures your unique vision.

Magazine Collage

#8 DIY Flower Wall Letters: Personalize Your Space

Add a touch of personality to any room with these enchanting DIY flower wall letters.

Crafted from cardboard letters, faux flowers, and a dash of glue, these charming decorations make heartfelt gifts or personal keepsakes.

flower letters

#9 Chalk Paint Mason Jars: A Colorful Transformation

Breathe new life into plain mason jars by transforming them into colorful vases, candle holders, or storage containers with this vibrant chalk paint tutorial.

It’s a splendid activity for seniors to share with friends while brightening their living space.

Chalk Paint Mason Jars

#10 Finger Knitting Snakes: Slither into Creativity

With just your fingers and a skein of yarn, you can create adorable snakes that double as delightful toys or decorations. It’s a fantastic way to engage your hands and unleash your imagination.

finger knitting snakes

#11 DIY Lip Gloss Keychain: Pucker Up in Style

Never lose your lip gloss again with this trendy DIY lip gloss keychain tutorial. Craft your own unique lip gloss and keep it close at hand, all while adding a touch of style to your daily essentials.


#12 Easy Origami Bird: Fold Your Way to Serenity

Experience the meditative and relaxing effects of origami while crafting a beautiful, easy-to-fold bird. Assemble a flock of these feathered friends and bask in the therapeutic benefits origami offers.

Easy Origami Bird

#13 Decoupage Napkins: Dazzle Your Dinner Guests

Transform ordinary napkins into eye-catching table decor with this simple decoupage tutorial.

Seniors can select their favorite patterns and designs to create a stunning set of napkins that will leave guests in awe.

Decoupage Napkins

#14 Air Dry Clay Project Cat Craft: Feline Fun with Clay

Unleash your inner sculptor with this engaging air-dry clay cat craft.


#15 Painted Rock Bugs: A Colorful Crawl

Unleash your inner Picasso with this delightful painted rock bug tutorial.

Let your creativity and imagination run wild as you craft a unique bug family, adding a pop of color to any garden or outdoor space.

Painted Rocks Bugs

#16 Knit Dishcloth Pattern: Cozy Crafting Comfort

Keep your hands busy and your mind relaxed with this easy-to-follow knit dishcloth pattern. Create a beautiful, functional dishcloth that makes a thoughtful gift or a cozy addition to your own kitchen.


#17 Easy Perler Bead Bracelets: Make a Bead-utiful Statement

Perler beads offer a world of possibilities, including these charming and easy-to-make Perler bead bracelets.

Seniors can explore their creativity while crafting delightful statement pieces to wear or share.

mason jar

#18 Painted Mason Jars: A Jar-rific Makeover

Give plain mason jars a colorful and decorative makeover with this simple painted mason jar tutorial. Seniors can let their artistic flair shine, creating unique jars for various purposes around the home.


#19 Painted Rock Bee Art Project: Sweet as Honey

Celebrate the humble bee, responsible for pollinating one in every three bites of food we eat, with this charming painted rock bee art project.

Not only a fun and easy craft, but it’s also an excellent way to raise awareness about the importance of protecting bees and their habitats.

Painted Rock Bee

#20 Fingerprint Salt Dough Necklace: A Touch of Elegance

As Carrie Shrier, a child and family development specialist, explains, “Salt-dough is simply a form of play dough you can dry by baking in the oven to form hardened ornaments or creations. [1]”

Amazingly, salt dough is fun and a clever way to spice up your creativity [2]!

In various cultures, including ancient Egypt, created decorative items such as figurines and jewelry.

Now you can do what I did: inviting the Egyptian spirit by creating salt dough necklaces…


#21 Bookmark Pins: A Melting Pot of Colors

At last, become apt at making bookmark pins – a colorful glory that looks great on your fridge (and elsewhere inside your home)…



1. How can seniors find friends to do crafts with?

Seniors can find friends to do crafts with by joining local craft groups or clubs, attending craft fairs or shows, or even asking friends or family members to join in on a crafting project.

2. Can crafts for seniors be adapted for different skill levels?

Absolutely! Crafts can be adapted to fit each individual’s skill level, so everyone can participate and have fun.

3. Are there any health benefits to doing crafts with friends?

Yes! Doing crafts with friends can help seniors stay socially active and engaged, which can help reduce the risk of depression and cognitive decline.
Plus, crafting can be a great way to reduce stress and promote overall well-being.

4. What supplies are needed for social crafts for seniors?

The supplies needed will depend on the type of craft, but basic supplies may include paper, pencils or pens, paint, yarn, needles, and glue.
Some crafts may require more specialized supplies, such as jewelry-making tools or pottery wheels.

5. Can seniors host craft parties at home?

Absolutely! Hosting a craft party at home can be a great way to bring friends together for a fun and creative afternoon or evening.
Plus, it can be a great opportunity to show off your crafting skills and share ideas with others.

6. What if seniors have limited mobility or dexterity?

Many crafts can be adapted for seniors with limited mobility or dexterity, such as coloring, painting with adaptive tools, or even playing games like Bingo or card games.


Learning about the 21 Fun and social crafts for seniors to do with friends is exciting!

Crafting is an excellent way for seniors to stay active, socialize, and improve their mental health.

With these ten easy and fun crafts, seniors can create beautiful and unique projects while enjoying the company of their friends. So, gather some supplies, grab a cup of coffee, and get crafting!

senior women in an art class


1. Healy K. Salt Dough Ornaments [Internet]. Nature Play WA. 2022 [cited 2023 Apr 14]. Available from: https://www.natureplaywa.org.au/salt-dough-ornaments/

2. Shrier C. Fun and learning with salt-dough ornaments [Internet]. MSU Extension. 2017. Available from: https://www.canr.msu.edu/news/fun_and_learning_with_salt_dough_ornaments

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