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How to Replace A Battery in Mobility Scooter? (5 EASY STEPS)

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Wondering how to replace a battery in a mobility scooter?

I’ve got you covered in this guide!

Your scooter batteries are bound to deteriorate in performance at one point. This happens when the battery life comes to an end or other common battery issues such as deterioration.

A replacement battery avoids inconveniences since you can do the battery replacements immediately if you note an issue.

Here are steps to follow when replacing your mobility scooter battery.

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Where is the Battery Located on a Scooter?

The battery is located in the battery compartment [1] under the plastic cover. To find the battery, you need to remove the recessed cover screws with a screwdriver and remove the battery cover.

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Mobility Scooter Battery Replacement – 5 Simple Steps To Follow

If you don’t have a replacement battery, you need to buy one. There are many different types, so it is essential to know which one is compatible with your scooter.

Your scooter user manual has a suitable battery capacity and size for your specific scooter model.

Consider the battery lifespan and battery strengths during the purchasing process. Never try to replace it with a pirate battery because they won’t improve your mobility scooter performance.  

Here are the simple steps on how to replace a scooter battery.

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Step 1: Remove the Scooter Seat

To remove the old battery, move your scooter outside where there is fresh air. Wear protective gear, including rubber gloves, rubber sole shoes, and complete eye protection.

Check that the power switch is turned off. Remove the scooter seat to make it easy to work on your battery connections.

If your scooter seat features a joystick control, disconnect it from the power source. Look for the wire on the joystick to the chassis of your power chair.

You will get a connector that makes it easy for you to unplug the joystick from the source of power. The seat is attached depending on the scooter manufacturer.

Remove all the bolts and other safety mechanisms holding your scooter seat intact. Some power chairs have a locking seat lever under the seat. Please pick up the scooter seat and keep it aside.

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Here is a video on how to remove the scooter seat:

Step 2: Remove the Old Battery

The battery still contains energy, so take care to prevent fire or shock.

The dead battery should be recycled. You can take it to a waste disposal or collection center where the recycling is done.

Take away the base cover to expose the dead battery[2]. Screws, latches, or other fasteners hold the cover. So, you need a screwdriver or any other tool to remove them. Also, check out if you want to know if scooter batteries be reconditioned.

Check for damage, cracks, or leakage signs when you uncover the battery. Contact your scooter manufacturer for advice if you detect something that doesn’t look right or smelly toxic fumes.

Loosen and remove the black negative terminal wire first. Ensure you check the negative symbol to isolate it to avoid short-circuiting. Do the same on the red positive terminal wire.

You should look for the positive symbol and wrap the terminal to avoid accidental contact. After that, loosen and remove the battery cables that hold the scooter battery in position.

Now, you should remove the battery from the scooter and put it in a safe place. Note that if your scooter has a pair of batteries, replace both because they are wired to work together.

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Step 3: Install the New Battery

Since all the wiring and battery cables are disconnected from the old battery, it’s easy to reconnect to the new one.

You should connect the black to black and the red to red. Place the new one in your scooter. Reconnect all the battery cables and connections to your new battery.

Ensure that you also put back all the battery cables or clips holding the battery intact.

Step 4: Reassemble the Seat

After putting the new scooter battery in place, you should reassemble the seatback to its position.

Tighten all the screws and fasteners used to hold the scooter seat.

Step 5: Charge Your Battery

It would be best not to use your scooter before charging the new battery. Ensure it is fully charged with the correct charger. It’s good to invest in an intelligent charger that offers several benefits.

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Andrew Fatalo, the owner of Mobility Scooters Direct and lead technician, says, “These smart chargers [3] do not require to be disconnected upon reaching 100 percent because it automatically ceases to continue to charge”.

After undergoing the proper charging process, you are ready to use your mobility scooter.

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Watch this video on how to replace your scooter battery.

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What is the average life of a scooter battery?

The average life of a mobility scooter is eighteen to twenty-four months with proper use and maintenance.

When should I replace my scooter battery?

You should do a mobility scooter battery replacement when the battery loses power faster or becomes sluggish. This is a sign of degradation that shows that a replacement battery is needed.

How long will my scooter last if I don’t use it often?

If you don’t use your power wheelchair often, the battery can last for three years. Also, read our guide on how long a mobility scooter battery lasts.

Should I leave my scooter batteries charged at all times?

Yes. Your power wheelchair batteries should always be fully charged to enhance durability. After use, charge them overnight.

Is it right to install a higher Ah battery in my scooter?

Yes, it’s best to upgrade to a lithium or gel battery to enhance the battery range.


As you can see, it’s easy to learn how to replace a battery in the mobility scooter because the steps are simple. It’s a task you can do without involving your scooter manufacturer.

You should only replace the batteries in your scooter if you are confident that you can follow these straightforward tips.

The most crucial element is replacing it with a durable battery. There are many types of batteries, so ensure you get one that is compatible with your scooter.

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Did you know how to replace a battery in a scooter before reading this article? Please share your experience with us in the comment section below!


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