Top 3 Walking Aids for Elderly in 2021

If you recently experienced weakness or pain while walking, if you feel insecure, or you even had a fall, these are the reasons why you should consider getting a walking aid.

Walking aids can help you through the process of rehabilitation or they can be your long-term solution.

Back pain reduces your body flexibility, mobility, strength, and limits your moves.

This physical condition affects people with their personal and business tasks negatively.

In this article, we will talk about some more reasons why you should consider getting some of the walking aids that will help you with your back pain and how to choose the right one for your needs and lifestyle.

Walking Aids for Elderly – Benefits

There are different types and models of walking aids that help with back pain on the market.

You can choose between canes, tripods, quadrupods, crunches, walkers, and crutches.

All of these have one main function – to help you maintain stability while walking and provide you support.

Any of these walking aids will also improve your upright body posture, increase your confidence while walking, and redistribute your weight evenly.

For example, people dealing with obesity feel much pressure on their backs legs while walking.

By using walking aids, the weight is switched to arms and stick or a frame, which gives you additional support.

This will reduce back pain, muscle pain, and lessen stretched ligament pain. We will talk about this subject a bit more in the following paragraphs.

Back Pain and Walking Aids for Elderly

The most common causes of the back pain are:

•    Spine-related issues,

•    Injuries and accidents,

•    Obesity,

•    Pregnancy.

Back pain is one of the top reasons for losing balance while walking or having difficulties while standing or walking.

Finding a solution might be pricey, as prescription drugs and chiropractic sessions (popular treatment method) will affect your finances a lot.

However, there are some more affordable and what is much more important – more efficient solutions to back pain.

Whatever is the reason for your back pain – spine problems, injury, or obesity, walking aids will help you reduce pain and regain mobility.

1.    Walking stick


Walking sticks or walking canes are mobility aids designed for any age group who has difficulties with walking and maintaining balance.

Did you know that being inactive will only worsen the condition and your back will hurt even more?

If you use a walking stick, this might help you recover from back pain.

Your back becomes stiff if you are sitting or laying all the time.

By putting excess weight on the cane you can walk and move more freely and accustom your back to walking and staying active.

A walking stick might also help you stand up easier, as people with back pain usually experience these difficulties also.

Isn’t this great? You don’t have to do any demanding exercise, all you should do is to walk daily.

Walking daily will maintain your bone density and increase muscle strength, which is great for your overall health, not only for your back.

Obesity might be a big problem when it comes to back pain, as people who are already prone to back pain experience it in a worse degree.

Wight pressures your joints and spine additionally.

Walking stick switches some of the added pounds to it, while walking might help you improve your metabolism and lose some weight at the same time.


Awesome, right?

How to use a walking stick correctly?

If you are, for example, injured, make sure to have your cane on the injured side, or the stronger side of your body, as this way you are giving it additional support.

When walking, push your weaker side of the body first while holding balance with your stick.

Don’t lift the stick too high as this will make you lose balance, but also avoid dragging it on the ground.

2.    Tripods and quadripods

Tripods and quadripods offer more stability than walking sticks, which might interest you if you also feel like a stick wouldn’t provide you with enough stability and balance.

Some tripods and quadripods are used singly, while you can also use them in pairs when needed.

However, be aware of the fact that walking sticks are more suitable for use on stairs than tripods and quadripods are.

Just as with other walking aids, you should find a tripod or a quadripod that is at the correct height for use.

The correct height means the distance between your wrist and the ground, so make sure to measure it before the purchase.

You might need someone’s help to do this, as you should stay firmly while measuring.

Some tripods and quadripods are designed with elbow cuffs, which gives you more security and stability.

Over time, your posture will change as you use a tripod or a quadripod.

3.    Walker


Walker is another great option for people with back pain, especially the elders and people with obesity.

Using a walker will help you move more easily but you can also do some slight exercises with it and improve the condition you are in.

Never underestimate the power of exercise with back pain.

As the rehabilitation process goes gradually most of the times, your walker will help you gain back balance and independence as much as possible.

On the other side, full recovery is sometimes not an option and you can find yourself in a situation where you still need some help with standing, walking, and maintaining balance, but you will feel more secure.

Some people find it hard to walk with a stick, tripod, or a quadripod, as this walking aid gives partial and insufficient support for users dealing with more severe problems.


Walker is one of the walking aids for elderly that provides four points of support and gives you more balance than a walking stick.

If you are obese, have muscle weakness, Arthritis, or post-stroke mobility limitations, a walker might be the best solution for your condition.

What is more, you can choose between severs types of walkers and find the one that fit your needs best.

A rollator with wheels is a great option if you want to achieve faster gait, while stationary walker helps people who are dealing with muscle weakness.

Hemiplegic walker’s purpose is to help patients who lost mobility in one side of the body walk more securely and get additional support.

Your back pain will reduce significantly by using a walker, as you can transfer a lot of weight on it.

This is especially good for people with weak muscles or obese people.

Listen To Your Body and Think Twice

Get where you want to be with wheelchairs at!

Even though it might look like using a walking aid is easy, if you don’t choose the right one that will even worsen the problems.

A walking aid you are using should be adapted to your physical condition, circumstances, and your needs.

Walking equipment is designed to improve your mobility, but each walking aid has a correct technique of using.

If the device you are using is not suitable for a particular condition or environment, you should look further.


If you have double thoughts about the right walking aid, it would be great to consult an occupational therapist or a doctor that will help you find the most suitable device.

Some of the walking aids for elderly still require the assistance of another person, but it depends on the condition of a user.

Don’t Be Ashamed To Use Your Walking Aids in Public

Some people believe that walking aids for elderly make their invisible physical issue visual, which makes them feel uncomfortable.

Back pain is one of those pains that is invisible, but that doesn’t mean you should endure pain while in public.

This is the reason why many of them have mobility aids in their homes as this makes them do their tasks easier.

Still, as you would have to leave your house at one point, why would you put yourself in a situation where you have to put up the pain while you are outdoors?

Back pain is not pleasant at all and you shouldn’t ignore it.

Using some of the walking aids is nothing strange these days, so don’t be ashamed of your condition.

If you look better, you will notice many people using a stick or a walker, no matter of the age range.



Mobility aids are there to help you improve your posture and reduce any pain, especially back pain.

Pain in your back will make it difficult to walk, stand up, and bend, which are regular moves that you perform daily.

Using a walker, stick, or a tripod in public is completely okay if your pain is making you feel tensed and insecure.

As you for sure would like to avoid falls and injuries that might worsen the condition you are in, try using some of the walking aids for elderly as this is a great solution for lessening the pain and improving mobility at the same time.