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How To Charge a Scooter Battery Without a Charger? [Tips]

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Wondering how to charge a scooter battery without a charger? This question hit me once after my electric scooter battery died at my friend’s place.

Luckily, he had a power adapter, so we devised a way to charge my mobility device. Read on if you want to learn how to get your scooter going when you don’t have a charger.

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Ways To Charge a Scooter Without a Charger

Charging your scooter without an original charger can be challenging for fear of damaging the battery. I admit to having second thoughts, but then I checked out this YouTube video from Mr. talented Reid on how to charge a scooter battery without a charger.

What do you need to charge a scooter without a charger?

  1. Power source: this can be a power adapter, solar charger, laptop charger, cigarette lighter, or power bank.
  2. Jumper cables.

Below are some ways to charge a scooter without a charger.

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Charging a Scooter With a Power Source

Here are the steps to charge a scooter with a power source:

  1. Locate the charging terminals on your scooter’s battery compartment.
  2. Clip the black wire from the power source into the negative port. Do the same with the red wire by clipping it to the positive terminal.
  3. Plug on the electric outlet. At this point, the scooter’s LED display will display the charging notification.
  4. Let the scooter stay plugged in for its standard charging time. This can be three to seven or more hours, depending on the scooter’s type of battery. (1)

Manufacturers specify a charging time in the manual, so follow the instructions. Once the green light pops on display, the charging process is complete, and you can unplug the device.

Charging a Scooter by Removing the Dead Battery

You can still charge your electric scooter using another alternative method if you do not have a power source. But this entails removing the battery unit from the scooter.

What you need:

  • Screwdriver.
  • Battery charger.
  • Power supply cord.

How To Charge an Electric Scooter by Removing the Battery

These are the steps to charge an electric scooter by removing the battery:

  1. Unscrew the electric scooter shell housing the device’s battery pack to reveal the unit. Carefully disconnect the dead scooter battery terminals from the wires attached.
  2. Observe the terminals because you will connect the variable power supply cables there. You may also use a wire brush to clean built-up dirt or corrosion on the battery terminals.
  3. Locate your supply’s black cable and attach it to the negative terminal and the red one to the positive terminal. Ensure the connection is firm since loose wires can cause the lithium battery to overheat. (2)
  4. Turn on the battery charger, set the correct voltage, and allow the electrical charge to do its job. Most chargers have a battery indicator — so they show the progress in real-time. The charging rate may vary depending on the battery capacity, so wait until the charger light is green. During the charging session, check the unit from time to time to check the output voltage and prevent overheating.
  5. Once the green light appears, turn off the power outlet and disconnect the wires. The electric scooter battery may likely be hot, so let it rest in a cool and dry place for about five minutes.
  6. Put the battery back into the scooter’s battery compartment and connect the wires to the terminals. Screw the shell back on and start the electronic device to see if it works.

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Tips on How To Charge a Mobility Scooter Battery

Check out this YouTube video from CareCo for some handy tips on charging your scooter.

1. Turn Off the Electronic Device

Always turn off your scooter when charging it. You may have to check the lights since they can discharge the battery during the charging process, causing damage.

2. Charge the Battery Fully

Since the charging time for electric scooters is mainly lengthy, you may not have the time to ensure complete charge cycles. But you can set an exact time or charge the device while you sleep.

The critical thing is to match your sleep time to the charge time the manufacturer has set on the device. This will help you get a full charge and avoid overcharging it.

3. Get an Original Charger

If you misplace or have an old broken charger, it is best always to replace it with an original one. While alternative charging methods may do the charging job, note that this may stress and weaken the battery life.

An original electric scooter charger has the correct voltage to charge the device safely. With a quick charging feature, the scooter battery can handle electrical energy.

4. Let the Device Rest Before Charging

An electric scooter’s electronic components are likely to heat after extensive usage. So to prevent shortening the battery lifespan, ensure it cools down before plugging it in. (3)


What is the best way to charge a scooter battery?

The best way to charge your device is by using an original charger. Most scooter manufacturers will include a charger in the package and sell original replacements.

Does charging a scooter without the original charger void the warranty?

Yes, charging your scooter with a generic universal adaptor or another method voids your warranty. You cannot hold the manufacturer liable if issues arise from the charging session.

Can you overcharge an electric scooter battery?

No, most modern scooters’ chargers come equipped with an overcharging-protection feature. But the best practice is to unplug your device soon after charge completion.


The question of how to charge a scooter battery without a charger is one with an easy but maybe risky answer. With the simple steps above, you can get a fully charged scooter without using its charger.

But you can only depend on these alternative charging methods in emergencies. So always ensure to charge your scooter using an original charger.

battery down mobility scooter but how to charge battery without a charger

So, did you ever charge the scooter battery without a charger? Let us know in the comments section how it goes!


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