Where Can I Sell a Wheelchair Lift? [6 Best Places To Sell]

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Where can I sell a wheelchair lift?” I asked myself because I didn’t need a wheelchair anymore. 

Selling the platform lift turned out to be easier said than done. 

Don’t worry if you are in the same situation, I’m going to share all the possible places you can sell your lift so you don’t have to wait as I did to sell. Read to find them out!

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The Best Places To Sell a Wheelchair Lift

Unless you know where to look, finding somewhere to sell your used mobility products can be a nightmare.

After all, you can’t have a sign in your yard that says “lifts for sale” and expect to sell it that fast.

That I found out to my detriment. While my manual wheelchair quickly got a buyer, I had to get creative to sell my Braun hydraulic wheelchair lift.

I asked myself: “where can I sell a wheelchair lift?” These are the places I found to sell my lift.

1. Craigslist

Online listings are the fastest way to sell a wheelchair lift. And when you talk of selling online, there aren’t many sites as popular as Craigslist.

Create a basic listing of your mobility equipment with your contact details and wait for someone to contact you. I know a few people that sold their stair climber wheelchair via Craigslist.

2. eBay

Good old eBay is a private seller’s dream. That’s thanks to the over 100 million people visiting the popular online marketplace monthly! (1)

With such an enormous number of visitors, you will have many people bumping into your listing.

A quick search will show you many listings of wheelchair equipment for sale. So your chances of potential customers seeing your lift are high.

3. Online Disability Communities

If you need to sell any mobility equipment, you can find a lot of buyers when you visit many of the online communities for disabled people.

CareCure Community is one community where you can market your lift and have a buyer soon enough.

4. Social Media

Social media is the new marketplace, especially with the booming growth of the internet (2).

Where else can you meet such a wide range of people to market a product to?

You can quickly get a taker for your lift on the many social media platforms. I struck luck on Reddit, but I had posted all over WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook.

Ensure you have all the product details, such as the brand and model, in your listing to increase the chances of selling.

5. Mobility Equipment Websites

Besides selling disability products, websites such as MobilityWorks and Griffin Mobility are also major resale companies. They buy pre-owned disability products, refurbish and sell them.

If you have a quality wheelchair platform you’d like to sell, contact them on their websites and they’ll reach out with an offer. If you agree with their buying price, then you’ll be in business.

6. Independent Auctions

Independent auctions might seem a long shot, but they’re worth trying. You never know the luck you might have in considering these auctions. Do give them a shot.

Why Sell A Wheelchair Lift?

Why would someone sell a wheelchair lift? There are several reasons:

1. They Healed From Their Injuries

When someone heals from the injury that put them in a chair, they can sell the mobility equipment.

I spent almost one year in a wheelchair after surgery to correct complications because of an injury in a car accident.

After completing my long recovery journey, I didn’t need the lift or the wheelchair anymore, so I decided to sell them.

2. The User Has Passed On

A permanent wheelchair lift could be a good idea to have for a disabled person. But what happens when the person dies?

The family members can sell their mobility equipment, including the platform lift since no one is using them anymore.

3. Zero Storage Space

Mobility equipment can be bulky. So it makes sense to get rid of the equipment to save on space in your home. If you no longer use it, why not recover a portion of the money spent buying it?

4. You’ve Got an Upgrade

If someone is upgrading to a better platform lift model, it makes sense for them to want to sell their old one.

3 Tips To Sell a Wheelchair Lift Faster

Since you’re a private seller, you might have difficulty convincing people to buy the wheelchair lift from you.

Here are some tips I’d recommend for a faster sale.

1. List on Every Site Possible

Go in, no holds barred. Market and list your lift on every potential site. That way, you’re sure more people will see it and that’s how you get potential customers.

2. Make the Price Negotiable

It is a used lift so you can’t charge too much for it! So be flexible in how you set the price. Allow some room for negotiation and you’ll sell much faster.

3. Ensure the Lift Is in Good Condition

There are no extended warranties for a used wheelchair lift. But it still helps if you have yours in good condition to entice buyers.

No one will buy a lift in deplorable condition unless it’s for a throwaway price.


Can I donate my wheelchair lift instead of selling it?

Of course! Why not? If you can donate the lift to a deserving person or disabled people organization, then go for it.

Are there any risks in selling used wheelchair lifts?

Yes, there are some risks involved. First, you need to ensure the used lift is in perfect condition before selling it. Be upfront about any damage the lift has to avoid any problems down the line.


After asking myself, “where can I sell a wheelchair lift?” My research led me down a path that enabled me to sell the lift fast enough for my liking.

Adopt a multi-platform approach to selling and you’ll get a customer soon enough.

Only ensure the wheelchair lift is in perfect condition before selling. Be careful with the removal or have a lift removal expert to avoid any damage to it.

a men thinking that where can I sell a wheelchair lift

That’s if you plan to sell it. Try out the avenues I’ve mentioned here and comment below with how it goes.


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