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Top 5 Cushions for Knee Scooters (Buying Guide)

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What is the best cushion for knee scooter?

There is some degree of comfort in knowing that knee scooters (crutch alternatives) make life much easier.

Upgrading your scooter with the best cushion will give you maximum comfort for an extended period!

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This post contains affiliate links. We earn a commission if you make a purchase at no extra cost to you.

Best Cushion for Knee Scooter Top Picks at a Glance

Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

Vive Mobility Knee Scooter Pad Cover - Accessories Cushion Cover for Comfort (Memory Foam) - for Broken Leg Crutch Cart Roller, Injuries, Surgery, Broken Foot, Ankle Injury, Replacement, Universal
Top Benefit
Dispenses pressure uniformly and decreases eventual tiredness
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ULTRAGEL® Knee Walker/Scooter Gel Pad image 0
Top Benefit
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” class=
Custom knee scooter cover  1 2 padding image 0
Top Benefit
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5 Best Cushion for Knee Scooter Review Guide

People who have recently had a lower-leg injury or ankle surgery can benefit immensely from having a knee scooter as an addition to other mobility aids like crutches, walkers, or wheelchairs.

Let us start with knee scooter reviews below:


Vive Mobility Knee Walker Pad Cover

The features a breathable fabric cover, memory foam cushion, and elastic straps combined into a drawstring for a universal fit.

Knee discomfort is significantly reduced by the memory foam cover, which evenly distributes pressure throughout the knee pad.

Physical Attributes

This knee scooter has an amazing contoured foam knee cushion that dispenses pressure uniformly and decreases eventual tiredness in your leg, knee, or hip.

The cushion is made of permeable materials to reduce sweating in the heat.

Measurements and Size Options

For size reference, Vive product dimensions range from  15 x 8 x 2.5 inches and weigh about 8 ounces. Its size comes at 1 Count (Pack of 1) in universal fit and built-in rectangular shape.

Convenient drawstring and fully adjustable Quite expensive
Light weight and superior comfortIt sometimes produce creaking sounds as you wear
It has a storage bag
Easy to wear
Vive Mobility Knee Walker Pad Cover

How it Compares to Others

Vive is a trusted brand star rating in the market. It comes with detailed specifications including answers in the product info. Also, Vive has a 60-day guarantee!

Expert Tips

Vive is the perfect option if you are looking for quality and comfort! However, the cushion can be too firm at first but it will get a comfortable ride in time. 

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#2 BUDGET CHOICE: RMS Knee Walker Pad Cover – Fits Most Knee Scooters

RMS Knee Walker Pad Cover

RMS knee walker pad covers are also fit for scooters! It is user-friendly and budget price! It provides added cushioning and a secure fit for all.

Physical Attributes

Having a 2″ thick and soft foam pad with an RMS scooter cover provides cushion and softness that is divided evenly, which lowers pressure on the knee and lower leg, resulting in less pain and skin irritation.

You can also attach the anti-slip knee cover on your knee walker for more support and security.

Measurements and Size Options

It has a universal fit knee walker/scooter sizing.

Affordable and easy to wearOthers find it too firm; and ridges on the pad
Allows better air circulationNot enough durable materials

How it Compares to Others

When you are on a tight budget and looking for cushion support, RMS is your solid choice. 

Expert Tips

The sizing is universal for all users. For a much better fit, you need readjustment according to your preference.

RMS Knee Walker Pad Cover - Plush Synthetic Faux Sheepskin Scooter Seat Cushion - Padded Foam for Comfort During Injury - Washable and Reusable - Fits Most Knee Scooters
  • UNIVERSAL FIT FOR MOST KNEE WALKERS: Stretchable elastic straps and integrated elastic band easily secure the soft knee pad cover to most knee walkers & scooters. The anti-slip knee cover firmly stays in place, reducing friction and preventing injuries.
  • AIR CIRCULATION: The soft non-irritating faux wool allows air to circulate freely around the knee and lower leg, reducing friction & fatigue while providing extra comfort throughout the day.
  • RELIEVES PAIN AND PRESSURE: RMS faux sheepskin knee scooter cover combined with a 2" thick & soft foam pad provide comfortable cushion and softness, evenly distributing pressure on the knee and lower leg reduces pain and fatigue in the knee, hip and leg.
  • ATTACHES IN SECONDS: Simply slip the Knee Cushion over your knee pad and pull the elastic around the base of your knee pad for a secure and tight fit.
  • WASHABLE & REUSABLE: Machine Washable with like color and tumble dry low.

#3 SAFETY CHOICE: KneeRover Memory Pad – Knee Scooter

KneeRover Memory Pad

The Knee Rover Memory Knee Pad Cover is highly recommended for people who have recently had leg injuries or broken foot, and any medical condition.

Physical Attributes

The Knee Rover Deluxe KneeCycle is an excellent alternative to crutches (comfortable alternative!).

These steerable knee scooter knee pads have an innovative automotive type tie-rod steering system, compact knee scooter with adjustable handlebars for maneuverability.

Measurements and Size Options

Knee Rover product dimensions are 13 x 7 x 1.5 inches and 8.47 ounces.

Comfortable paddingOthers find it hard to assemble
Indoor and outdoor use
Adjustable knee platform

How it Compares to Others

Adjustable knee pad platform according to your needs as well as providing other essential items aside from cushion.

Expert Tips

It is the best option if you are looking for a medium-sized cushion fit.

KneeRover Memory Pad Knee Scooter Pad Cover Cushion - Knee Rover Pad Accessory Features Removable Cover and Comfortable Memory Foam Cushion Insert - Knee Walker Pad Fits Most KneeRover Models
  • THE PROVEN USA BRAND: KneeRover has been creating innovative, high performance mobility solutions for over 10 years, including the original All Terrain and Pediatric knee scooters. We are a family-oriented business based in Evans, Georgia USA - dedicated to delivering the highest quality knee scooters.
  • MAXIMIZE YOUR COMFORT: Premium memory foam kneepad cover adds 1.5 inches of soft memory padding to provide maximum comfort while using your KneeRover knee scooter. Unique memory foam technology provides long lasting added comfort and cushion while distributing pressure evenly across knee pad platform. Superior comfort to synthetic sheepskin knee pad covers.
  • FITS KNEEROVER MODELS: The versatile knee walker knee pad cover fits all KneeRover models except the Knee Walker Jr. Dimensions installed are 13” x 7” x 4”.
  • QUICK & EASY INSTALLATION: Knee Rover memory foam cover attaches over the existing kneepad in seconds and is secured using a convenient fastener.
  • PROTECTION and RELIEF: The soft yet durable cover protects the knee pad from everyday wear, while maximizing comfort by reducing pressure, friction and skin irritation. If you are recovering from a broken foot, broken ankle, broken leg, foot surgery, ankle surgery or other lower leg injuries or medical conditions like ulcers, the Knee Rover Memory Knee Pad Cover is a MUST!

#4 ULTRAGEL® Knee Walker/Scooter Gel Pad

ULTRAGEL® Knee Walker/Scooter Gel Pad image 0

Regular exercise helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle, while also helping you get through your daily activities with excellent mobility aid solutions!

Physical Attributes

ULTRAGEL® helps relieve pressure in the knee, shin, and leg surgery by delivering supportive body contouring across the knee platform (modern design).

To provide an additional attachment point, each pad contains two low-profile hook straps across the width of the pad on the underside.

Measurements and Size Options

This pad is 7″ x 14″ and is designed for knee protection and a heavy-duty knee scooter pad for heavier and taller people.

Easy to installQuite expensive

How it Compares to Others

This is made with a gel pad cushion that gives exceptional comfort compared to typical knee scooter cushion materials.

Expert Tips

These are quick and easy to use, because of the low profile loops.

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#5 Custom Knee Scooter Cover – 1 -2″ Extra Padding

Custom knee scooter cover  1 2 padding image 0

If you are looking for a custom-made for better fitting, this one is right for you.

Physical Attributes

Make your own knee scooter cover including your type of fabric, comfortable height, and durable design.

Hand madeIt can be time-consuming

How it Compares to Others

This one is specially designed for you and has a higher chance for best fitting and comfort.

Expert Tips

Always choose comfort over aesthetics!

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Buyer’s Guide: Best Cushion for Knee Scooter

They are not all the same shape, size, and comfort. When you glide with the scooter, your entire body weight is placed on this section. Making this decision requires maximum comfort:

When do you need a pad?

  • Active person
  • Anyone with a knee injury that compression alleviates
  • Has non-weight bearing broken foot or ankle injury
  • Anyone on crutches with poor sense of balance

Why do you need a pad?

It provides comfortable knee support. A scooter cushion is not necessarily needed but if you need a knee scooter for more than 3 weeks, we recommend one. 

How to choose the best knee scooter pad?

When looking out the best knee scooter knee pad, look for the characteristics below:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Weight capacity
  • Excellent stability
  • Pricing

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How can I make my knee scooter more comfortable?

Adding a padded knee platform to your scooter will give you added comfort and support on your injured foot.

Is a knee scooter worth it?

Yes. The scooter provides you mobility assistance by giving your broken foot injury proper support.

Final Recommendation

Vive Mobility Knee Scooter Pad Cover - Accessories Cushion Cover for Comfort (Memory Foam) - for Broken Leg Crutch Cart Roller, Injuries, Surgery, Broken Foot, Ankle Injury, Replacement, Universal
  • SOFT MEMORY FOAM PADDING: Soft memory foam cushions the knee to effectively reduce fatigue and provide superior comfort. The comfortable foam padding retains its shape through extensive use for long lasting comfort
  • REDUCES PRESSURE ON INJURED LEG: Memory foam evenly distributes pressure on knee and lower leg across the knee walker pad for a comfortable experience throughout the day. Evenly distributing the pressure created from kneeling on the knee pad greatly reduces fatigue in the hip, knee and leg.
  • RELIEVES PAIN FOR ALL DAY COMFORT: Soft padding cushions the knee and lower leg when in motion to relieve pain. Reduces friction from normal movements and prevents skin irritation for comfortable everyday use.
  • EASILY ATTACHES TO YOUR KNEE WALKER: Drawstring cover and integrated elastic straps easily secures the foam pad to knee walker create a secure, non-slip fit. Effectively reduces everyday wear and tear on knee walker pads.
  • VIVE 60-DAY GUARANTEE: 60 day guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.

knee walker with comfortable cushion

What is the best cushion for a knee scooter for you? Please share your pick with us below!

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