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How to Fold and Unfold a Knee Scooter

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Knowing how to fold a knee scooter is necessary if you are a knee walker user after having a foot injury or ankle surgery.

At some point, possibly when you travel, and you want to fold it to carry it with you. Or finally, you want to stow it away after healing from your leg injury. 

Whatever the case is, we will talk about some simple steps, so folding a knee walker is as easy as pie for you.

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How to Fold a Knee Scooter the Right Way

As we know, there are plenty of foldable knee scooters, fancy models, expensive models which you can use on different surfaces. But that generally depends on self-preference.

However, the folding mechanism undoubtedly varies with every foldable model. So, it is a recommendation to check the manufacturer’s instructions on the model that you own. 

With that said, we will review the general directions down in our article, which you can use on almost every model to help you fold it with ease. 

#1 Engage Parking Breaks

Before starting to fold your steerable knee walker, you need to lock it in place to avoid any annoyance of being rolling beforehand on you.

On some models, you can force the dual brakes directly forward to lock it into place. 

To disengage it, pull the brake handles, and it will pop back into place.

While other models have this feature as squeezing the brakes firmly, and at the same time, pressing the lock button to engage the parking brake. 

To disengage the parking brake lock, squeeze the brakes until the lock button snaps back up. 

You can watch the video for a better demonstration.

Just like any other device with wheels, a parking brake lock makes any process more comfortable.

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#2 Remove Accessories

If you have a basket attached to your model, you need to take it off to make the rest of the method easier. It also gets damaged while putting it into a vehicle or a store. 

To do that, you need to left the basket up from the two hooks on the steering column, which completely detaches it from the folding metal frame.

In addition, you would also want to remove — if you have personalized — your scooter with accessory items like a bell, a horn, a cup holder, or anything else that is popping out and exposed to breakage.

#3 Detach the Knee Pad (seat)

The best knee walker pad cover helps in comfortable maneuverability, and you should not detach it when folding it temporarily.

But removing the seat should be required if you are putting your knee scooter away — long term. 

To detach the padded knee rest, reach out for the locking pin under the seat, extract/take it out. The locking pin is inserted through aligned holes under the seat for height adjustment.

Finally, pull the clamp lever up and twist it counterclockwise rotation to loosen it. After releasing it from the clamp lever, you should be able to remove the seat comfortably.

#4 Fold the Steering Column

Once you have removed all the accessory items and the seat, you can put the steering column down to have your knee scooter fully folded. 

To fold the steerable knee scooter, pull the clamp lever upward — placed on the steering column joint below the handlebars — and twist it anticlockwise to loosen it completely. 

Then, as you hold the loosened clamp lever with your fingers, push it to the left to unlock the steering column from the security pin holding the joint. At this point, you should be able to swing the steering column down as you would like it — in a closed position.

Take a look at this video for an actual demonstration:

How to Unfold the Steerable Knee Walker

Unfolding your model requires the same steps but in reverse order. 

Raise the steering column back in a 90-degree position, lock the security pin into place. Now, lift the clamp lever and turn it clockwise to tighten it, and push it back down firmly to lock it into place. 

Make sure not to twist and damage the brake cable during this process.


Does the KneeRover fold?

All models fold up following the simple steps that require no tools. To fold your KneeRover, pull up the clam lever located on the steering column. Twist it counterclockwise to loosen it, push it to the left, and your model folds. 

How do you get into a car with a knee scooter?

You can travel with your knee scooter thanks to its folding metal frame design. The folding feature lets you securely put it in your car while detaching the accessories mounted like a basket or cup holders to protect the damage. 


This step-by-step guide should make the folding and unfolding process easier for you.

If you’re still having trouble, though, I recommend asking your physical therapist or nurse to show you the right way to fold your model.

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If you have more tips on how to fold a knee scooter, please let us know in the comments below!

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