The BEST 60th Birthday Cake Ideas for a Happy Celebration!

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A 60th birthday celebration is a milestone in one’s life that will need preparations such as 60th birthday party favors, 60th birthday party invitations, and definitely, 60th birthday cake ideas!

But don’t stress! Here are some suggestions that you may want to check out for a perfect birthday cake to celebrate 60 wonderful years!

Choose the Type of Cake You Want

The success of any birthday cake largely depends on how good the cake is. You may have pretty designs and colors to boot, but the celebrant and the guests will always remember how delicious that cake is.

The best cake pick will probably be the celebrant’s favorite cake flavor!

Here are some basic cake types you should consider when deciding on what cake to serve. Check out which among your homemade cake recipes will work best for you and the celebrant.

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Pound Cake

Pound cakes are probably the most favored birthday cake choices. It is often used as a traditional birthday cake.

They are packed yet moist and can be very satisfying. They will also easily hold their shape and can be used for any cake pan.

In fact, this is probably the perfect cake since you can serve it as a simple buttery, yellow cake or tweak it to turn into a chocolate cake.

Pound cake recipes can easily be modified into different flavors, such as a coconut bundt cake or even a zesty lime cake, all readily available to suit one’s taste.

If you plan on baking the birthday cake yourself, you may want to check out this recipe [1] for a delectable chocolate fudge bundt cake.

Sponge and Chiffon Cakes

If you care for something more light and airy, you may want to try making sponge or chiffon cakes instead. [2]

In terms of texture, these types of cakes are not as dense as your typical pound cake, so they come highly recommended as desserts after a heavy birthday meal.

Sponge cakes are usually denser than chiffon cakes, but if you plan to do some major designing, you may have to opt for a sponge cake recipe since this can take on more complex shapes compared to chiffon cakes.

Choose the Icing

That piece of icing on the cake is what makes that cake. Icing enhances the flavor of the cake and adds to the cake’s wow factor. Here are some basic icings you may want to consider for a 60th cake.

Whipped Cream Frosting

This is the easiest and fastest type of frosting that you can make. All you need is heavy cream and icing sugar, and your cake is good to go. These are the perfect complement for velvet cakes and chocolate cakes too.

For decorating, though, not much can be done with whipped cream frosting. It isn’t as stable and it will require refrigeration.

You may choose to add some food color or edible gold glitter for that extra artistic touch when using whipped cream frosting.

Buttercream Frosting

This is another type of frosting that is often used in cake decorating. This is more versatile since this type of frosting can be piped and used to make decors such as buttercream flowers for a cute birthday cake.

Food coloring can be added to the frosting for that splash of color.

Buttercream frosting works quite well with pound cakes, so you may want to consider making buttercream frosting for this type of cake. Check out this basic buttercream frosting recipe [3].


Fondant icing is the way to go if you are after a fabulous cake in a grand 60th birthday celebration.

For sophisticated cakes, cake decorators often use fondant icing when creating an elaborate birthday cake design, since fondant can be easily molded into different shapes.

Fondant icing can be quite complicated to make and is often best handled by experienced bakers. If you do want to try making it yourself, you can check out this basic fondant recipe [4].

Choosing Your Theme

Now that you have the type of cake and icing that you would want to use, you can start thinking about the theme that you have in mind.

Consider the celebrant’s hobbies or interests when choosing a theme. You can use their favorite color in mind to match the theme of your celebration!

Have your 60th birthday party supplies ready to do these themes!

If your celebrant is a grandparent, you may want to check this design.

Humor plays a huge role when choosing a 60th birthday cake design so you can choose a cake topper from cake supplies stores and make a custom-decorated cake that can fit into what you may have in mind.

Are you making the cake for a mom who loves to garden? There are indeed a lot of 60th birthday cake ideas for moms, but check this gorgeous buttercream rosette cake that is perfect and yet not that hard.

Dads won’t surely want to be left behind, so for 60th birthday cake ideas for dads, consider this cake design which is simple and humorous too.

You may also want to check this elegant cake in this video.

4 Funny 60th Birthday Cake Ideas

Humor is great for celebrating a loved one’s milestone. Check out some of these funny cakes for the 60th birthday party ideas.

Cake #1 – Humorous Quote

Have a humorous quote to catch everyone’s attention, just like this one.

Cake #2 – Survival Kit

A “survival kit” cake, like the one shown here, will draw some laughs too.

This is also perfect as a 75th birthday cake!

Cake # 3 – Beer Lovers

For beer lovers, you may want to try this one out.

Cake # 4 – Martini Cake

Or, for the ladies, you may want a martini instead? Take a look at this one!


What is the best type of cake to serve for a person’s sixtieth birthday?

It really depends on personal taste. For a lighter and more airy kind of cake, you can use either a sponge or chiffon cake. For something more dense and filling, use a pound cake recipe.

What colors can be used to decorate a 60th birthday cake?

There is no specific rule about colors that you can use for 60th birthday cake decorations. But many usually stick to classic colors such as white, black and gold. You can be creative and choose the celebrant’s favorite color!


60th birthdays are meant to be special. They are milestones that deserve much preparation and much celebration.

60th birthday cake ideas can help you decide on what kind of 60th birthday celebration cake will make that celebration memorable.

Whether simple or elaborate, what is important is that everything is made from the heart, with the celebrant being at the center of it all.

black and white 60th birthday cake

What are your favorite 60th birthday cake ideas? Please share below!


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