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60th Birthday Ideas: BEST Tips to Celebrate in Style!

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60th birthdays are considerable milestones to celebrate, which is why 60th birthday ideas are needed for this celebration to be memorable.

What can be done, though, to make the 60th birthday of your loved one special?

Are there any preparations that need to be made?

How can you make the 60th birthday celebration of your loved one an occasion that they can never forget?

How Do You Celebrate a 60th Birthday?

the whole family toasting wine and celebrating mom's 60th birthday

A person turning 60 may mean many things. It can close the door on one stage of life and open windows of opportunity and interests to another.

Studies (1) have shown that growing old is well-accepted for many individuals. After all, 60 is the new 50 –or even 40 (2) — for many.

60th birthdays are usually celebrated by doing something from one’s bucket list — taking that memorable trip abroad, going deep-sea diving, or even climbing Everest!

Look at this cool decoration!

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All these can be given to the celebrant as a 60th birthday gift.

One thing that shouldn’t be missed, though, is the birthday party since this gives the birthday honoree the chance to celebrate with those who have been a huge part of the person’s life.

60th Birthday Ideas To Try

There are so many things that you can do to make that 60th birthday party extra special.

lady in white holding a birthday cake in photoshoot under title 60TH BIRTHDAY IDEAS

Here are just some 60th birthday party ideas that you may want to think about to create that particular moment.

Create a Movie

With all the video apps coming out these days, creating a movie/video has never been easier. Gather those special moments –your choice of photos and videos– in your loved one’s life and create a masterpiece. 

Add background music and be as creative as you can get. If you want to up the ante, have it shown in a local movie theater that you can have reserved all for yourself and your guests.

Check this video to get some ideas on creating your birthday video.

Travel Back to the 70s or 80s

Rent an event space and recreate the 70s or 80s atmosphere. Use this era to come up with a  60th birthday party theme.

Use fonts, designs, and popular color combinations from the 70s and 80s for your 60th birthday party invitations, just like shown below.

Some fun ideas you may want to include are disco and punk rock music to liven up the party so that your party guests can show their moves as they dance to these beats on the dance floor.

Many people, and even grandkids, are sure to enjoy this kind of celebration that is more casual and laidback, giving all the guests plenty of space to interact and enjoy.

Formal Dinner

A formal dinner complete with a tux for the birthday boy, or a classy gown for the birthday girl, is an option for those who prefer to celebrate using a traditional classic birthday party.

Check out this video for inspiration!

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You may want to get a buffet table ready for the guests for this birthday celebration.

A unique table will be needed for the guest of honor and the VIPs in his life. 

This kind of celebration calls for a formal atmosphere. Use classy-vintage table decor and a birthday cake with a more traditional design such as the one shown here.

Make sure to check our 60th birthday cake ideas too!

Get that bottle of wine ready, too, for that special birthday toast!

If you have any special instructions for guests, such as a strictly formal dress code, make sure to add those in the invitations so your guests will know what to expect during this affair.

Things You May Want to Add

Whether it’s a casual or formal occasion, you may want to think about these few extra touches for your party.

  • Hiring a live band always adds an extra touch in any kind of celebration.
  • Use 60th birthday party decorations that can match your chosen theme. Decors can add to the kind of ambience you would like to create for this affair regardless of what kind of celebration you choose to have. A single birthday balloon or nicely arranged birthday balloons are also nice to have to easily add color to any party.
  • Souvenirs and 60th birthday party favors to give to guests will surely make the occasion memorable . Give them out to your guests for them keep and treasure for years to come.

Why not try a photoshoot just like the woman on the video below!

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What is a good theme for a 60th birthday party?

Any kind of theme is suitable for a 60th birthday party. To best decide what theme to use, though, it will be best to keep the honoree in mind. Make sure to match the theme with the honoree’s personality and interests since this birthday is supposed to be all about the celebrant.

What colors are most often used for 60th birthday celebrations?

Classic colors such as black and white or silver and gold are often used to celebrate one’s sixtieth year since these add a touch of elegance to any theme.
Other color choices include deep blue and purple as well. That said, you can still use different colors, especially if the celebrant has a favorite color that the guest of honor loves.


60th birthday is a joyous occasion that should be celebrated. A 60th birthday party is a milestone birthday party that symbolizes new beginnings or the start of a new phase in one’s life.

Combining 60th birthday ideas can help you come up with plans for any loved one who is turning 60.

Be it your grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, or just about anyone whom you hold dear, planning for a 60th birthday celebration is the perfect time to show your loved one how much they truly mean to you,

lady holding ballon foil in birthday shoot under title 60 TH BIRTHDAY IDEAS


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