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20 Best Cake Ideas For 75th Birthday Party

Written by Claire Bonneau
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If you’re looking for some really amazing 75th birthday cake ideas, you’re exactly where you need to be!

Turning 75 is a pretty big deal, and such an extraordinary milestone deserves an extraordinary cake, don’t you think?

To help you out, here are 20 of my favorites that will surely help you out while preparing for your 75th birthday theme.

Let’s jump in and check them out!

Top 10 75th Birthday Cake Designs You’ll Like Best

As you browse through these amazing 75th birthday cake ideas, you may notice that not all of them say “75” on them.

Don’t worry, though, the numbers are positioned in a way that they can easily be changed when you or your baker actually makes it. Now let’s get started!

#1 Floral Cake

Okay, I know this one is technically a 70th birthday cake idea, but you could very easily change that “0” to a “5.”

A floral birthday cake takes the crown for being the most sophisticated and good-looking. It’s perfect for loved ones who enjoy nature and flowers.

Find out some great 7th birthday ideas in this video:

#2 Royal Cake

Make your loved ones feel like royalty with this excellent cake idea full of elegant design and style. There are rarely any 75th birthday cakes ideas that make your loved ones feel as regal as this one does! 

#3 Navy Blue Cake

A navy blue cake is one of the most perfect 75th birthday cake ideas out there, especially if your loved one is a Navy veteran (or even just plain loves the color). Again, picture it with a 75 instead of a 50.

#4 Layer Cake

The more layers on your cake, the better right? A birthday cake with multiple layers just might be one of the best birthday party ideas for an elderly mother, as it is sure to please any woman out there. 

#5 Life Story Cake

There is nothing better than having your own life story told in the layers of a birthday cake, and a life story cake just might be the perfect option to do that.

Mind your invitation for 75th birthday party wording though, as you accidentally just might spoil the surprise of your cake! 

#6 Seasonal Cake

A seasonal cake – an excellent choice for individuals who have seen the many seasons of life.

Using the theme of your loved one’s favorite season for your cake is an amazing choice if you want creativity in your 75th birthday party cake. 

#7 Tower Cake

Tower cakes are really popular, as they come in at an astounding height. This one is just so gorgeous, don’t you think?

#8 Vintage Cake

Seniors take pride in being vintage and having a cake representing that will be the best birthday cake for your 75-year-old grandfather or father. 

#9 75th Number Cake

Want to highlight the importance of their age? Why not get a birthday cake shaped in 75 that can do just that! 

#10 Simple Custom Cake

Having a simple cake with just a custom greeting for your loved one is actually what many elderly people prefer the most. Keep the colors classic and simple and the wording even simpler. 

10 More Amazing 75th Birthday Cake Designs

#1 Sports Cake

If you are looking for a 75 birthday cake that is most suited for someone who has a particular passion for a sport such as cricket or football, this cake idea will suit them the most. 

#2 Frosty Cake

Don’t overthink your 75th birthday cake ideas! This frosty cake is all about simple elegance, and it really works!

#3 Sea Theme Cake

Best suited for ocean lovers and those who are in love with everything marine, a sea theme cake can be the perfect way to make your loved one’s 75th birthday memorable. 

#4 Old to New Photo Cake

There are several birthday cakes out there but how many of them are as nostalgic and memorable as this one?

An old-to-new photo cake can help your loved ones relive precious moments of their life once again. 

#5 Veteran Cake

A cake that is designed for army veterans and soldiers is a great birthday gift for a 75 year old man that served in the army once. 

#6 Golden Cake

A golden-colored cake is an amazing cake idea that has luxury and poshness both in their design – perfect for aged ones that still have style. 

#7 Textured Cake

There are not many cake ideas that have an amazingly subtle aesthetic to them that appeals to older people the most and a textured cake is one of the few cakes that do. 

#8 Classy Cake

Sometimes all you need is a classical touch in your 75th birthday cake for your loved ones that like it classical and simple. 

#9 Decorated Cake

If you are looking for 75th birthday cake ideas for mom, the decorated cake just might be the perfect option for you with its beautiful designs and styles covering the cake all around. 

#10 Plain Cake

If your aged loved one is not fond of any decorations and style and just wants something plain but tasty, this is perfect. It’s simple yet very elegant.


Thinking about creative cake ideas can be quite a challenge, but now you have 20 of the best cake ideas for your 75th birthday party ever! Now the hard part…picking just one!

75th  birthday party cake idea

What are your favorite 75th birthday cake ideas? Let us know in the comments below!


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