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10 Best Ideas For 75th Birthday Invitations

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Figuring out creative and ingenious ideas for your family member or friend’s 75th birthday party invitations is a tough choice.

Add to that the pressure of ensuring that your loved one gets the perfect invitation for his/her party and it quickly becomes a difficult choice. 

That is why we are here to tell you several amazing birthday party invitation ideas that you can use for your own 75th birthday invitations!

Read the article till the end so that you don’t miss out on any great 75th birthday invitation ideas. 

5 Best 75th Birthday Invitations for Men

Let’s start with some great picks for Dad or Grandpa, shall we? Although honestly, most of these could work just as well for Mom or Grandma with a few tweaks, so don’t rule them out if you love the design!

Editable 75th Birthday Invitation Cheers to 75 Years Black image 1

1. Classy 75th Birthday Party Invitations

No one can beat the style and class offered by classy 75th birthday invitations.

There are various classy creative options that you can use with your 75th birthday party ideas like in the video below.

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2. Hilarious 75th Birthday Party Invitations

The Man The Myth The Legend Birthday Invitation Vintage Man image 1

There is hardly any person on this planet who doesn’t like a good old chuckle and your 75th invitations can do just that with funny quips that have a joke or a line written on them. 

3. Custom Birthday Party Invitations

Editable 75th Birthday Invitation ANY AGE Chalkboard Rustic image 1

There are several templates and 75th birthday invitations out there but these custom party invitations can give you your own personalized touch they won’t get anywhere else. 

4. Birthday Photo Invitations

a man smiling at the camera 75th birthdau invite

If you have a great picture of your loved one that is worth getting framed and placed on your mantelpiece, why not use it for their 75th birthday invitation?

Having a charming photo on the invitation is a sure way to attract attention. 

5. Party Theme Birthday Invitation

a glass of whiskey with a cigar on it 75th Birthday invitation

Having a theme for your 75th birthday party is a great way to surprise someone who has an avid hobby or interest.

Now you can use these same theme ideas for your invitations too, which can make them very attractive. 

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5 Best 75th Birthday Party Invitations Samples for Women

Now let’s check out a few really cute ideas for Mom or Grandma!

1. Rose Gold Birthday Party Invitation

75th birthday invitation template burgundy and gold birthday image 1

The best thing about these invitations is they represent a woman’s birthday party well and make for an attractive birthday invitation. 

2. Shiny Birthday Party Invitation

a black and gold 75th birthday invitation with flowers and gold text

Many older women love to shine in their life and a great way to represent that is having some glitter and sparkles inside their birthday party invitation! 

3. Teal Gold Birthday Party Invitation

Teal Gold 75th Birthday Invitation DIY Printable Editable image 1

Women also love rich and classy decorations on official greetings and invitations.

This teal & gold invite provides that class and style in the most elegant manner and will convince more guests to come to the party.

4. “Ageless” Invitations

a white and blue 75th birthday invitation with pearls and pearls on it

Some women are extremely sensitive about their age and do not want a birthday party focused on a number.

If you need an idea for your mom who is like that, you can consider using an invitation that doesn’t have age as the main focus. 

5. Surprise 75th Birthday Party Invitations

Surprise Birthday Invitation Any Age Gold Black Birthday image 1

When sending out invitations, many older women would actually like it if the surprise 75th birthday invitations were a bit plainer and more classic than usual.

Classic invitations are a great idea, especially if your loved ones are not a big fan of decoration. 

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75th Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas

If you are using your own words on the invitation, it is crucial you use the correct 75th birthday invitation wording that tells your guests what style the birthday party is going to be.

Words that are creatively thought out and nicely articulated speak to your guests about what’s important to you. Always make sure that you state the reason for the celebration, place, time and date of the birthday and write the party’s address in your birthday invitation. 

Let’s look at some great 75th birthday party ideas as well as 75th party invitations wording samples to craft the best birthday invitation:

  • “Some people just age like vintage wine. Come to Martin’s 75th birthday party to congratulate him for crossing 75 years.” 
  • “SSSHHH! Don’t tell anyone, but it’s a…surprise! Join us and Arthur to celebrate his 75th birthday that he has no idea we have planned!”
  • “Did someone say party?! Make sure you don’t miss out by coming to John’s party at exactly 7 pm!” 


How far in advance do you send out birthday invitations?

Most people send them three weeks before but you can even consider sending them six weeks before if you want to be early. 

What should be included in an invitation?

The birthday loved one’s name, time, theme, address, and date of the party. 

What is the symbol for the 75th birthday?

Unlike other major birthday events, you are free to use any color and theme you want for your 75th birthday. 

What milestone is your 75th birthday?

The 75th birthday is often referred to as the platinum celebration milestone. 

How can I get party invitations online?

There are many online stores that provide birthday supplies. Here are some top websites.
1. Amazon
2. Etsy.com
3. Party City
4. Walmart.com


There are various reasons why having the perfect idea for your 75th birthday party invitation is an essential task since it ultimately decides whether your guests will come or not.

We hope this article was insightful for you and if it was, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us immensely.  

75th birthday balloons

What are your favorite 75th birthday party invitations? Let us know in the comments below!

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