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Paper Crafts for Seniors: 20 Best and Easy Ideas to Try!

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As we age, our fingers are slower than they once were. While it takes a little more time and patience to get things done, this doesn’t mean that senior citizens won’t be willing or want to try a craft idea. 

When you are crafting with seniors, the best crafts don’t require tiny pieces or are simple to do. 

This is why I put together some fabulous paper crafts that you can do with or put together for your senior. 

These are great craft ideas to spend some quiet time or provide a fun and inexpensive experience to help them work on dexterity.

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20 Awesome Paper Crafts for Adults

1. Hanging Citrus Fruit Paper Craft

These hanging citrus fruit paper crafts are made from recycled paper and can be used as a great way to display your favorite fruits.

You can hang these fruit trees in your kitchen or dining room, or even in the garden.

The best thing about these paper crafts is that they are super easy to make and don’t require any special materials

Hanging Citrus Fruit Paper Craft for Kids~ BuggyandBuddy.com
credit: buggyandbuddy

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2. Toilet Paper Roll Easter Bunny Craft

Seniors have more free time to enjoy crafting, and crafts’ benefits on the mind and body are well documented.

One of the most popular craft ideas for seniors is making toilet paper roll Easter bunnies. This is a craft that can be used as a decoration or even as a gift to family or friends.

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3. Fish Paper Craft for Kids

This papercraft is a fun project for seniors. It’s also great for children and even adults. The best part about this fish is that it’s easy to make, and you won’t need any glue or scissors.

Fish paper craft for kids
Credit: buggyandbuddy

You can also make these fantastic Harry Potter Cricut projects. Kids and older ones will love them.

If you’re looking for fun and engaging craft ideas to bring joy and stimulation to seniors in nursing homes, this video is a wonderful resource full of creative and entertaining projects:

4. Adorable Toilet Paper Roll Owl Craft

 This adorable toilet paper roll owl craft is a fun and easy project for seniors to do. It’s also great for kids, but can be made with just a few simple materials.

5. Bleeding Tissue Paper

This is a fun and easy way to create a beautiful piece of art that can be hung on the wall or used as a gift for someone special.! Want to protect this craft for many years to come? Consider laminating it! This tutorial will guide you on how to laminate paper at home.

6. 3D Cactus Paper Craft

This 3D cactus paper craft can be made by anyone, even kids! It’s very easy to make and you only need some glue.

The great thing about this project is that it doesn’t require anything special, so you can use any materials you have at home to create it.

7. Cute Ocean Paper Craft

This cute ocean paper craft is easy to make and doesn’t require any special tools or supplies. It can be used as a decoration or as a gift tag. You can even use it as the perfect addition to your next beach party!

8. Snowy Owl Contact Paper Craft

Contact paper crafts are a great way to get your seniors involved in arts and crafts. Seniors love making things and they love being creative.

Making contact paper crafts is a fun way for them to express their creativity while helping them keep busy and active.

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9. DIY Rainbow Paper Heart Pom Pom Wreath

Here’s a paper craft for seniors that’s easy to make, but still looks really lovely. It’s also a great project for kids to do with you because they can help to cut the paper and make their own pom poms.

10. 3D Paper Flowers for Spring

 Spring is a great time to get crafty with your senior loved ones. Try these 3D paper flowers and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to create beautiful creations.

3 Paper flowers aligned on white background
Credit: RedTartArt

11. Blowfish Craft

The blowfish craft is a fun and easy project that can be done with a group of friends or family members. The result is a fun piece of art that will be a great addition to any room in your home.

12. 3D Paper Star Kirigami

Kirigami [2] is a traditional Japanese paper craft that uses cuts and folds to create two-dimensional images.

This project will teach you how to make the 3D version of the paper star, which is sometimes called origami star or modular origami star.

3D Paper Star Kirigami - pretty and super easy paper stars. Learn how to make these paper stars quickly and easily. They are perfect as Christmas Decorations (yellow), Fourth of July Decorations (white), New Year's Eve (Gold and Silver) or for a special party (rainbow!!). One 3D Paper Star How To.  #3dPaperStar #paperstar #paperstars #howtomakeastar #papercrafts
Credit: RedTartArt

13. 3D Paper Pumpkin

This Halloween craft is perfect for the whole family. It’s fun to make and even more, fun to play with.

You can use it as a decoration, or you can create a game out of it by hanging it from a tree and having people try to knock it down.

14. Origami Frogs

If you’re looking for a fun and creative way to spend time with your loved ones, origami is a great option. Origami involves folding paper into intricate shapes.

You can create simple shapes like flowers or butterflies or more complicated models such as animals and people.

The best part is that you don’t need any special tools or skills to get started with origami. All you need is some time and patience.

15. Printable Polar Bear Paper Craft

Polar bears are a species of bear native to the Arctic. They are popular animals to draw, paint and make crafts out of. 

Printable polar bear craft for kids - make a mother bear with baby cubs using our printable template
Credit: thecrafttrain

This is a printable template that you can print off and color in using crayons, pencils, or markers. 

You can also use markers if you want to create a colored polar bear picture. This would be great to hang up on your wall as decor.

16. Woodland Animal Craft

These crafts are simple and can be done at home or in the nursing home. They’re perfect for people with arthritis or hand tremors, too.

Try making pinecone owls or other woodland creatures with your senior loved one!

They also make great decorations in your home or office, especially if you have a nature lover in the family.

17. Modern Four Seasons Tree Paper Craft

 Are you looking for a simple and easy craft project? If so, then this Modern Four Seasons Tree paper craft is perfect for you. This paper craft uses colored paper, and the final result looks colorful and fun.

It’s also very easy to make.

18. Paper Peacock Craft

The paper peacock craft is a great choice for seniors who want to get creative with their time. This project only requires minimal supplies, so you don’t need to worry about running out and having to wait for the next trip to the store.

Paper Peacock Craft
Credit: EasyPeasyFun

19. 3D Cube Bugs Paper Craft

 This paper craft is a great project to try with your senior loved ones. The 3D cube bugs are easy to make and look really cute!

Printable 3D cube templates that look like bugs. There is a bee, ladybug, green garden bug and an orange stripy garden bug to create. This is a fun and engaging way for kids to learn about 3D shapes #3Dshapes #cube #bee #ladybug #bugcraft #kidscraft #papercraft #summer #spring #bugs #minibeasts #printable #cube
Credut: Thecrafttrain

20. Woven Paper Bag

 A woven paper bag is a great way to recycle old magazines and newspapers. It’s a fun craft for seniors, especially those with arthritis or other dexterity [1] issues.

This craft can be done in several different ways, depending on the skill level of the crafter.


Paper crafts for seniors introduce new textures, different colors, and different pleasures to the sense of touch as well as the other senses.

Paper crafts for seniors are often quiet activities, which take little concentration, but do not provide too much stimulation.

So, brighten a senior’s life with a calming and self-empowering opportunity to be physically creative.

Various paper crafts for seniors

What are your favorite paper crafts for seniors? Please share below!


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