14 Perfect Party Favors For a 75th Birthday

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Looking for some amazing 75th party favor ideas to make your loved one’s milestone day a huge success?

When you plan a party for your parents or grandparents, you want some memorable party favors for your guests.

Here are some amazing ideas to consider!

Let’s start with a quick look at our top picks, then keep reading for all the glorious details.

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75th Birthday Best Favor Ideas at a Glance

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Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

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10 Unique Ideas for 75th Birthday Favors

When it’s 75th birthday, there should be something extra special along with the birthday invitations.

We are here with some fabulous birthday favors for a 75th birthday party that will remind the guests of this special day.

1. Double-sided Gift Keychains

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The double-sided key chain is made of high-quality stainless steel and ideally a good birthday favor for adults of all age groups.

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2. Stemless Wine Glass

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The high-quality stemless wine glass is ideal good for both men and women. There are engraved hand printing on each glass and comes in individual packing. 

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3. Cheers Themed Small Party Favor Gift Bags with Tags

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The black and gold combo party favor bags look graceful and are ideally good-sized for a 75th birthday celebration. These can go with the black n gold-themed birthday party decorations as well.

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4. Gold Glitter Print Chocolate Drop Labels Stickers

75th Birthday Party Decorations, Black and Gold Birthday Party Favors,

These gold and black themed chocolate drop label stickers have a matte finish. These are digitally printed on high-quality adhesive paper and are excellent for decorating Hershey’s kisses, party favors, or sealing envelopes, favor boxes, and bags.

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5. Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies Number Seventy Five 75th Birthday

8 Pairs 75 Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookie Candy Party Favors image 2

Chocolate is everyone’s all-time favorite treat. These handmade Oreo cookies dipped in milk chocolate are a marvelous delight for your guests.

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 6. 75th Birthday, Thank You Stickers

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“Easy to peel and stick” happy 75th favor stickers are economical, and a lovely gesture to say thank you to your guests.

These are multipurpose stickers and you can use them as a seal for 75th birthday party invitations, favor bags, jar labels or macaroons, or cookie bag stickers.

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 7. Personalized Scented Candle Gift

50 Tins Personalized Candle Gift / Custom Label Soy  Scented image 4

These handmade scented candles have dried flowers are an outstanding addition to goodie bags. Your guests are definitely going to love these candles. You can add personalized tags to each candle as well.

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8. Candy Bar Wrappers

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These candy bar wrappers are ideally good for styling an adorable black and gold candy buffet. These are designed specifically for Hershey’s 1.55-ounce candy bars. Customize your chocolate bars!

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9. 75 years “Aged to Perfection ” Birthday Wine Labels

75 years Aged to Perfection  Birthday Wine Labels image 2

The amazingly beautiful wine bottle labels are just a unique idea for the 75th birthday party dinner. 

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10. 75th Birthday Party Favor Tags

75th Birthday Tag Navy and Silver:75th Birthday Party Favor image 1

The blue and silver combo tags can be attached to a mini wine bottle, water bottles, mini prosecco bottles, bags of chocolates, or goodie bags.

You can get similar thank you tags on Etsy.

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4 DIY Ideas for 75th Birthday Party Favors

If you are going to have a huge gathering, or you want to be creative, here are some DIY birthday favor ideas. These are not only budget-friendly, but you can impress your guests with this lovely gesture.

1. Metallic Champagne Bottle Container

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These easy-to-fill champagne bottle favor containers will definitely impress your guests and make a wonderful take-home gift. You can fill them with candies, mini chocolates, or small trinkets for your guests. 

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2. Personalized Stadium Plastic Cups

Wine Birthday Personalized Stadium Plastic Cups  Cheers to 40 image 1

We can use these personalized stadium cups for years to remember the special event. You can choose any color and font of your choice. You can fill these cups with some candies or cookies to make them more special.

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 3. Polka Dots Matte Clear, Empty Boxes

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You can buy these empty boxes in bulk and fill these with chocolates, candies, macaroons, or cookies according to your choice. The silver ribbon adds more elegance to the box.

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4. Customized Hand Sanitizer Bottles

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Another budget-friendly DIY birthday favor is hand sanitizers. You can buy empty containers from Amazon, fill them and add 75th birthday stickers or thank you tags of your choice.

This handy, trendy, and inexpensive DIY birthday father is an amazing idea to impress your guests.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the traditional gift for the 75th birthday?

A traditional gift for celebrating 75 years of life is memorabilia that occurred the year that the birthday girl was born. This is a tradition that you can follow every year. You can take a hobby and search for something related to it from the year of her birth.

What should I get my 75-year-old mom for her birthday?

You can gift customized 75 year old birthday gifts to your mom. Some of the gift ideas can be,
A love knot pendant
A premium quality cozy blanket
Skincare gift set
Shower bombs with essential oils
The DIY family calendar hanging
Spa box
A smart, easy to use digital photo frame
Tumbler gift set.

What is the symbol for the 75th birthday?

an old man in front of a cake celebrating his 75th birthday

75th birthday is often said as a Platinum celebration.

How can I get 75th birthday party favors online?

There are many online stores that provide birthday supplies. Here are some top websites.
1. Amazon
2. Etsy.com
3. Party City
4. Walmart.com

What color is associated with 75th birthday?

DIAMOND WHITE is the traditional color linked to the 75th birthday.

What is the stone for 75th birthday?

DIAMOND is the lucky stone for 75 years.


Now you have amazing and unique 75th birthday party favor ideas. You can either choose and get online or be a CRAFTY PANDA 🙂 and make party favors more customized through DIY ideas.

Final Recommendation

I love the Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies Number Seventy Five!

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wine cork with #75, one of the best 75th birthday favor ideas

What are your favorite 75th birthday favor ideas? Please share with us below!

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