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MAIDeSITe Electric Lift Chair

Written by Dayna C
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Ordering the MAIDeSITe Electric Lift Chair was a “desperation decision” because my mom often found herself on the floor with no means or help to get back up.

Relying on emergency services was very stressful and very costly, so the chair turned out to be a godsend. It saved us money and gave a sense of independence for my mom.

The chair’s design is pretty simple – it sits flat on the floor with suction cups holding it down. The person who needs help has to scoot themselves to the front of the chair and use a bit of hand/arm strength to push onto the chair, which is about an inch and a half high then rest against the backrest.

When they’re safely comfortable they just press a button on the remote control and the chair starts to raise them to a normal sitting position, allowing the user to stand or shift to another chair.

It’s solidly built with heavy-duty plastic and vinyl, making it easy to clean, and it even has sideboards for easy transfers to other chairs like a couch or kitchen chair.

Best electric chair lift

The chair is quite heavy but can lift most plus-sized individuals. For people who have trouble getting up on their own, this chair is the best way to feel independent again.

Despite needing a bit of assistance to get into the chair initially, it beats the hassle and embarrassment of calling emergency services and also will stop carers back strain in trying to lift a loved one.

When the chair was delivered, I was impressed with its strong construction, how well it was made, and its ease of use.

The support handles help make it stable for rising from chairs and sofas without the risk of falling. The adjustable aluminum frame supports up to 300 pounds, and the comfortably soft grip covers ensure a secure and comfortable grip.

One of the best things about the MAIDeSITe Electric Chair Lift is its versatility. Not only did it help my mom to stand up, it also helped healthcare professionals working with my parents.

The chair’s design impressed them enough to share it with other patients and their respective companies.

While the chair’s weight (30 pounds) makes it a bit difficult to move it around, especially for older or out-of-shape people, its way of lifting and transferring people to an upright position was fantastic. The chair really helps caregivers, by giving them a reliable solution for helping loved ones with limited mobility,.

In my case, the chair was not just a one-time solution as it became a lifeline for my family.

The customer service provided by MAIDeSITe is really great and added to our positive experience.

When the remote control was accidentally damaged the company not only quickly sent a new one but they also wrote a lovely message acknowledging the challenges of caregiving.

MAIDeSITe Electric Chair Lift, Get Up from Floor, Floor Lift for Elderly, Can be Raised to 20”, Help You Stand Up Again, Support Up to 300 LBS, Item Weight 30 LBS
  • [Durable Construction] – The lift chair weighs 30 pounds. Lightweight and sturdy electric chair lift with high-strength supporting steel rod material has a weight capacity of 300lb. Provides convenience and safety for the elderly and individuals prone to falls.
  • [Foldable Side Wings] – There are two foldable side wings designed to move easily from the ground to the lift chair. Equipped with seat cushion that is more conducive to cleaning, making it safer and more comfortable for you to use.
  • [Fully Waterproof] – We adopt the IPX8 waterproof standard, the chair lift can be safely submerged.Our chair lift can work normally even in the bathtub, and there are 6 suction cups to improve the stability of the electric chair lift.
  • [Electric Lifting] – No power supply is required. The chair lift is equipped with rechargeable batteries. It can adapt to the requirements of most environments, please pay attention to charging the battery. (Note: When the hand control is charging, the indicator light will not light up.)
  • [After-Sales Service] – We provide a returnable service. If the chair lift is damaged in transit, please contact us directly. You can count on us to provide you with quality products and excellent customer support.

Maidesite Electric Bath Lift Chair

This users experience of the Maidesite bath electric lift chair was too good not to share.

I am a senior, and I cannot express enough how the Maidesite electric bath lift chair has transformed my bathing experience and become an invaluable aid in my daily life. Using it in my soaker tub has made getting in and out a breeze, ensuring both safety and comfort. The chair is impressively well-made, and the battery charge lasts a substantial amount of time.

One remarkable incident stands out where this lift proved to be a lifesaver. My 85-year-old husband had a fall in the house, and he was able to easily scoot over onto the chair. The lift effortlessly raised him to a sitting position, despite his weight of 215 lbs. This not only speaks volumes about its strength but also its exceptional value. I can confidently recommend it to others facing difficulties in getting in and out of the bathtub.

Installation and usage have been incredibly straightforward, and the product’s simplicity surprised me. The 45° decline of the back adds to the overall comfort, making each bath enjoyable. Despite taking up some space in the tub, the benefits far outweigh this minor inconvenience, especially considering the rejuvenating soaks I can now enjoy.

Cecilia P.

MAIDeSITe Electric Bath Lift Chair | Suitable for Bathtubs Larger Than 16“ Wide | 6 Bottom Non-Slip Suction Cups | High-Strength Steel Pole Support | Collapsible | Bearing Weight 300LB
325 Reviews
MAIDeSITe Electric Bath Lift Chair | Suitable for Bathtubs Larger Than 16“ Wide | 6 Bottom Non-Slip Suction Cups | High-Strength Steel Pole Support | Collapsible | Bearing Weight 300LB
  • ✅ CONVENIENT: We adopt the simplest operation design, only need to control two buttons to make the bathtub lifter work normally to raise 18 inches or tilt 45°. You can use the emergency stop button to stop it immediately at any time. The bath lift adopts a more humane portable method, which is more convenient when moving. With easy access to the bathtub.
  • ✅ MATERIAL:We use high-strength steel rods as the support frame of the bathroom lift, which is more stable, and the equipped seat cushions are more conducive to cleaning, making you safer and more comfortable to use.
  • ✅ SAFETY:The bathtub lifter is equipped with 6 suction cup bases to be more firmly connected to the bottom of the bathtub, which is more reliable and prevents accidental movement. You can have a safer bathing experience. At the same time, we use IPX8 waterproof design, It can work stably in water for more than 1 hour. In addition, we have additionally provided new non-slip mats that can be used in bathrooms or bathtubs.
  • ✅ SCENES:The specifications of the bathtub is fully considered during the design process, so the lift can be easily positioned in any standard bathtub. When lowered, the seat height is 3.4″, the width of the wing opened is 28.5″, and the width of the wing folded is 16″.
  • ✅ Please check the battery after receiving the product. If the battery is running low, please charge it before using it! We provide a 12-month warranty period (from the date of shipment). Lifetime maintenance (Please keep the warranty card and the standard invoice for repair.).We use Maidesite special packaging box. Please check whether all the products and accessories in the package are complete and contact us in time for missing.

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