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16 Unique 60th Birthday Invitation Ideas for Your Loved Ones

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If you are planning a big birthday party for your loved ones 60th year,  part of your 60th birthday party ideas should include a 60th birthday party invitation.

Party invitations are, after all, your way of letting guests know that you want them to be part of a huge milestone in your loved one’s life. This is why these invitations matter much.

Having these in mind, you can check out some of these extraordinary birthday invitations below.

This post contains affiliate links. We earn a commission if you make a purchase at no extra cost to you.

Having these in mind, you can check out some of these extraordinary birthday invitations below.

8 Best 60th Birthday Invitations For Him

For 60th birthday celebration ideas, men usually tend to be more formal, choosing more conservative colors and styles. Here is a list of recommendations from a 60th birthday invitations collection.

1. Black and Gold

Planning a surprise party? The balloons add a touch of fun to an otherwise formal invitation. Check it out.

60th Birthday Invitations for Men or Women with Envelopes

2. Have a Beer-y Happy Birthday!

You can never hold out on beer when making party plans for your favorite guy! Would you expect any less on a 60th birthday? This invitation will give your guests a clue on what to look forward to.

Cheers and Beers Birthday Invitation, Adult Birthday Party Invites

3. The Perfect Invitation

“Aged to Perfection” is what the invitation says. Can there be anything truer than that for your celebrant? A black card with white fonts. Classy. Stylish. Perfect for that perfect person.

4. Tuxedo Invites for Formal Dinners

This invitation with the picture of a tux will give your guest a subtle hint about what to wear and how the atmosphere will be for that 60th birthday bash.

5. Invitations with a Touch of Humor

It’s not always that parties have to be formal. Some 60th birthday themes tend to be casual or even informal.

This invitation is perfect for that guest of honor with that self-deprecating sense of humor.

6. Balloon Birthday Invitations

Thinking of lots of birthday balloons to celebrate grandpa’s birthday? This invitation is perfect for letting your guests know about this fun and grand celebration.

7. Photo Invitation

Place a good photo of your loved one in this casually designed invitation to give the invitation a personalized feel.

8. Go Paperless

These days, online milestone birthday invitations are a more convenient and faster way to send invitations. Send them via email and get a reply on the same day.

Check this 60th birthday [1] invitation, which you can use for that special day.

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8 Best 60th Birthday Party Invitations For Her

1. Fabulous at 60!

The men have their tux. The women have their gowns. If your celebrant loves to be in vogue, this should be perfect for her.

The lavender and white [2] theme give a feminine touch to an otherwise formally designed card. Check out this invite meant for any woman who believes that 60 is the new 50 where glamor never ends.

Black White Silver Purple Flower 60th Personalized Birthday Party Invitations

2. Blue and Silver

Formal and classic colors, like gold and black,  maybe usual color combinations for 60th birthday colors.

It’s never bad to break away from common and get into other combinations for that classy and chic feel, just like the one in this birthday invite.

Balloons, heels, champagne, and lace. What could be more womanly than that?

3. Country Casual

For a more laid-back, rustic, and casual celebration like a day on the farm or 60th birthday party theme with a country feel, this invitation may be what you are looking for.

This invitation is designed with sunflowers for that woman with an equally cheerful personality. Check this uniquely designed invite.

4. Burgundy and Gold

Who would have thought of this color combination? You may be looking for a color combination that’s different yet formal.

This invitation, designed with gold fonts on a burgundy background accompanied by pink roses, complete the look to give a classic feel.

5. Go Pink!

Sparkly diamonds and lovely pink blooms! Such a romantic idea for an evening fit for a queen. A design inspired by a girl’s best friend to prepare her for that particular milestone. This invitation is sure to attract the attention of all her guests.

6. Surprise Party Invitation

Planning a surprise party and wanting your guests to know that it is one? This classy and tasteful invitation with watercolor pictures of flowers will let your guests know all you want to say about the upcoming celebration.

7. Green for the Nature Lovers

Is your celebrant a nature lover? Is gardening one of her habits? Planning on a garden-themed celebration? Then maybe this invitation will be perfect for her.

8. Going Paperless with Confetti

Go paperless with 60th birthday invitation templates. This template features a confetti-inspired design filled with color. It gives a lively feel so your special guests will know exactly what to expect in your awesomely planned party.

60th Birthday Invitation Wordings Ideas

It can often be quite challenging to come up with words that can perfectly convey what you want to express.

For your invitation, you will want to use words that show your sincerity in wanting your guests to be part of this particular moment in your loved one’s life. After all, birthday milestones come once in your loved one’s life, so you would want to make sure that everyone who has put meaning into that life is there to celebrate.

Words can also communicate the atmosphere for that particular event.

Get creative with the words you plan to use. Depending on the ambiance you would like to set for that day, you can be as quirky, as fun, or as serious and formal.

Take care, though, when attempting to write humorous invitations and make sure that they sound offensive to your guests, and most especially to the guest of honor.

If you’re planning on a surprise party, inform your guests about this through the birthday invitation that you give. You won’t want them to slip up about your plans.

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When writing the invitation, do not forget to add these essential pieces of information:

  • the name of the celebrant
  • the date, time, and place of the celebration
  • contact information, especially if it is an RSVP
  • any other details you may want to add like the required attire for the occasion if any.

Click on this link for some words you can use to create your invitation.

This video tutorial can also give you some tips on birthday invitation wording ideas.


How do I make easy birthday invitations?

If you are in a hurry and have no time to come up with your design, you can check out sites online that have readily available templates.

What do you write on a 60th birthday invitation?

The 60th birthday party invitation should, at least, contain the name of the celebrant and the date, place, and time of the celebration.

How long before a birthday party should you send invitations?

You should be able to send out your invitations around six weeks before the celebration date.


Milestone birthday celebrations, especially a 60th milestone birthday party, are joyous occasions that must be made enjoyable and memorable for the celebrant.

Many ideas for a 60th birthday need to be well thought of and planned.

Besides 60th birthday cake ideas and 60th birthday favors, 60th birthday invitations have to be well-planned.

Be as creative as you want when making these invitations so your guests. Well-made invitations set an impression and may entice your guests so that no one misses out on this momentous occasion.

60th birthday invitation

What are your favorite 60th birthday invitations? Please share with us below!


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