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How Do I Reset My Jazzy Power Chair? (Troubleshooting Tips)

Written by Haley Burress
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A jazzy scooter battery not charging can be a pain in the neck – do not worry!

First, reset the circuit breaker. In fact, as a long-term owner of a jazzy scooter, I’ve faced this issue more times than I can count and discovered the 5-step method that works every time!

In this article, I’ll spill the beans: in fact, you’ll finally learn how to unlock the jazzy power wheelchairs, steps, and tips on how to fix that pesky charging issue – and how to keep it going strong! [1]

Peek ahead for my secrets to get that battery running for good!

Key Takeaways

  • A swift flick to reset the circuit breaker often breathes life back into a non-charging, jazzy scooter battery.
  • A glance and a quick touch-up on the battery connections keep your ride powered and unstoppable. 
  • Get familiar with the beep sequences and joystick locks – they’re your fast track to diagnosing and fixing on the fly. 

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Troubleshooting Jazzy Scooter Battery not charging | In 5 Easy Steps

How Do You Unlock the Jazzy Power Chair?

If your Jazzy scooter’s battery isn’t charging, start by decoding the beep sequences. Ensure the joystick isn’t locked, and double-check all battery connections.

A quick glance at the user handbook can turn you into a troubleshooting wizard in no time!

Here’s how to diagnose a jazzy power chair ASAP…

Step 1: Understand the Basics of Beep Sequences

The controller fault or defect in the mobility device is usually indicated by a beep sequence, a beep tone, or a light flashing code on most power wheelchairs [2].

More than a fancy accessory, the beep codes signal a fault with your Jazzy Scooter.

To resolve what the beep sequence you’re getting means – including other fault codes or features, first check your user manual. Still unsure? Then, contact a certified Jazzy Scooter technician.

Step 2: Troubleshoot the Locked Joystick Feature

Before you think it’s a faulty battery, study the “locked joystick” function on your electric wheelchair. You’d be surprised to see what it can fix!

For instance, if you unintentionally enter a sequence code, the joystick will get locked. You can use the power button to lock your joystick by pressing it twice or keeping it down for 2 seconds.

Remember to read your handbook. This way, you’ll know what to do when an unforeseeable event happens again. 

Besides, occasional users of the Jazzy Power wheelchair should learn how to lock and unlock the joystick. Hear it from the expert…

Dr. Michael Boninger [3], an engineer, recommends that if you discover that the joystick is not locked and is genuinely damaged or broken, you should contact trained personnel to diagnose the problem and make the repairs instead of tweaking it and bringing more destruction!

Step 3: Ensure that your Batteries and Power Cords are in Good Working Order.

Always check to see whether your battery connection is loose in your scooter battery when you have power issues.

You should secure the connection to the Jazzy’s battery. Check that the positive battery terminals are connected to red and the negative terminals are connected to black [4].

Remember, when the battery capacity falls below a certain level, the batteries deliver decreased power to the motor, causing the motor to spin slower – not exactly what you want!

In the future, you’ll be required to replace your battery.

For example, if your wheelchair loses all power, the circuit breaker may need to be reset. Otherwise, the dead battery will damage your chair.

Pride Mobility Jazzy Power Chair

Pride Mobility does not allow the use of an extension cord when charging the batteries. The charger should be hooked directly into an electrical socket.

It is critical to inspect all plugs and connectors regularly. Over time, these can get filthy. Dust and debris can be removed with a cloth. Also, make sure the plugs and connectors are securely connected.

Below, I included a video of cleaning motor connectors and battery terminals to avoid having a dead wheelchair battery.

Step 4: Check the Tires

Like any piece of equipment, your Jazzy Power Chair can become worn out, especially the tires.

In fact, tires should be replaced depending on how much they’ve been used. To find out when your tires need to be replaced, consult your handbook.

Tires may need to be replaced sooner due to rough terrain and outdoor use. Make sure you inspect your tires regularly. The tires should be replaced once the tread has worn down to less than ¹⁄₃₂ inch.

Step 5: Check the Temperature for any Motor Fault

Last, check the temperature of the electric chair if you notice your Jazzy Chair is running slower than usual.

When the electrical system becomes overheated, the amount of power transmitted to the motors is reduced [6].

The power chair will gradually stop working. It should resume normal operation once it has had time to cool down.

Some components of your power chair are sensitive to extreme temperatures.

Dr. Lee Kirby, in his book Wheelchair Skills Assessment and Training, also suggests maintaining a temperature range of 18°F (-8°C) to 122°F (50°C) in your power chair [7].

If overheating isn’t the issue, the freewheel lever may need to be disengaged. In your user’s handbook, look for the placement of this lever.

When your battery power runs out, disconnecting the freewheel lever provides aid. This mode unlocks the device and physically maneuvers the chair, allowing the wheels to spin freely.

But if you’re on descent or inclination, don’t put the wheelchair in freewheel mode!

But how do you unlock the chair? Let’s find out…

How Do You Unlock the Jazzy Power Chair?

If you’re a wheelchair user who is confused about how to unlock the jazzy power chair, here’s a quick two-step method.

Step 1: Lock the chair by pressing the power button for about four seconds while it is switched on.

Step 2: Unlock the chair by first switching your chair off. Then, push the power button twice, holding it for about 10 seconds each time. 

The result? Your chair is now unlocked.

For a brief overview, here’s a video to guide you step-by-step…

Resetting Jazzy Power Wheelchairs

If the electric wheelchair loses its battery power, quickly reset the circuit breaker.

The 12-volt battery charger is the common electric wheelchair battery found in any mobility chair [1].

So, make sure that the battery charge of your jazzy wheelchair is not left for an extended period. Otherwise, a battery voltage fault is imminent, resulting in bad batteries.

In fact, the circuit breaker is positioned on Jazzy’s battery pack. To restore power to the unit, press the “Reset” button.

For more tips, tricks, and battery hacks, check out my Jazzy scooter battery replacement guide.

Unlocking Invacare Electric Wheelchair

A different option, the SPJ+ joystick, is a popular controller widely seen on Invacare motorized wheelchairs [5].

Simply push the horn button twice in your electric wheelchair for two seconds to lock and unlock. This is the most straightforward combination and should be easily done.

Here’s a video on how to do it!

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Why won’t my Jazzy chair charge?

If your jazzy chair refuses to charge, check the two indicator lights in the off-board battery charger in its battery box.
Green indicates that the battery is charging, while red indicates that it has enough power. To remedy a power outage, use the “Reset” button.

Does the Pride Jazzy scooter battery drain when it is not in use?

Yes, even if the wheelchair isn’t used, the batteries will drain power. The Jazzy Power Chair allows for this. You may need to check or replace your charger periodically. Simply removing the power source won’t fix this issue. 

Is it possible for a wheelchair battery to last 12 hours?

The Jazzy is designed to have an 8-hour range on one charge. All of its batteries should be fully charged. If not, you may need a new charger or a technician to check the batteries and wiring.

Is there a patch for a dead battery?

Yes, if your Jazzy Chair is out of power, you can temporarily use the manual freewheel lever to put it in freewheel mode. Once the chair is on a flat surface, it’s safe to place it back in freewheel mode or use the park brake.


You’ve just cracked the code to the jazzy scooter battery not charging issue – congrats!

Armed with these easy yet powerful tips, your jazzy electric wheelchair’s battery woes are a thing of the past. Yes, this means no more headaches, just smooth, uninterrupted rides.

A quick flip of the circuit breaker and keeping an eye on those battery connections has made all the difference.

Soon, your jazzy scooter will be ready to roll, and battery worries are a thing of the past.

If you’ve got your own battery-saving tips or want to hear more of mine, leave a comment below! Let’s keep these scooters moving!

Have you ever had to troubleshoot your Jazzy Power Wheelchair and managed to fix it? Share your experience with us in the comments below!


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