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How To Make a Mobility Scooter Battery Last Longer [Tricks]

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Having a mobility scooter is a fantastic way to get from point A to B easily when you have a mobility impairment, as I do. Among its many advantages, the main downside is the battery life.

You can make your mobility scooter batteries last longer by riding in eco-mode, not draining the battery, and avoiding overcharging it so that you can go further for longer.

There’s also more to it than this; little things like calculating your average range and storing your battery correctly can have a massive impact on its lifespan.

Best Mobility Scooter battery

Key Takeaways:

  • Only charge up to 80% of the battery capacity when charging a mobility scooter.
  • Avoid leaving a mobility scooter idle for too long and use it regularly.
  • Use quality chargers that are designed specifically for your scooter model.
  • Clean the exposed electrical connectors on the battery pack regularly, as dirt buildup can decrease performance.
  • If possible, avoid discharging your electric scooter’s battery below 20%.

Why is Battery Life Important for a Mobility Scooter?

Batteries power mobility scooters, and how long the charge lasts is key to how far you can travel with them. 

If your battery life is SHORT, then you won’t be able to go very far or for very long before having to RECHARGE it again.

Having a longer-lasting battery means you can make MORE trips or go further without recharging in between. [1

This is especially useful so you don’t have to spend time recharging your scooter in the middle of the day.

Tips and Tricks for Making Your Mobility Scooter Battery Last Longer

If you want to try and make your battery last LONGER on your mobility scooter, you’re in the right place. 

Below, you will find some of the BEST tips and tricks on the web to help you make the most of every journey.

Pro Tip: Lithium-ion batteries are the best choice if you want to maintain a strong battery life.

Charging Mobility Scooter Battery

1. Determine Your Average Range

Your average range will depend on how POWERFUL your mobility scooter is, how much you ride it, and how often. You can easily determine this by seeing how MANY miles you travel per charge.

Once you know how FAR your battery takes you, you can plan how far to go on each journey and not exceed that so as not to EXHAUST the battery.

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2. Use the Correct Charger for Your Scooter

Your mobility scooter should come with a battery charger, which should be used exclusively to charge the scooter. 

The wrong charger can DAMAGE the battery and reduce how much life it has left.

Pro Tip: Buying an official charger is more expensive, but it remains one of the best ways to prolong battery life.

3. Try to Travel in Eco-Mode

Most mobility scooters come with an eco-mode that helps to CONSERVE how much power the battery uses. 

This is great for keeping how MUCH energy is used to a minimum and make your battery last LONGER on every charge.

When you ride in eco-mode, you will probably have to go a bit SLOWER, but when you’re not in a rush, it’s a great way to maximize how far you can get on ONE charge.

4. Don’t Drain the Battery Completely

If you can, try not to drain the scooter battery COMPLETELY each time you ride. 

This will reduce its overall life because every time the battery is drained, its entire capacity can’t be used anymore.

5. Store the Battery Correctly

When storing the battery, make sure it’s placed somewhere COOL and dry so it doesn’t get too hot or wet. 

This can cause the battery to degrade more quickly and reduce the amount of use you can get out of it before needing a replacement.

6. Don’t Overcharge the Battery

Overcharging the battery can cause it to become DAMAGED, meaning you won’t get as much use out of it. Don’t leave your scooter plugged in for too long or charge it when you don’t need to.

Pro Tip: The best way to ensure your mobility scooter’s battery life remains balanced is to keep an eye on the charging lights. As soon as it indicates it’s done, unplug it.

7. Charge Your Mobility Scooter’s Battery Regularly

This might sound counter-intuitive, but charging your scooter REGULARLY can help maintain the battery’s health. 

This will ensure it doesn’t get TOO high and retains any capacity gained from PREVIOUS charges.

Justin, the founder of the Mobility Scooter Guide website, shared that “For longer-term storage, like during winter months, store at 40% charge.” 

“Due to self-discharge, you’ll need to check and top up the battery every 4 to 8 weeks to keep it at this level.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Scooter Run Out of Battery So Fast?

Your scooter runs out of battery quickly because either you are not charging it correctly or the battery is worn down and needs to be replaced. 
Make sure you use the right charger for your scooter and don’t overcharge it or leave it plugged in when not in use.

How Long Does the Average Mobility Scooter Battery Last?

a women practicing how to drive a mobility scooter

The average scooter battery can last anywhere between 50 and 100 miles. 
The exact range will depend on how powerful your scooter is, how often you ride it, and how well-maintained the battery is.

Should You Charge Your mobility Scooter Every Day?

Actually, you only need to charge your electric scooter every day if you are using it frequently. If you only use the scooter occasionally, then charging it once a week should be enough.


Making your mobility scooter battery last LONGER doesn’t have to be a difficult task. 

By following the tips above, you can ensure that your battery lasts as long as possible and that you get the most out of it.

With these simple steps, you can ensure that your electric scooter battery will LAST for many years. 

Remember to charge it correctly and store it in a cool, dry place when not in use to ensure that the battery MAINTAINS its full capacity.

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