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12 Ways to Get a Free Mobility Scooter

Written by Claire Bonneau
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Getting a free scooter can be challenging, but it’s not impossible.

If you do your research, have your doctor’s prescription, and are willing to wait, you’ll definitely find a way to get one without paying.

Whether it will be through a government program, your insurer, grants, and sponsorship program, you’ll find out after reading about all the alternatives below.

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How to Get a Free Mobility Scooter?

a side view of an elderly woman riding a mobility scooter

The global mobility scooter market is estimated to reach $1.85 billion by 2027. Finding the right aid is hard, but what’s even harder is purchasing one.

Unfortunately, scooters are pretty expensive, and many people can’t even afford to pay half of the cost.

This isn’t the easy decision of buying wheelchair gloves, but it’s a much more significant, costlier investment.

We decided to dive into this problem and figure out the best ways to score free mobility scooters.

#1 Medicare

medicare eligibility form

You can get a Medicare-covered mobility scooter if you’re enrolled in Medicare part B.

This national health insurance program can cover scooters because they’re considered Durable Medical Equipment for medical conditions.

You need to know that Medicare doesn’t cover 100% of the costs for your electric mobility scooter.

If you go online, they have an entire section where you can read more about their coverage for Power Mobility Devices.

Scooters are considered an essential device for mobility assistance for many people, especially seniors, but Medicare will only cover 80% of the cost, while you’re the one who has to pay the remaining 20%.

Thankfully, there are other ways to get the money to cover the rest of the cost. You should check if you have a Medicare supplemental policy, and in that case, Medicare might be able to cover the entire cost.

That’s not always the case; that’s why you should check with Medicare to know what your policy provides.

This national provider has several savings programs that can help you get the rest of the money, but you need to get in touch with their representatives and explain your case.

Veterans should contact the Department of Veterans Affairs and ask if there are any financial assistance programs that can help them cover the cost. In most cases, several funding programs will be able to offer assistance.

Another thing that people with limited mobility have to know is that you need a doctor’s prescription and proof that you need medical devices.

Eligible persons are only the ones who actually need the scooter and can show that it’s essential equipment for them.

The doctor has to be a part of the Medicare network, and the provider where you’ll get the scooter also has to be a part of the Medicare or Medicaid network.

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#2 Veteran Programs

an elderly man riding a mobility scooter at the park

As we mentioned before, the Department of Veterans Affairs takes care of veterans by helping them cover the entire cost of mobility scooters.

Of course, the first factor is that you have to be a veteran.

Next, you need proof from your doctor that you need assistive devices because you have a mobility issue.

With this proof, you should schedule an appointment with a veteran center and see if you can apply for a free electric scooter. You can also get in touch over the phone first to get all the details.

The center will decide whether you’ll be eligible for a free device and let you know your options. Unfortunately, you won’t get the electric mobility device right away.

In general, the wait is a few months. It might seem too long at first, but remember that you’ll be getting costly mobility equipment without paying a thing.

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#3 Medicaid

"Medicaid" written on a white paper

Medicaid is another federal and state insurance program that is often confused with Medicare.

These two are not the same, nor is the way they work. Medicaid rules and eligibilities are different in every state, and they depend on the person’s income.

To apply for free scooters, you first need to prove that you need one. You’ll need a prescription from your doctor to show that this is an essential aid.

Medicaid might have other rules depending on your plan, but you should get in touch with their representatives if you’re not sure.

As we mentioned, Medicaid requirements differ by state; that’s why you can’t know for sure.

Before you apply, you should schedule a visit with your doctor, where they’ll write a document that will detail your medical condition and talk more about your physical exam.

The doctor and dealers for mobility products you’ll choose should be in the Medicaid network.

#4 Insurance Company

insurance policy form

If you haven’t enrolled in any Medicare plans, you probably have private health insurance. This can be a policy covered by your employer or by yourself.

Before purchasing a scooter, you should get in touch with your insurance company and get more familiar with what kind of coverage your policy offers.

The thing is that most people don’t invest in the best plans; instead, they opt for cheaper options that don’t have extensive coverage.

The truth about insurance companies is that they go to lengths to deny you coverage for such an expensive device. If they approve your claim, it means that they have to pay for your scooter.

That’s why you have to check your policy and see the section Medical Aids or Devices. If it says that your plan covers a scooter, then you should be able to get one.

An insurance-covered mobility scooter is not common, but it happens. If your claim is denied, there are still things you can do. Write down an appeal, and send it to the insurer. In some cases, they will claim that you’ve been denied by mistake.

#5 Social Security

social security application form

If you have a disability, you should apply for state disability or social security payments. They offer benefits to people with impaired movement and can help you get that scooter you need.

This federal program is different in all states; that’s why you should check before applying. You can either apply for Social Security Disability Insurance or a Supplemental Security Income.

Some people will manage to get complete coverage for their medical aids through this federal assistance program, while others will only get a part of the cost. The application process is simple, but the wait can be long.

#6 American Outreach Foundation

The American Outreach Foundation is founded to help people with impaired movement that come from low-income families and veterans.

You don’t have to be a certain age, gender, or have a specific disease/condition, but the foundation still has certain rules.

You will need to show proof from your doctor that you need this aid to move, your annual income, a prescription from your doctor for a scooter, and a letter that states you’ve been denied aid from your insurer.

#7 Charities

a woman riding a free mobility scooter with the lady doctor standing beside her

There are numerous charities that can help you on the way to getting a dependable mobility scooter. If your insurance doesn’t cover the price, you can turn to these organizations that are often willing to help.

You still need to fill in an application and let them know why you need a scooter and proof that you were denied by the insurer.

Getting medical aids through a charity is not easy and can take a while. However, it’s an option you should consider if you don’t have a way to purchase one yourself.

#8 Grants

Grants are another way to score a free mobility aid if you can’t afford one and your insurance won’t cover the cost. There is no single grant to opt for; instead, you have to do your research and see if there are any in your area.

The best way to find out is to go online and see what your state offers. You can also turn to organizations near you to see if they can suggest any grants you can apply for.

#9 National Multiple Sclerosis Society

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society is meant for people who are struggling with Multiple Sclerosis and have impaired mobility. Many of these patients need mobility assistive aids to improve the quality of their lives.

Before you know if you’re eligible to get a free scooter, you will need to talk to your doctor and get proof that you need the device.

Next, the mobility scooter manufacturers should be a part of the Medicare or Medicaid plans if you’re insured through these two programs.

Finally, the seller needs to be accredited by the Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Technology Society of North America.

#10 Latter-Day Saint Charities

Latter-Day Saint Charities can help with free mobility scooters. Their goal is to help individuals who can’t pay for their own mobility aids and educate them on using these devices.

These charities will also provide free repairs for your much-needed mobility scooter.

#11 Churches And Organizations

Some churches and organizations offer aids to people with limited mobility. If you have any in your area or a church that you always go to, you should ask about their programs.

If not, it’s always smart to search for other churches and organizations that practice helping individuals pay for medical devices.  

#12 Fundraiser

bills and coins inside a fundraiser jar

GoFund Me is one of the most popular sites in the world for fundraisers. It’s easy to use, and its users have raised money for millions of different causes.

If you can’t cover the cost of mobility aids that are essential in your life, you can create a GoFund Me campaign. It will only take minutes, and it will reach numerous people who might be able to help.

A fundraiser can be a great way to get additional funds for people who already have a part of the amount. There are so many generous individuals in the world that are willing to donate and can make your fundraiser successful.

Aside from GoFund Me, numerous other fundraising and crowd-funding sites will help you reach your goal.

The most important thing is that many people see your plead for help. This is usually the last resort for people when they simply can’t find any other way to fund a device that is so essential in their lives.

A single healthcare cost can be so expensive; imagine having to spend a small fortune on a scooter or a mobility chair without any help.

Learn how to create GoFund Me in this video:


Does Medicare pay for motorized scooters?

In general, Medicare will cover 80% of the cost for your scooter, but you have to pay for the remaining 20%. This mostly applies to people who have enrolled in Medicare part B. 

Does insurance cover mobility scooters?

If you want to know whether your insurance covers a scooter or not, you should check your policy under the section Medical Aids or Devices. If you can’t find it get in touch with your agent. 

How much does a mobility scooter cost?

There are numerous mobility scooter designs on the market, so it’s hard to tell a definite price. These aids can vary between $800, and some are even more expensive than $3000. For more information, check our mobility scooter reviews.


If you had to find out where to get a free scooter, this article gave you many options to explore. These scooters are urban mobility aids that will significantly improve your life and make you less dependent on other people.

Whether you want to know ‘Where can I get a wheelchair for free?’ or ‘Where can I get a scooter without paying,’ we’re here to help.

There are numerous ways to try, but your first option should be Medicare or Medicare. If you have private insurance, go over your policy to find out if you’re eligible.

Next, turn to charities, organizations, churches to help you pay the entire cost. Setting up a fundraiser can be very efficient and help you get the entire amount.


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