7 Best Wheelchair Batteries [w/ Complete Reviews]

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Have you been looking for the best wheelchair battery for your power chair?

If you’re confused and tired of reading specifications, let us give you a helping hand.

We reviewed the five best wheelchair batteries to deliver a detailed report on who they’re best for, their features, benefits, and drawbacks.

First, you can take a glance at the comparison table to get familiar with the five products, then dive into the comprehensive review and find your best option.

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FYI, this post contains affiliate links. We earn a commission if you make a purchase at no extra cost to you.

Table of Contents

Best Batteries for Wheelchair at a Glance

Check this comparison table for a quick guide. Read the review for further details.

UB-24 GEL Lead Acid Gel Battery
Top Benefit
Maintenance-free design
Check Latest Price
” class=
Best Package
WEIZE 12V 35AH Deep Cycle Battery for Scooter Pride Mobility Jazzy Select Electric Wheelchair, Set of 2
Top Benefit
Includes two cells that last for many hours
Check Latest Price
Best For Long Hour Use
UB12350 12V 35AH SLA Internal Thread Battery for MB857-35 -SU AGM 35AH U1
Top Benefit
High capacity for long hours
Check Latest Price
Best Gel Product
K22NF Kinetik Pro Gel Battery
Top Benefit
Maintenance-free design
Check Latest Price
” class=
Best Budget
UB12120 Sealed Lead Acid Battery
Top Benefit
Small, lightweight
Check Latest Price
” class=

7 Best Wheelchair Batteries [with Complete Reviews]

Ever since the first electric wheelchair was produced in 1956, it’s been an essential and significant means of transport for people with impaired mobility.

Getting from one spot to another requires energy that this type of wheelchair gets from its batteries.

Below you’ll find reviews of the five devices for power wheelchairs that you should know about.

#1 Interstate Batteries 12V 55Ah Deep Cycle Battery (DCM0055) – Best Perfomance

Interstate Batteries 12V 55Ah Deep Cycle Battery (DCM0055) Sealed Lead Acid Rechargeable SLA AGM (Insert Terminals) Wheelchairs, Scooters, ATVs, Solar Power

The DCM0055 is a maintenance-free, rechargeable DCM battery with a capacity of 12V 55AH. The battery is constructed using VRLA Technology to minimize spillage and over-pressurization, and it has a long life for deep discharge applications.

Physical Attributes

  • 12V 55AH, 20H Deep Cycle Mobility Battery
  • 9.02L x 5.43W x 8.27H (in inches)
  • 37.50LBS

Quantitative Measurements

  • Capacity: High capacity lasts long
  • Size: Small size and lightweight
  • Fit: Fits several popular wheelchair and electric scooter manufacturers, including Jazzy Chairs, Leisure Lift, Pride Mobility Scooters, Invacare battery, Hoveround, and Bruno wheelchairs, among others.
Long-life for deep discharge usageDoesn’t come with hardware for terminals
RechargeableSmall in size
Flexibility of mounting orientation
Removable Handles

How it Compares to Others and Why

The AGM and VRLA (valve regulated) technology minimize spills and overpressure, making it rechargeable, maintenance-free, and spill-resistant.

Professional-grade product designed exclusively for wheelchairs and scooters. Long battery life for intense discharge use: the best performance for high-demand mobility/wheelchairs.

Expert Tips

  • It is recommended that you use your battery in applications that will deplete and recharge it regularly to get the most life out of it.
Interstate Batteries 12V 55Ah Deep Cycle Mobility Battery Group 22NF VRLA SLA AGM (Insert Terminal) Rechargeable Replacement for Wheelchairs, Scooters, ATVs, Solar Power (DCM0055)
  • DEEP CYCLE MOBILITY BATTERY: Interstate Batteries DCM0055 professional-grade, high-quality battery developed specifically for electric wheelchair's, electric scooter's and more. Longer life & more cycles for deep discharge usage – Interstate’s DCM batteries rated as the best performer for heavy-demand deep-cycle batteries, making them Outrageously Dependable
  • RECHARGEABLE, MAINTENANCE-FREE, SPILL-PROOF: Rechargeable, maintenance-free, & spill-proof because of the AGM & VRLA technology (valve regulated) that eliminates spills & overpressure. 12 Volt, 55 Amp hours. 9.02 x 5.43 x 8.27" (LxWxH). Industry size Group 22NF. Insert terminal with bolt, replaces FLAG TY. This battery is not a replacement for Golf Cart batteries
  • HIGH-QUALITY, HIGH-PERFORMANCE BATTERY: No other brand puts their products through more rigorous testing than Interstate Batteries 7-Point Quality Protocol. We don’t meet industry standards – we exceed them & back our products with an unmatched warranty. 12-Month Performance Warranty (DCM0055) – please contact Interstate Batteries directly on Amazon for questions
  • MOST TRUSTWORTHY POWER SOURCE: For 70+ years, Interstate Batteries purpose has been to deliver the most Outrageously Dependable source of power to the world. Our customers come first, so we strive to create a positive experience for all. We recycle more batteries than we sell - please return to an Interstate All Battery Center near you so we can continue recycling

#2 UB-24 GEL Lead Acid Gel Battery – WINNER

Upg D5872 Ub-24 Gel  Sealed Lead Acid Battery

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line hands-off battery that will last you a very long time, the UB-24 GEL is the perfect pick. Let’s find out what makes it so special. 

Physical Attributes

  • Weighs: 51.5 lbs.
  • Voltage: 12 volts
  • Amp Hours: 75 Ah
  • Length: 7.79”
  • Width: 6.54”
  • Height: 7.09” 

Quantitative Measurements

Capacity: With 75 amp hours, the UB24 Gel battery is capable of running for a solid 20 hours on a full charge.  

Size: As you can see, this is among the largest batteries, with a hefty weight of 51.5 lbs. It’s also longer and wider than most other batteries. 

Fit: The UB24 fits a wide range of popular models, including Braun, Chauffeur Mobility, Pride Mobility (Jazzy), Medline, Invacare, and more. 

Maintenance-free designA bit on the pricier side compared to others
Fits most of the top power wheelchair brands and modelsAt 51+ lbs, it adds quite a bit of weight to your chair compared to others. 
The acid is fixed in gel, which makes it safe to use around sensitive equipment. 
That same gel makes the battery work in any position. 

How it Compares to Others and Why

The UB-24 Gel will keep you going long after the other batteries on our list need recharging. It lasts twice as long as the Weize, the battery with the second-longest-running time on our list. 

As the name implies, it’s also one of the few batteries on the market to fix the acid that makes the battery function inside a gel mat. 

Expert Tip

  • While the UB24 Gel operates longer on a full charge than others and features a maintenance-free design, it’s still important to follow good practices for extending the life of your battery. 

#2 Weize 12V 35AH Deep Cycle Battery
Best Package

Weize 12V 35AH Deep Cycle Battery

The 12 V 35 AH deep cycle battery comes in a pack of two. It has a high electric capacity of 35 Ah, meaning that it can power your wheelchair for many hours.

Staying busy has never been easier, thanks to a product like this one.

Physical Attributes

  • Weighs: 42.1 lbs.
  • Voltage: 12 volts
  • Amp Hours: 35 Ah
  • Length: 7.79”
  • Width: 6.54”
  • Height: 7.09” 

Quantitative Measurements

  • Capacity: The Weize deep cycle battery has a high capacity, long battery life, perfect for a user who needs their power wheelchair during the entire day. If you opt for this product, you’ll need to charge it less often.
  • Size: It’s heftier and weightier than power units with 12 Ah and 15 Ah capacity and heavier than the Kinetik Pro gel power cell.
  • Fit: Some of the motors and wheelchairs that this battery is commonly used for are Jazzy Select GT Power Chair, Pride Mobility Jazzy Select 6, Trolling Motor, Power Patrol SLA1156, Lawn Garden Tractor Riding Mower, Invacare Pronto M50 M51 M61 M71 Booster.
The package includes two units, each one 35 AhThe package doesn’t include a wire harness or mounting
High capacity of 35 AhIt’s the heaviest piece
Affordable priceIt’s larger compared to other alternatives with a lower Ah
One-year warranty and 30-day return policy

The Weize battery pack includes two cells that last for many hours. This is a rechargeable product that has a one-year warranty.

Although it comes with screws, it doesn’t include a wire harness or mounting. It’s one of the most affordable picks on this list since it contains two units.

Keep in mind that these cells are larger and weigh more. Check your wheelchair before deciding to purchase it to see if it can accommodate a cell with these dimensions.

How it Compares to Others and Why

This is the only product that includes two units in the package. All the other products on the list of our top picks feature a single cell.

The thing about power wheelchair batteries is that it’s recommended that you change both, even if one of the units performs well.

You should always consider buying two cells to preserve the health of your wheelchair.

The Weize 12 V 35Ah deep cycle unit is a 35 amp-hour cell. The only other product with the same electric charge on the list is the UB12350 Sealed Lead Acid Battery.

When comparing these two in the price category, the Weize is an absolute winner since it’s a package of two devices.

How the Product Evolved

Weize has a wide variety of rechargeable 12 V sealed lead-acid batteries. The difference between them is the capacity.

This product has predecessors with lower capacity, units that will last fewer hours before having to be recharged again.

Expert Tips

  • This Weize product is compatible with 24-volt electric chairs, solar chairs, electric scooters, golf carts, emergency lighting, portable tools, leisure RV camping, and more. If something happens to your new purchase, you get a one-year warranty.
  • If you’re looking for a power unit that will take you far and will serve you long, you should consider this one. Its main feature, the large capacity, delivers great performance and is excellent for a customer who needs a wheelchair on a daily basis for long hours during the day and needs to stay mobile and travel continuously. But, if you have a power wheelchair that you only use for a few hours, you can opt for a 12 Ah battery.
Weize 12V 35AH Battery Rechargeable SLA Deep Cycle AGM Replace 12 Volt 33AH 34AH 36AH 30AH, in Series 24V 36V 48V for Power Patrol SLA1156 Ritar RA12-33 Renogy PV Solar Panels Bat-Caddy X3R Golf Caddy
  • LFP1235 Sealed Lead Acid Rechargeable Maintenance Free Battery, Size: 7.68 x 5.12 x 7.09 inches. Quantity: 1 x Battery ( with Screws, but No wire harness or mounting). Terminal: Left : Positive (+)-Red, Right: Negative (-)-Black.
  • Compatible with 24 Volt Electric Wheelchair, if Put 2 Battery in Series, It Could Get 24V Voltage. Replaces 31Ah 32Ah 33Ah 34Ah 36Ah MX-123 MX-12310 ES33-12 PS33-12D CSB GP12340 BP35-12 CLTXPA1235C TR35-12 U1-35.
  • Depend on the Devices, It May Need to Put More Together to Get Enough Voltage or Capacity, to Used For Wheelchair, Scooter, Solar Panel Wind Energy Storage, Trolling Motor, Industrial and Medical Equipment, Golf Cart, Hunting, Lawn and Garden Tools, Portable Tools, Emergency Lighting, UPS, Computer Power Backup, Leisure, RV House, Camping, etc.
  • 12 Volt 35 amp hour batteries are typically used for mobility scooters and power chairs, homemade lightweight electric vehicles such as scooters, bicycles, go karts, and pedal cars. Since the 35AH battery is so big and heavy it stores a lot of energy and can offer extended run times on most lightweight electric vehicles. Because of this scooter batteries hefty weight it is primarily used on 3-wheel and 4-wheel electric vehicles which are self balancing.
  • This battery fits many different electric scooters, electric power chairs, and electric wheel chairs however it does not fit all scooter or chair types so we always suggest to look at the marking and measure the size of your old batteries before ordering new ones.With 1 Year Warranty. Amazon doesn't deal with the return of battery-related products, so please contact the seller directly. Weize support team is on standby for YOU.

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UB12350 Sealed Lead Acid Battery– Best For Long Hour Use

Universal Power Group UB12350 12V 35AH SLA Internal Thread Battery for MB857-35 -SU AGM 35AH U1

The moment you find out that your winner in the electric vs. manual wheelchair battle is a power wheelchair, you need to start thinking about power sources.

Charging and buying new ones will become a regular part of your life, so if you’re a regular wheelchair user for many hours of the day, you should see the features of the UB12350 sealed lead acid battery.

Physical Attributes

  • Weighs: 24.5 lbs
  • Voltage: 12 volts
  • Amp Hours: 35 Ah
  • Length: 7.7”
  • Width: 5.2”
  • Height: 7.1”

Quantitative Measurements

  • Capacity: a capacity of 35 Ah is great for regular, long-hour wheelchair users.
  • Size: This product is heavy and large. To be sure that it works for your wheelchair, check with the manufacturer or the instruction manual.
  • Fit: This cell is compatible with Escape LX HP8 Power Wheelchair by EV Rider, Escape DX HP5 Folding Power Wheelchair by EV Rider, Rumba P4R Power Wheelchair by EV Rider, Drive Image EC Powerchair, Cirrus Plus Power Wheelchair by Drive, Drive Cobalt X23 Standard Power Wheelchair, Drive Trident Front Wheel Drive Power Chair, Compact Mid-Wheel Drive Power Chair by CTM, HS-1000 Compact Rear Wheel Drive Power Chair by CTM, CTM HS-6200 Folding Power Chair with Drop-In Cell, CTM HS-2850 Compact Mid Wheel Drive Power Chair, Invacare Nutron R51 Motorized Wheelchair, Invacare Pronto M51 Power Wheelchair, Invacare Pronto P31 Power Wheelchair, Invacare Pronto M41 Power Wheelchair, Pride Portable Jazzy Elite ES, Pride Jazzy Select 6 Power Chair, Pride Jazzy Select Elite, Pride Jazzy Elite ES 1, Zip’r PC Power Wheelchair, and more. It’s also compatible with most mobility scooters.
High capacity for long hoursIt’s costlier compared to 12 Ah and 15 Ah alternatives
One-year warrantyIt’s heavy and large

How it Compares to Others and Why

Considering that this is a 35 Ah device, it’s heavier and bigger than units with 12 Ah and 15 Ah.

This is something you need to keep in mind when choosing the best wheelchair batteries for your power wheelchair. Also, the price listed is for a single battery.

How the Product Evolved

Universal Power Group has several 12 V devices with a lower capacity than the UB12350 sealed lead acid battery.

Expert Tips

  • Everyone who needs a power wheelchair for a long period of time also needs a power unit with a high Ah and long battery life. This product makes things easier because you won’t have to charge it as often, it’s sealed, plus it doesn’t need water additions.
UB12350 12V 35AH SLA Internal Thread Battery for MB857-35 -SU AGM 35AH U1
  • UPG # 45976 UB12350 12V 35Ah
  • Dimensions: 7.70 inches x 5.12 inches x 6.26 inches. Weight: 23.20 Lbs
  • SLA/AGM maintenance free, spill proof battery
  • Rechargeable battery that can be mounted in any position, resists shocks and vibration
  • 1 Year Warranty

K22NF Kinetik Pro Gel Battery– Best Gel Product

K22NF Kinetik Pro Gel Battery

The K2NF Kinetik Pro gel unit might be the only gel-cell battery on the list, but according to customers, it’s an amazing purchase for power wheelchairs.

Physical Attributes

  • Weighs: 39 lbs.
  • Voltage: 12 volts
  • Amp Hours: 55 Ah
  • Length: 19”
  • Width: 50”
  • Height: 8.4″

Quantitative Measurements

  • Capacity: High capacity, great for a user who needs the wheelchair during the entire day.
  • Size: It’s heavy and large, so check if your power chair supports it.
  • Fit: The K22NF Kinetik Pro gel is compatible with the following wheelchair and scooter models: Invacare Pronto M94 Heavy Duty Powerchair, Pride Maxima Heavy Duty 3-Wheel Electric Scooter, Pride Maxima Heavy Duty 4-Wheel Scooter, Pride Jazzy Elite HD, Pride Jazzy 614HD Bariatric Power Chair, Pride Jazzy 600 ES, Fits Pride Jazzy Elite 14.
It has a high capacity that will keep the wheelchair running for over 20 hoursNot as resistant to heat and shock as AGM devices
Not spillable and can be installed in any positionIt’s expensive
Long life spanNo warranty
Maintenance-free designIt’s not a universal cell

How it Compares to Others and Why

This is a different product compared to the others because of the technology that it uses in the production.

It’s more durable in terms of the number of charges. But, it’s also more expensive compared to AGM cells.

How the Product Evolved

The predecessor of the Kinetik Pro 55 Ah cell is the Kinetik Pro 33 Ah. The improvement is most notable in the higher capacity of the power unit.

Expert Tips

  • Since it has the highest Ah, you can rely on this product to keep your wheelchair going for many hours with superior performance. In general, these devices outperform AGM units in the number of charges before they need a replacement. The initial cost of gel products is higher, but that will balance out because you’ll need to buy this product less often compared to AGM products.

#5 UB12150 Sealed Lead-Acid Battery– Best Capacity For Money

UB12150 12V 15AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery (SLA) .250 TT

The UB12150 is a standard sealed lead-acid battery that fits all power wheelchairs. This product is where units with a high capacity and units with a low capacity meet.

It’s an excellent purchase for people who don’t spend the entire day on a wheelchair, however, they spend more than 5 hours.

Physical Attributes

  • Weighs 8.5 lbs.
  • Voltage: 12 volts
  • Amp Hours: 15 Ah
  • Length: 5.95″
  • Width: 3.89″
  • Height: 3.70″
  • Thickness: 3.94″

Quantitative Measurements

  • Capacity: the higher the capacity, the more hours your chair will last. The lowest one on this list has a 12 Ah capacity, while the highest one has a 35 Ah capacity. The UB12150 sealed lead acid battery is somewhere in the middle between the two. If you use your wheelchair for several hours per day, but you don’t spend the entire day in it, 15 Ah capacity should be enough.
  • Size: This is a product with larger dimensions compared to the standard 12 Ah power units. The best way to know it will fit your wheelchair is to measure or check with the manufacturer.
  • Fits: a standard cell that fits most power wheelchairs: CTM Portable Power Chair, EZ Lite Cruiser Powerchair, EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe DX12 Powerchair, EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe DX10 Powerchair, EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe DX8 Powerchair, and more.
Comes with a one-year warrantyIt doesn’t last as long as 35 Ah AMG devices
Air-transport approvedIt doesn’t last as long as gel substitutes
UL recognized, DOT, FAA, CAB, and IATA certified
Can be mounted in any position without you fearing leakage

How it Compares to Others and Why

Although the capacity of this cell is not the highest among other products on this list, it will still keep your wheelchair going for a long time.

The price is reasonable, but remember that you need two units for a power chair.

How the Product Evolved

One of the products that are comparable to this device is the brand’s 12 Ah product. It has a lower electric capacity and will power the wheelchair for fewer hours than the UB12150 power unit.

Expert Tips

  • This rechargeable battery works great for power wheelchairs, portable tools, engine starters, golf carts, and much more. It’s a universal battery compatible with most wheelchairs.
  • Since it has a 15 Ah capacity, it’s great for a customer who doesn’t depend on their wheelchair during the entire day but still spends a few hours in their power wheelchair. If you need to be active for long hours on any terrain, we recommend getting a power unit with a higher capacity. The fact that it offers a one-year warranty is a huge plus.

#6 UB12120 Sealed Lead Acid Battery Type– Best Budget

"UPG UB12120 12V 12AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery (SLA) .250 TT"

Last, but not least, the UB12120 sealed lead acid battery. This is the best budget option if you don’t want to splurge too much but still need to power your electric wheelchair.

During our research, we discovered that it’s an excellent alternative for a user who doesn’t mind charging their device often or people who don’t use the power chair for many hours.

Physical Attributes

  • Weighs: 16 lbs.
  • Voltage: 12 volts
  • Amp Hours: 12 Ah
  • Length: 6.0”
  • Width: 3.9”
  • Height: 3.8”

Quantitative Measurements

  • Capacity: low capacity that doesn’t last too long.
  • Size: small size and lightweight.
  • Fit: some of the wheelchairs that use it are Pride Mobility Sonic Electric Scooter, Dart Travel Vehicle, Go-Chair Travel Powerchair, Go-Go Elite Traveler, Go-Go Ultra X3 & X4, Z Chair, Shoprider Jimmie Power Chair, XtraLite 3 and 4 wheel Portable Mobility Electric Scooter and Scootie, Sunrise Medical Quickie P-11 Maneuverable Power Chair, Microlite Ruby Electric Chair, Shoprider Smartie Power Wheelchair.
Small, lightweightDoesn’t provide long working hours
Non-spillableNo warranty
Can be installed in any position

How it Compares to Others and Why

This is the product with the lowest capacity on the list, but also with the lowest price. If you use the power motor as a rehabilitation tool for a short time, you don’t need a high-capacity battery.

The performance might not be the highest, however, our research shows that it’s still good enough for daily use.

How the Product Evolved

There are versions of this product with a lower capacity, but they will be suitable for a power wheelchair since they will need to be charged too often, if not, you’ll end up with a dead battery.

Expert Tips

  • Using a low-capacity SLA replacement battery means charging it more often and having to calculate the miles before you start driving it. If you only use the power chair for a few hours, you can invest in this battery.

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FAQs for the Wheelchair Battery

What kind of battery does a wheelchair use?

There are two main types of batteries to choose from: gel and AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt). Both of these types are sealed lead-acid (SLA) units, and most power wheelchairs are compatible with both AGM and gel power units.

Is a higher Ah battery better?

Well, this depends on what you need the battery for and how much you expect to get. In general, units with higher Ah are more powerful, perform better, and have a longer working capacity. If you want to move long-distance with your wheelchair, it’s best to choose a cell with a higher Ah. You will be able to move a lot without constantly charging the battery or getting a new one.

Can you overcharge a wheelchair battery?

No, as long as you’re using appropriate wheelchair battery chargers, there is no way you can overcharge a wheelchair battery. Always use a wheelchair charger that the manufacturer provided. If you need a new one, find an original replacement, because a cheap battery charger can cause damage.

Do wheelchair batteries need a replacement?

The average lifespan of a battery is around two years, but it all depends on how often you use the chair, how often you charge the cells. Yours might last shorter or longer, but just to be sure, if those two years pass, find replacement batteries and keep them at home.

How do you check an electric wheelchair battery?

Get a digital voltmeter and test each battery separately, keeping in mind that the voltage shouldn’t be below 12 volts. Make sure that you fully charge the power units before you start testing.
When you charged the cells, but the voltmeter still shows values below 12, you need to find out what causes the problem. After checking if all the other parts of the chair are working correctly (charger or motor) then you can invest in a new product.

How do you know when to replace your wheelchair battery?

Some of the signs that you might need a new battery are: the old one is starting to charge very slowly, the batteries are not charging at all, they are not as durable as they were before, they are never fully charged, if the electric chair won’t start moving, or if the chair is stopping suddenly.


Did you know that the electric wheelchair market size is expected to reach 5.8 billion by 2027? More and more users decide to improve their mobility by using power chairs that use batteries.

These cells are not eternal; instead, they need to be replaced from time to time.

Finding the best wheelchair battery is not simple, especially if you’re new to this world.

Even if this isn’t your first time purchasing, it’s hard to figure out what all the numbers mean and how they will benefit your wheelchair.

After reading these five suggestions, can you decide which product will be the most suitable purchase for your power chair and your budget? We already know our favorite!

Our Top Pick/Recommendation

Although all of the above recommendations deliver excellent overall performance, the UB-24 GEL Lead Acid Gel Battery is the one that stands out and according to our research is the best battery for a wheelchair.

The UB-24 Gel will keep you going long after the other batteries.


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closeup shot of a wheelchair battery

What is your top pick for wheelchair batteries? Share with us below!

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