Tips on How to Extend the Life of Your Power Wheelchair Battery

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Your wheelchair battery determines the efficiency of your wheelchair. Without a good battery, you will not receive excellent services from your wheelchair. The quality of the battery determines the driving range of a wheelchair. Once you buy a battery for your wheelchair, it should not stop there; you need to find ways to take care of your battery to maintain its life expectancy.

The tips on how to extend the life of your power wheelchair battery will help you to enjoy exceptional mobility wheelchair performance. The safety and security of your wheelchair will be determined by how powerful your battery is. Having a remarkable power wheelchair for outdoor use will enhance the driving range of your wheelchair.  Remember that for your wheelchair to perform at its best, it will depend on the functionality of your battery.

Tips on how to extend the life of your power wheelchair battery

For a power wheelchair battery to save you for long, it should be well maintained. Proper. By taking care of your battery, you ensure that your battery’s capacity is not drained that way, increasing its life expectancy. The following tips on how to extend the life of your power wheelchair battery will enable you to understand how to take care of your battery competently. This is to ensure that the battery gives power to your power wheelchair for outdoor use for excellent service.

  1. Charging

To extend the life of your battery, you must ensure that it stays charged at all times. Even if you do not end up draining your battery during the day, you must charge it every night. Let your battery remain plugged in by giving it ample time to be fully charged to ensure it remains healthy. This will also improve the battery cycle by ensuring that it does not get unplugged before it fully charges. This allows your charger to drift into maintenance mode automatically. It is recommended that you always use an approved charger specifically designed for the battery.

  1. Do not over drain your battery

You should never at any given time drain your batteries beyond 80 percent. If this happens, you will end up killing your battery hence it will not perform as it should. Think of ways to add to your budget for a new wheelchair battery to prevent a case of an empty battery. Focus on draining your battery up to percent not daily but within ten days of usage. Strange as it may seem, this is a remarkable way of improving and saving your battery life.

  1. Temperature

The temperature at which you charge your wheelchair battery is quite important. Extreme temperatures will shorten the life of your battery. The ideal recommended temperature for charging your battery ranges from 18˚C to 25˚C. Avoid temperatures below 10˚C or that exceed 30˚C because that will affect your battery lifespan.

  1. Driving patterns

This might come as a surprise, but it is a fact that driving patterns can be of extreme effect on your battery. You have to ensure that you drive at a constant speed without having irregular driving patterns because that will affect your battery life. Learn to maintain a consistent speed when on the road in your power chair because that is the only way to extend the life of your battery.

  1. Battery Installation

Seek the services of a certified and trained wheelchair technician when installing your battery. This way, you will be assured that they will do a perfect job in that they will use proper tools and follow the right procedure to install the battery. Do not install the battery yourself because you can miss essential specifications that affect your battery.

  1. Bear in mind the hazards

Batteries are powerful in that they ensure your wheelchair works perfectly; however, they can also be quite hazardous. To maintain the life of your wheelchair battery, you need to keep it off dangerous conditions. I am sure you wouldn’t like your battery exploding because of being exposed to dangerous situations. Extreme care should be taken when using wheelchair batteries, especially when handling the terminals. You may be exposed to electrical shock if proper care is not taken.

  1. Keep your battery healthy

Every power wheelchair battery comes with a manual that outlines how to care and maintain your battery. Take time to read the manual to understand the basics; that way, you will do a better job of keeping your battery healthy. For a battery to serve you better, it needs to be healthy and without any fault. You do not want to have a battery with no power because it will make your wheelchair not perform properly. Make it your mission to gather all information regarding battery care and maintenance to extend your battery’s lifespan.

Final thought

Power wheelchairs are a necessity for people with mobility issues. Batteries are a considerable component of any wheelchair should be well maintained to extend its lifespan. You can learn from the tips on how to extend the life of your power wheelchair battery that we have outlined to know what to avoid to ensure you do not harm your battery. Remember, for a battery to serve you for a long time, you need to ensure it remains in top-notch condition.

There is no specific time given to indicate the duration at which a battery should serve you. It all depends on how you properly care for your battery. Hence, when operating a power wheelchair for outdoor use, ensure you bear in mind the tips we have discussed so that your battery serves you longer. In short, the life of your power wheelchair battery is in your hands; if you do not follow the right procedures, it will cost you big time.

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