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How to Change the Battery on Jazzy Wheelchair in 4 Steps

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Sadly, your scooter batteries are bound to break down and slow down their performance. But you will know exactly how to change it!

Understanding how to change a battery in your jazzy wheelchair is critical for better power wheelchair performance. Here are steps to follow for power wheelchair battery replacement. Read and learn!

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What Type of Battery Does a Jazzy Wheelchair Use?

Jazzy scooters use various automotive batteries depending on the specific model and size. So, when looking for replacement batteries [1], look into product details specific to your scooter model.

You should check with your scooter manufacturer for the best batteries for wheelchairs for your Jazzy scooter model and other recommended battery characteristics.

As you look for the correct quality battery to do the ideal replacement, check the right size. You can refer to the item model number or use the battery’s part number to get the perfect replacement.

In terms of voltage, jazzy scooters use 12-volt and deep cycle batteries. The deep cycle motorized wheelchair batteries are made to allow for deeper and longer discharge.

This video shows a Jazzy power wheelchair.

Steps to Follow for Jazzy Power Chair Battery Replacement

The core part of your mobility scooter is the battery. Your rechargeable deep-cycle battery is prone to getting faulty and then burning out.

But, with proper care, an electric wheelchair’s battery can last for years.

Tracy Simmons of Parkgate Mobility, a dealership that supplies and services Motability Scheme products, says, “Batteries don’t last forever; sadly, with care, they can last five or six years, but the average is a lot lower.” [2]

Here are the easy steps with a complete explanation of how to change a battery in a jazzy wheelchair.

1. Unplug the Jazzy Scooter From the Power Source

Start by unplugging the power wheelchair from the power source. Trying to replace your scooter battery when the chair is still plugged in can lead to electrocution or damage.

Find all the wires connecting to the joystick control or the chassis of your medical mobility scooter and disconnect them from the wall socket.

Now it’s safe for you to continue with the battery replacement.

2. Remove All Screws and Bolts Around Your Battery Compartment

Now that you have disconnected the power wheelchair from the power turn it around. Remove all the screws and bolts holding the battery compartment.

Here you require portable tools like a scanner or a screwdriver to loosen the screws around the box. Once the bolts and screws are loose, take out the frame. Now you can see the battery pack.

Keep in mind that some mobility brands have models with non-removable power wheelchair safety systems. Thus, you shouldn’t interfere with the entire chair system.

In these models, with a non-removable chair system, the rechargeable batteries are under the chair. To remove your jazzy power battery, slide it out from under your wheelchair.

3. Open the Battery Compartment

Once you remove the bolts and screws around the jazzy scooter battery, disconnect all wires connected to the terminal. Start by the red wire before proceeding to the others.

After disconnecting the battery cables from the battery terminal, move to the bottom of your batteries. Here you will find four screws around each battery. Loosen the screws and remove the batteries.

4. Put Your Replacement Battery

Now that you have removed the damaged battery, it’s time to insert the new ones. Remove the new batteries from the box to insert them.

Start by reconnecting the wires in the new battery terminals. Now screw the automotive batteries to the power wheelchair.

After you reconnect all the wires to the battery terminal, turn the power chair on. This helps you determine if everything is working flawlessly before you reassemble the jazzy scooter.

If the power wheelchair cannot turn on, then you didn’t connect the battery terminal effectively. Check and reconnect correctly, and everything will work properly.

Once you confirm everything works correctly, close the Jazzy Power Chair and reconnect the joystick control to the original configuration. Then, test your chair for superior performance.

If the mobility scooter works well, it shows you have replaced the batteries well. Avoid using your newly replaced batteries immediately. Charge for around 10-12 hours before use [3].

Watch this compressive video on the replacement of the Jazzy power chair battery.


How long do the scooter batteries last?

With proper maintenance, a wheelchair battery lasts two to three years. A low-quality battery lasts about six months.

Is it possible to overcharge the scooter battery?

It is impossible to overcharge your battery when using the correct battery charger. The charger features a built-in safety feature that controls overcharging, making it shut off when full.

How long does an electric wheelchair go?

With a perfect working battery, electric wheelchairs go for about 8 to 10 hours a day. This is the same as 16 miles for a single charge.

How should I make my battery last longer?

The best option is to ensure you charge your mobility scooter before the battery goes below 10 percent. Never let your battery remain empty for over 24 hours.

How many hours should I charge my jazzy scooter battery?

Your scooter takes about six hours for a complete charge cycle. However, your device can also take almost 12 hours, charging from 0 to 100 percent.

When should I replace my battery?

Replace your battery after prolonged use or when its performance starts to decline, even when fully charged.


You no longer have to be stressed when your Jazzy scooter battery burns out. With these easy steps, you can now know how to change a battery in a Jazzy wheelchair.

This knowledge is essential for being prepared for emergencies or maintaining independence. Proper care and maintenance are critical for avoiding frequent battery replacement.

It is necessary to ensure you store the battery at the proper temperature range, avoid overcharging, don’t use all the cells in the battery, and avoid carrying excess weight.

man riding a power chair going to the neighborhood

Do you have other tips on how to change the battery on Jazzy wheelchair? Please share below!


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