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Used Walkers for Sale Near Me: Quick and Easy Guide for You

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Are you looking for used medical walkers for sale near you? 11.6 percent of American senior citizens use one. (1)

If you’re a carer or a patient on the hunt to purchase an assistive device, this article is right for you.

Read this easy guide to find out more. 

6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying A Used Walker

Reason 1: Get High-quality Items at a Lower Cost

 You get quality, low-cost, used medical equipment for a reasonable price. You can get maximum safety protection without breaking the bank.

Make sure to check our list of best walkers for seniors.

Reason 2: Reduce the Amount of Pollution in the Environment

Assistive devices don’t decompose until 50 to 500 years! (2)

Our climate has changed dramatically over time due to our daily activities, and these changes have shown to be damaging and unsustainable.

elderly couple walking with nature

Your little impact of getting a secondhand standard walker significantly influences the environment.

Here’s a quick video of the different types of walkers.

Reason 3: Avoid Factory-Defected Items

You can avoid defective store items by purchasing a used item that has through use, proven to be in working condition. 

Reason 4: It Extends the Item’s Life

Walkers take years to decompose, so by reusing them, you are lowering the amount of waste produced by assistive walkers. 

elderly man using a walker being helped by a young man

With proper care, walkers can be used for years, so you can trust the efficiency of used walkers. 

Reusing walkers reduces the number of devices in landfills while it gives you the privilege to assist people.

Reason 5: You’ll Be Able to Haggle for a Better Deal.

Instead of mass-produced new goods with a set price, buying secondhand products allows you to haggle with the seller and save more money.

This is especially true when considering mobility aids. For instance, you might find yourself wondering, are upright walkers safe when buying them secondhand?

When you search for a garage sale to buy thrift items, everyone is looking for a reasonable price. Both the buyer and the seller are included in this search query.

You can haggle over different things and come up with a price that works for you. Although the vendor may have set a price auction for each, you should be able to beat it in most circumstances.

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Reason 6: Community Building

It’s nearly hard to buy secondhand items from folks regularly without developing a bond and a sense of community.

two elderly men talking to each other

For example, you might be curious about the backstory of some walkers for seniors or pediatric equipment on sale at a garage sale. 

It may start a conversation that broadens your understanding of the former user and location and perhaps gives you more comfort and reasons to buy from them.

Also, let’s say you go to a specific charity or thrift store to buy a seat or device in your neighborhood frequently.

In that situation, you will most likely become acquainted with the salesperson, who may even phone you whenever new arrivals are made.

Still not convinced about buying used walkers for sale? Let me walk you through the pros and cons of getting a secondhand walker.

When You Should Not Buy a Used Walker

Of course, buying used and pre-owned medical walkers come with cons, too! Here are the cons to consider when buying a used-up walker for sale.

old man doubting

The Condition Might be Inferior

Most secondhand products are classified as Brand New, Like New, Good, or Fair and are frequently priced relatively based on this grading.

Could the accessibility of medical equipment carry the weight of the future user? Are the assistive features still met? Are the parts, such as adjustable handles and ergonomic handles, complete?

What about the brake cable? Are there caster wheels for the best support?

These are some buying tips to look for when considering future users, especially if they are active seniors or active users.

If you’re buying something online, don’t hesitate to ask for more photographs and make sure any damage is hidden, such as on the bottom or back of the item.

The item may also ask for device demos or an actual assistive device demonstration if you’re near.

Product Life Span is Lower

Even if many used pieces of medical equipment have been proven to be strong, some may not last as long as a brand-new one.

Again, if the price is reasonable, it might be something you’re content to have for a short time before replacing it, but make sure you’re aware of the wear and tear to see whether it’ll last as long as you need it.

Expired Product Warranty

You’re lucky if you find a pre-owned walker with a 5-year warranty or a lifetime warranty. However, this is not the case most of the time.

You won’t get a guarantee or warranty with many secondhand products, especially electricals, which can pose problems if the item is fully functional.

Every electrical item at a charity store should be PAT tested to guarantee safety for resale. 

These pointers on what to look for and how your purchasing decisions affect the environment motivate you to consider what items you may be looking for in purchasing used walkers.

There are various options for you when you want to shop, including our online store, eBay and Amazon stores, and your local stores.

Specific Items Take Time to Find

A walker comes in different items in height, size, and weight capacities. While there are some adjustable ones, you have to hunt for the perfect fit for your patient.

old man having trouble

When you’re used to buying from a particular store, finding the things you desire is simple.

When you shop for used walkers, you may discover that it takes a little longer to get what you want, discouraging you.

If you don’t need it right away, scouring through shops or preloved sites can be as enjoyable as it is time-saving, and you never know, you might find something even better. 


Let’s get to the fun part! Here is a list of places or websites you may browse to see used walkers for sale near you.

elderly couple using the web


Make use of Facebook’s marketplace and search for walkers. 

What is even better is that you are directly negotiating with the seller!


Yes, you can buy secondhand on Amazon online, with competitive prices for walkers!

The Amazon Marketplace features an extensive service and assortment of used “open box” walkers, which most people don’t even think of when they think of “used.”

Locate the walker you want and go to its product page. Then, look below the Buy Now button in the “Other Sellers on Amazon” area to see what used items are available. 

What’s more? Amazon’s prices are incredibly competitive.

You can typically obtain free delivery and deliver your walker within days after purchase because they are generally shipped directly from Amazon. 

In the following sections, we’ll look at how to get the most value for your money from each of these marketplaces.


eBay was the place to go for used discounts on almost anything. However, because of the ever-increasing costs levied, it has recently lost some appeal with sellers. 

While you may not be able to find as many offers as you previously could, there are still incredible savings for those willing to put in the effort.


Use your network! Call your friends or post on social media. With the accessibility technology available nowadays, we’re only a click or a call away from connecting with people.

elderly women group talking about something

How to SAFELY Buy Used Walkers that are For Sale Near You

Follow these seven easy steps when looking for a used walker near you.

When Online Browsing

1. Go to your preferred website or application.

2. Look up “used walkers for sale” or any keyword related to your preferred brand or specifications.

3. Filter your search depending on the location.

4. Browse results: check the product condition and quality. 

5. Compare prices and location of the product (whether for pick-up or shipping).

6. Check if the seller and product are legitimate. 

7. Negotiate your terms and price. 

8. Agree for payment, shipping, or meet-up.

When Looking Up Referrals

1. Ask your friends or the community, or

2. Go to nearby garage sales or thrift shops in your area.

3. If you can get the seller’s contact details, phone them about their used walkers for sale.

4. If possible, go to their place to check the product quality in person. 

5. If a physical visit is not possible, ask for pictures.

6. Check seller and product legitimacy.

7. Negotiate your terms and price.

8. Agree for payment, shipping, or meet-up.

Things To Check Before Buying A Used Walker That’s Near You

When you buy, make sure you’re getting the best secondhand walker. Check on these things before you make your purchase!

Check Ratings or Reviews

The more stars, the better the ratings and the better the service. Customers can use ratings and reviews to determine how a product performs in real life before they buy it.

elderly couple checking something on the laptop

Customers rate and evaluate a product or service and give it a star rating based on their experience. Review what customers say about the seller.

Look up the highest and lowest ratings and see what people say about the seller. This will help you determine whether the seller is legitimate and if they provide good secondhand items.

Ratings will help shoppers make more educated purchasing decisions.

Beware of Scammers

Check to determine if the picture used to display the item is used in other listings or if it’s a stock photo from the internet.

If it is, and the seller refuses to supply additional images or information on the item, it may be a fraud that should be ignored. Compare the price of this Iteitem the same as of similar items.

Do not fall for the common scams! Know them right away here.

  1. The Robbery –  seller meets you in a private area without the item and proceeds to rob you and your other belongings. This is why it is better to take a friend with you and always insist on meeting in public.
  2. The Bait and Switch –  the seller tells you your buying product is sold and unavailable. They proceed to offer a more expensive option that is, in most cases, of lower quality. 
  3. Ghost bidding occurs when the seller tells you that someone else is bidding for a higher amount and asks you to bid higher so you can get the product. Do not fall for this. Stick to your budget.

Check Product Quality

Buying used medical walkers can be tricky, so you better know how to check them well before your purchase. Here is a guide to checking a walker’s quality.

Check for Product Condition

Here are the product condition types for every secondhand walker for sale.

  1. Like New: These walkers will be in like-new condition and are most likely returns from customers who purchased the item but did not use it before returning it. 
  2. Very Good: Walker may have seen limited use and may have some minor scratches, but it is generally in acceptable operating order. 
  3. Good: Slightly worn. The item will clearly indicate usage, including scratches and other marks and missing pieces. However, it performs admirably in every other respect. 
  4. Acceptable: a worn walker that still works fine but is certainly scraped, dented, and needs new parts.

Check for Safety

  1. Inquire about why the owner is selling and if they have had any problems with the walker. 
  2. Inquire if all of the original components, including the manufacturer’s instructions/safety handbook, are there. 
  3. Make sure that the brakes and brake wires are in good working order. The brakes should be firm and not jiggle or give in anyway. 
  4. Examine the wear on the wheels and tires. 
  5. Make sure the seat is safe and solid. 
  6. Check that the handle adjustments operate and are secure at the desired height. 
  7. Examine the walker’s ability to fold and unfold.

Here is a guide on how to choose a walking frame.

When Picking Up the Item

Take Precautions! Your safety is a priority.

While people can be nice and sweet online or over the phone, not all buying experiences are smooth, so you better consider this advice.

people meeting up

1. Prepare your ride. Walkers can be a handful. You don’t want hassle travel.

2. While meeting new people to become future friends with is a good idea, they are still a stranger in the first place. Bring a friend with you.

3. Your friend will not only provide companionship but also help you assess the quality of the walker.

4. If you’re going to meet the seller alone, let your friends or loved ones know about your appointment.

5. Meet in a public place.

6. If the seller refuses to bring the item to an area outside their place. If you don’t feel safe, don’t enter their place.

7. If things don’t feel right, or if something is off, leave immediately. There are other options, so do not settle for a bad deal.


How much does a walker sell for? How do you assess for a walker?

When choosing a walker, check the correct height, elbow bend, wrist, and weight capacity. It shall meet the user’s body measurements and functional needs. 

How much is a walker worth?

Regular walkers for seniors cost an average amount of around $35-$250. Premium models can cost as much as $600. Do so if you opt for secondhand medical items rather than expensive brands. 

How much does a walker sell for?

Depending on the condition and type, walkers sell for at least $15 up to $200.


Medical items, including mobility walkers and an electric wheelchair, can be costly. 

Looking for used walkers for sale near your place is an adventure, and finding the best one is hard work. But they are accompanied by competitive prices.

Now that you have your guide, it’s time to search for sale walkers! 

a lovely elderly couple walking down a park

Have you found a used walker near you? Let us know how you bought one down in the comment section below!


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