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How Much Do Walkers Cost? Is it Pricey?

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How much does a walker cost?

Depending on their requirements, different kinds of walkers like upright walkers or rollator walkers are suitable for different people. 

The cost of walkers can also vary a lot depending upon the features they come with.

Here we have listed down the price range of various kinds of walkers so you can make an informed choice while buying one.   

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How Much Does an Average Walker Cost?

An average walker can cost anywhere from $30 to $100+. Folding walkers are priced more than this.

However, this is just to give you an idea of the price range. The actual amount you’ll have to shell out for walkers would depend on a range of other factors like foldability, lightweight frames, and any specific features you are looking for.

nurse assisting the woman to walk using the standard walker

Walkers Type and Their Pricing

Some of the common types of walkers and their prices are;

  • Standard walkers/Traditional walkers –   $30-$100
  • 2-Wheeled Walkers-  $50- $250 
  • 3-Wheeled Rollator Walker – $75- $500
  • 4-Wheeled Rollator Walker-  $85 – $600
  • Scooter/Knee Walker-  $60- $200  

Here’s a quick video of the different types of walkers.

Standard Walkers Pricing

Standard walkers are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a temporary mobility solution. It also is a perfect option for anyone on a tight budget as they are the lowest-priced walkers with the cheapest ones available for a meager sum of $35.  

senior couple having a walk at the park. the man using a walker

Whereas if your budget is really that tight then you can think of available elderly walkers for sale in the market.

If you mostly plan to use your walker indoors, standard walkers are a great option. As they require to be lifted while walking, they are only suitable for short distances and people with minimum mobility issues.  Standard walkers have a high ground clearance which provides excellent support and balance.     

Traditional walkers are primarily used when patients have a temporary injury that restricts them from putting pressure on their legs.

Needless to say, traditional walkers are slow-paced and consume a lot of energy which is why they are more suitable for indoor use.  

Wheeled Walkers Pricing

Wheeled walkers come with a pair of small wheels that provide greater mobility. The two front wheels compromise the stability and balance of a standard walker in exchange for ease of movement.

It is not suitable for anyone with a balancing issue. However, the wheels also make it easy to maneuver around, so it saves a lot of energy.  

Two-wheeled walkers do come with a wheel lock that makes the equipment a lot more stable. So, if stability is not a significant cause of concern for you, wheeled walkers could be an excellent choice.

The average cost of wheeled walkers can be anything from $50 to $250. However, expensive walkers justify their additional cost with the features.

To make sure that your getting the value for your money, look out for extra features like;

wheeled walker: how much does a walker cost ?

  • Lightweight yet robust frame
  • Wheeled brakes 
  • Padded seat and handles
  • Adjustable height of handles 
  • Weight capacity

Rollators Walkers Pricing

If you need something that is much faster than a wheeled walker, you can opt for a rollator instead. Rollators have no static legs; all their legs have small wheels, making movement much more effortless.

Rollators are on the higher end of the price range as they cost way more than a traditional walker. It will take you some time to get used to a rollator walker if it’s your first time. In that case, read here on how to use a rolling walker properly

There are two options available on rollators;

Three-Wheeled Rollator Walker

As the name suggests, these models have three wheels and a narrow frame ideal for tight spaces. Owing to its three wheels, it is easier to operate.

Also, it requires only pushing, unlike standard walkers which require both pushing and lifting around.    

However, these more effortless movements don’t come for cheap as a three-wheeled rollator walker’s cost is substantially more than others in the category.

They cost anywhere upwards of $80, with the feature-laden ones costing as much as $500.   

Three-wheeled rollator walkers come with features like baskets, lightweight frames, foldable designs, and many others. Depending on the features, you will be required to shell extra. 

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Four Wheeled Rollator Walker

Four-wheeled roller walkers come with four wheels at the point of contact. This leads to more effortless mobility but at the expense of stability.

Due to the wheels, a four-wheeled rollator walker is not very stable, and hence anyone with any kind of stability issues should look at other options.   

However, it has a broader frame which leads to the proper distribution of weight. It also has the added advantages of features like a seat and backrest.

Of course, the added features mean shelling out extra. But if money is not an issue, a four-wheeled rollator walker makes moving around very easy for anyone with mobility issues.

A good quality four-wheeled rollator walker can be priced anywhere from $80 to $600 depending on the features it comes with.   

four wheeled walkers: how much does a walker cost?

Must-have Features in your rollator walker;  

  • Hand brakes
    • The all-wheel frames are not stable; make sure yours come with good hand brakes.
  • Large wheels
    • The bigger, the better in case of the wheels of your rollator as they can handle a variety of terrains.   
  • Lightweight frame
    • Lightweight frame is easy to move around and hence a must to have. 
  • Trolley
    • A trolley makes carrying stuff easier and is an excellent feature for your rollator.
  • Seat
    • It is always a great idea to have some seating space on your rollator.

FAQs About Walker

How to compare walker prices?

It is essential to compare the same kind of walkers with the features they are providing in order to gain a clear perspective of the pricing. Like the price of a standard walker should not be compared to a rollator.

Which is better: a walker with wheels or without?

It depends on the user. If they have a stability issue, a standard walker would be great for them, while if that’s not the case, they will appreciate the ease of movement that a rollator provides.   

How do I choose a walker?

The perfect walker should fulfill your needs and shouldn’t burn a  hole in your pocket.  Choose accordingly, taking into consideration the features you are looking for.

Why do walkers’ prices vary so much? 

It is mainly due to their design, features, and frame material. These three vary a lot depending on the kind of walkers so does the pricing.

Is it worth spending more? 

Yes, it is. If your walker is not for a temporary cause, the additional features that come with spending some more money are definitely worth it. 


If you are a disabled person or a guardian to one, you’ll appreciate the mobility and independence a walker can provide.

It is therefore essential to get the right walker. The price of a walker depends on the kind you want, features you cannot do without, and whether your insurance covers it or not.

If you do your research and clearly understand the features you want, you can get a decent walker with standard features for as low as $70.

Of course, if budget is not an issue, you can get great features at a premium rate.       

senior woman using a rollator walker but how much does a walker cost?

How much was the walker you bought? Let us know in the comments below!

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