Best Ankle Brace for Elderly in 2020 ( Review & Buyer’s Guide)

Aging process triggers off a couple of significant changes, such as declining muscle mass, slowing down metabolism, reducing bone density etc. (source)

These factors increase the likelihood of dealing with hindered mobility.

Parts of the human body that are highly sensitive, especially among senior citizens, are joints – knees and ankles, and that is exactly why you should consider getting the best ankle brace.

Reduced strength of the joints impacts the sense for maintaining balance and mobility negatively.

If you are among the elder population or someone you love is in the age when they experience reduced muscle and bone support, then it might be great to think about ways to prevent injuries.

Elderly people are highly prone to straining ligaments, twisting or spraining ankles, swellings, or falling down. (source)


Even thought of falling makes elderly people anxious, as they are aware of the impacts injuries can affect their independence.

The best solution and prevention of falls and injuries is an ankle brace.

What is even better – ankle brace can help a lot to the ones who have issues with swelling or a twisted ankle and you can’t wait for the moment to get back to the gym.

Best Ankle Brace  Quick Comparison

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The Best Ankle Brace for Elderly


You are probably asking now what does it mean to have the best ankle brace.

It means that you want one that gives you support and helps you counteract eventual mobility limitations you are dealing with in the first place.

Further, you want to walk easier and safer, but also reduce joint pain and prevent falls and injuries.

Elderly, people with weaker ankles or people who are suffering from an injury require supportive and comfortable ankle brace.

It gives them increased independence, improves the quality of their lives, and guess what – it is not expensive at all.

Here are the carefully chosen best ankle braces for elderly in 2019 according to the researches and customers’ experiences.

  1. Ankle Support Breathable Ankle Brace for Men/Women by Liomor BUDGET PICK

If you don’t want to spend a whole fortune on purchasing an ankle brace, then Liomor has the right product for you.

Not only that the Liomor ankle brace comes at a great price, but it will get you back to normal life – no more sleepless nights and pain.

If you have troubles with your ankles swelling, this ankle brace will do miracles for you.

Liomor designed a brace that will fix the problem easily, without you having to wear boring boots to reduce swelling.

Your leg will have just enough space to breathe, as the Liomor brace is made of breathable elastic materials so you can wear it in shoes, too!

All you have to do is to put it on using the zigzag pattern.

Customers like the fact there is no lacing up, which means the Liomor brace offers you more mobility than most of the other ankle braces.

This brace provides you with the right amount of support and comfort that you wouldn’t mind wearing it in bed if you want to.

Elderly who has constant problems with swelling might want to wear the Liomor brace every day, as otherwise swelling can get back.

In case you have any of these medical conditions: tendonitis, arthritis, sprain, or a twist – the unisex two size Liomor ankle brace will save the day and regain mobility in your ankle.

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  • Made of breathable, elastic materials
  • Comes at a great price
  • Reduces pain and swelling
  • Comes at two sizes
  • Unisex model


  • The instructions are unclear so it would be better to follow your logic when putting this brace on
  • It is not compatible with every shoe



  1. Ankle Support Brace for Ankle Sprains by McDavid SAFETY PICK

McDavid designed the best ankle brace for elderly people who are recovering from ankle sprains or would want to prevent them.

This brace meets up all the needed criteria – it is supportive, comfortable to wear, adjustable, and breathable.

Athletic tape with a figure-6 strapping pattern will give you the right amount of support while walking or running.

The Velcro stretchy strap is custom-fitted so it provides the wearer with the 3-level compression and comfort at the same time.

McDavid ankle brace is also lightweight thanks to the 600-denier polyester that provides support without packing your feet up so you can’t walk comfortably.

Ventilated tongue adds on breathability, which is especially important if you are a sports type.

What is more, the 3-layer compression contributes to preventing odds of injuries up to 3 times.

In other words – the wearer would have 3 times less chance to hurt himself.

Lace up brace is the most secure among braces as it supports the whole foot.

This means – no strains, sprains, or twists are possible while wearing the McDavid lace-up ankle brace.

Elderly people will love it, as there is no need to unlace the brace when it comes to taking it off or adjusting it to the best fit.

McDavid ankle brace is padded and is suitable for wearing on both left and right feet, but only one comes in a package.

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  • Decreases the risk of injuries up to 3 times
  • Velcro comfortable strap
  • Fully adjustable lace-up ankle brace
  • Breathable tongue
  • Lightweight to wear
  • No metal supports


  • The elastic part at the base of the tongue is too tight, so you want to go with the size up when purchasing this brace
  • It is better for prevention than recovery phase



  1. Ankle Brace for Injury Recovery and Joint Pain by PowerLix OVERALL BEST PICK

Pain happens in our joints as we age or when we hurt ourselves.

PowerLix is aware of the weakness of ankle joints, especially among the elderly population, so they designed the brace that acts as an ultimate pain reliever and ankle supporter.

There is no way you will throw your life away just because your ankle is swelled, or you have a sprain, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, or other ankle pain.

PowrerLix ankle braces take back activity in your life by ensuring injury prevention or by reducing pain and regaining your mobility.

Made of breathable compression fabric, this brace provides superior pain relief, comfort, and support so that you don’t have to give up your favorite daily activities.

What is more, your feet will always be dry and odor free, thanks to the absorbing materials of this ankle brace.

If you care about the style and design, the PowerLix ankle brace won’t let you down on this either.

This black and blue brace design gives a fashionable touch to your overall appearance.

You won’t mind wearing it all day long, as the special fabric of this brace gives you a smooth and soft touch.


As a cherry to the top, PowerLix gives you a 100% money back 6-month guarantee.

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  • Ergonomic design
  • Provides significant pain relief
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Breathable and odor free
  • Comes with a 6-month guarantee


  • Ordering the right size is a bit tricky, but the manufacturer is eager to replace the size if you pick the wrong one initially


  1. ASO Ankle Stabilizer by Med Spec CUSTOMER PICK

Med Spec has the best ankle brace for the orthosis.

This brace corrects disorders and takes them back in proper alignment by providing the utmost support to the wearer.

Sports players, doctors, and elderly people choose the Med Spec ankle brace for its exceptional durability, reducing pain, and prevention of strains and sprains.

The great thing about this ankle brace is that it is easy to take on and off, as elderly people usually have a hard time bending down.

The nylon straps of this ankle brace prevent inversion of the foot, such as turning your foot inwards also.

What is more, the nylon is a great support and offers great strength to a wearer.

Don’t worry – you can enjoy all of your favorite physical activities again, no matter what age you are.

Med Spec designed ankle brace with bilateral design, so you can wear it on the left or right foot, depending on the needs.

This brace fits into any type of shoe easily and gives you a sporty look.

Med Spec ankle brace is machine washable and you can air dry it.

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  • Figure-eight protection and support for the ankle
  • Extremely durable
  • Nylon straps provide strength and comfort
  • Made of light-weight CoolFlex material
  • This brace meets all the quality requirements of the US medical specialties


  • You can’t replace the brace if you get one of the wrong size



  1. Ankle Brace Compression Support Sleeve by Crucial Compression PAIN RELIEF PICK

If you are at your ends with the ankle injury and pain, then you certainly need an immediate solution.

Crucial Compression offers you the feeling of immediate difference when it comes to pain relief, swelling, discomfort, and soreness.

This ankle brace is the best for improving circulation around the painful spot, which gradually reduces the pain in the area.

Any type of ankle pain, such as Achilles tendonitis, sprain, arthritis, swelling, or an injury will get much better sooner than you expect by wearing the Crucial Compression brace.

There is no way your feet will get hot or bulky, as the Crucial Compression has a breathable and comfortable product for you.

Ergonomic fit ensures that you as a wearer get comfortable and snug fit by keeping your feet dry all day long.

Walking, running, cycling, going to the gym, fitness – you can perform your favorite activities again with the help of the Crucial Compression ankle brace.

The manufacturer cares about customer opinion and is eager to find the best fit for you.

In case you are not 100% content with this ankle brace, you will get a full refund or replacement.

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  • Provides support in the right places
  • Reduces pain and swelling almost immediately
  • Ergonomic design
  • Improves blood circulation around the painful spot
  • 100% fit guarantee


  • The brace is visible while wearing
  • Low rise around the ankle


What Are The Benefits of Using Ankle Brace?


Ankle brace provides elderly people and the ones with ankle injuries with extended comfort, confidence, and safety.

Yet, what are the exact benefits or using ankle brace and why should you get one?

  • Stabilization

While aging, people experience weakening of the joints and losing mass.(source)

Our ankles get less sturdy and more prone to twisting.

Ankle brace supports our ligaments and keeps our ankles steady and firm.

If you are dealing with a rolled ankle, then it is almost impossible to put any pressure on it.

This affects your stability negatively, while not being careful can delay the recovery phase.

Ankle brace helps you get back stability in a great mere and you will be able to walk, maybe even run while wearing it.

It also reduces joint inflammation and swelling, while you will be able to walk completely naturally while wearing it.

  • Confidence

Elderly people deal with a lot of stress, as the very thought about leaving the house alone makes them frightened.

What is more, the fear of falling down or having an injury can truly strain them from going out at all!

Ankle brace provides wearers with more confidence.

Of course, it will take a bit time to get fully confident with wearing an ankle brace on the long run while being outside, but a wearer will get more comfortable with it day after day.

This means – more independence, fewer limitations, and more positive and optimistic thoughts about being outside of the house.

  • Pain reduction


Rolling or twisting ankle is painful and leads to a nasty sprain in most of the cases among elderly people.

Pain and swelling hinder mobility and cause pain for weeks.

Seniors also take more time to recover and experience more difficulties with mobility in comparison to the younger population.

The best ankle brace will alleviate the pain significantly by providing movements that are more comfortable and speeding up the recovery.

Ankle brace reduces swelling, pain, and stiffness, but also makes conditions such as arthritis more manageable and bearable.

  • Injury prevention

It doesn’t have to be that you are dealing with an injury to get yourself the best ankle brace.

If you know you have weak ankles or you easily twist your ankle inwards while walking, that is enough reason to think about this device.

The ankle brace is a great prevention from injuries as it holds an ankle firmly and steadily so that it hinders the ankle from rolling inwards.

Best ankle brace also reduces the likelihood of falls and eventually broken bones.

In the end, if you are thinking about your own safety and want to prevent injuries that might impact the quality of your everyday life negatively, then ankle brace can be your lifesaver.

Our Choice

Now that we reviewed the best ankle braces on the market, the moment has come to pick the one that meets the criteria regarding painful and swollen ankles.

If you ask us, a best ankle brace is:  Ankle Brace Compression Support Sleeve.


Well, we guess you already suppose after reading our review.

This ankle brace is perfect for weak joints and is designed to fit all the ages, but is especially beneficial among the elderly population.

What they ask is a brace that relieves the pain and swelling, while providing utmost support at the same time.

In case you have any second thoughts, the manufacturer gives you a 6-month guarantee as they want you to be confident about purchasing their ankle brace.

Re-gain your mobility with the PowerLix ankle brace.


Best Ankle Brace Recap

We truly hope our information helps you with finding the best ankle brace for the elderly.

Living with pain is definitely not an option.

You don’t have to give up any of your hobbies or physical activities just because you have an injury.

Everything will get into order once you get your brace and let it do the work, while you do your things.

The point is to live a good and pain-free life, and one of the above-mentioned braces will provide you exactly with that!