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Weighted Utensils for Parkinson’s: Are They Helpful?

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Are weighted utensils good for Parkinson’s patients?

Daily activities such as eating using standard utensils are difficult motor tasks for people with Parkinson’s disease.

So short answer, yes, specialized utensils can help.

Keep reading to learn more, including why and how.

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Are Weighted Utensils Good for Parkinson’s?

elderly woman eating with weighted utensils

Action tremors in the hands are a common symptom of Parkinson’s. As mentioned above, this can make something as seemingly simple as just eating incredibly challenging.

To help with this, there are eating utensils made specifically for Parkinson’s patients (and others with tremor-causing diseases).

Utensils like this can assist to lessen the impact of hand tremors and give people a comfortable grip to eat without worrying about losing their grip.

So it is true that weighted utensils can help patients with Parkinson’s disease, these instruments are perhaps the most essential assistive devices for their everyday tasks.

Because of the extra weight utensils, the weighted handle gives them an excellent grip and resistance against tremors to avoid shaky hands.

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Benefits of Using Weighted Utensils

Generally, weighted utensil sets are broader and heavier than standard pieces of kitchen utensils.

These spoons do provide better stability and essential utensils for tremors, from moderate to severe tremors.

Parkinson’s patients need assistance with their weakened grip as well as support for their motor skills in treating mobility issues.

Although their weight and shape are still difficult for you to get used to, you will soon become adapted to them.

The three most popular weighted utensils made for Parkinson’s patient’s assistance to their daily living include:

  1. Gyenno’s Self-Stabilizing Parkinson’s Spoon
  2. Liftware Steady Spoon Sample Kit for Functional Arm Movement
  3. Special Design Adaptive Utensils with Built-Up Handle

While you may know quite a bit about the first two (they’re the most widely used), that last one needs a bit more explaining.

“Special design adaptive utensils” are, as the name implies, specially designed for ONE person, rather than mass-produced.

They differ from person to person depending on what specific utensil type they need. In other words, they’re weighted and shaped to your specifications and doctor recommendations.

People with severe tremors typically require these premium utensil kits and these are usually not the cheapest option you can see in the market.

From all ranges of tremors, expect weighted utensils price points are higher than the regular spoon and fork as well as other kitchen tools.

This is because they are specially designed for Parkinson’s patients and most of them are medical-grade. Make sure that the utensils you are buying are safe!

Aside from price points, another potential drawback is the utensil’s built-up handle.

Other patients may find pieces of kitchen tools too wide or too narrow for them. You have to find what’s most effective and convenient for you, which may take a long time.

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Check out this video to learn more:

When Should You Use Weighted Utensils?

Each patient with Parkinson’s disease symptoms has a variety of needs for their arm mobility and to engage in physical activities. 

Weighted utensils enable greater control for persons who have limited hand control. A teaspoon the size of a child’s hand can help stabilize a shaky hand.

The use of a heavy knife, fork and spoon set helps to keep hands steady. Also, heavy bendable utensils can provide greater control for persons who have weak hand muscles.

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What is the purpose of a weighted spoon?

Weighted Utensils provide extra weight to aid stabilize hand and arm movements while eating.

Do weighted utensils help tremors?

Yes. They are ergonomically designed to reduce hand tremors and give you extra hand control.


Weighted utensils are good for Parkinson’s patients. It can regain your motor abilities and help boost confidence, giving comfort and strength in your daily activities.

So yes, bottom line, they do actually work!


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Are weighted utensils good for Parkinson's patients? If you're thinking about trying these special adaptive living aids, check our guide to learn more.

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