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Reacher – Grabber Tool For Seniors

Written by Ned Holthouse
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RMS Reacher – Grabber Tool

Best Grabber Tool for Seniors

The RMS Reacher/Grabber Tool is a durable solution for individuals requiring help with tasks. Perfect for those in surgery recovery, managing back problems or facing mobility limitations, this tool simplifies picking up items and accessing high shelves effortlessly.

Its sturdy design ensures it can handle the objects with ease. Unlike foldable models, this nonfoldable grabber boasts solid construction to prevent common weaknesses.

Whether indoors or outdoors, from clearing yard debris to reaching spots at home the RMS Reacher/Grabber Tool is versatile. Its ergonomic design prioritizes user comfort without causing strain on the hands or wrists.

Michael, an older friend of mine who recently had back surgery, has come to rely on this indispensable RMS Reacher/Grabber Tool. Placing grabbers around his home has been a game changer since realizing how frequently bending is necessary when one cannot do it easily.

Best Reaching Tool for Seniors

Some grabbers are prone to collapsing but these tools are robust and strong enough to lift small items as well as some heavier ones, like shoes and gel packs. One of the great things, about this grabber is how easy it is to use for a variety of tasks.

Whether you’re picking up sticks in the yard, reaching for items on shelves, or getting things that have slipped behind furniture, this tool can handle it all. Its sturdy fixed design ensures durability and strength setting it apart from grabbers that often break at the joints.

On the downside, the grabber struggles a bit with round objects and jars due to its grip design, which could be improved for those tasks. Despite this issue, its overall performance is top-notch.

It’s especially useful for pulling up socks and pants for people with mobility issues. The tool’s length is just right for reaching tasks. It eliminates the need for adjusting its length. A helpful tip is to apply some household oil to lubricate the cable and extend its lifespan. This simple maintenance trick keeps the grabber working smoothly over time.

Best Grabber tool for Seniors

While it would be nice if the manufacturers included a magnet and light for functions these can easily be added to enhance its versatility. The RMS Reacher/Grabber Tool has been a game-changer during my friend Michael’s recovery period. Its strength, durability, and user-friendliness make it a recommended tool for anyone dealing with mobility challenges or in need of a grabber for daily tasks.

2-Pack 34 Inch Extra Long Grabber Reacher with Rotating Jaw – Mobility Aid Reaching Assist Tool (Blue)
  • WHAT IS INCLUDED: 2 Packs of 34″ grabber reacher with rotating jaw.
  • 34″ LONG: Increases your reach by 34 inches so that you can pick up items from floor, top shelf, outdoor lawn, trash can, behind furniture, or other hard to reach places.
  • ROTATING JAW: The jaw rotates and locks at 90 degrees for vertical or horizontal use. It is made from soft rubber to allow picking up the smallest items with ease.
  • DURABILITY: The shaft is made from rust-proof lightweight aluminum and the internal wire is made from steel cable for durability and easy of use.

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