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7 Upright Walker Parts to Improve Your Mobility Experience

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I was recently looking for quality upright walker parts to enhance my grandfather’s overall mobility experience.

Although his mobility improved after getting a rollator walker, I knew I could resolve some hiccups with a few convenient accessories.

With some research, I discovered that the rollator walker’s global market size averaged $98.39 million in 2021. Statistics show the figure will rise to $146.01 million by 2028. (1)

With evidence that rolling walkers are in high demand globally, here is what I learned about rolling walkers and some accessories you can get to enhance convenience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Various types of upright mobility walking aids exist to satisfy users’ unique needs.
  • You can enhance your walker usage with a variety of convenient accessories.
  • Medicare covers an upright walker cost when a therapist deems the mobility aid as a medical necessity.

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How to Choose a Fitting Upright Walker

According to a Disabled World study, over 6.8 million Americans depend on assistive devices for mobility. About 6.1 million people use a cane, rollator walker, or crutches. (2)

features of Vive health upright walker

Moreover, a wide range of walkers on wheels exists to meet the needs of unique users. For example, bulky patients may require a bariatric rolling walker for mobility.

On the other hand, the average disabled person may find a standard walker fit for them. These mobility aids also come with different types of upright walker wheels.

Pneumatic wheels are suitable for rolling walkers on uneven terrain because of their excellent shock-absorbing capacity.

In contrast, polyurethane or PVC wheels can be the right option if you will use your rolling walker on even surfaces.

In this video, I’ll be sharing my tips and tricks on how to use a walker to go up and down stairs safely and comfortably:

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7 Upright Walker Parts and Accessories

Finding your desired upright walker accessories is pretty straightforward. You can go to a walker dealer and ask if they stock the various accessories.

On the other hand, if you are on a tight schedule like I am, the internet is your best bet. Various online sellers offer convenience and deliver on time when you place an order.

According to DIVERSEability Magazine, many disabled individuals shop online due to mobility and accessibility issues. Here are some upright walker parts we found on sale. (3)

Here is a YouTube video from UPWalker on installing upright walker accessories:

1. Cup Holders

A drink holder is a nice feature to add to a rolling walker. Staying hydrated is crucial, especially when going for walks with your walker.

It may be difficult for an older adult using an upright walker to maneuver the mobility aid with one hand.

So, this beverage holder accessory is handy to promote your stability and allow you to focus on your strides.

2. Flashlight

Navigating dark hallways and paths is a scary experience for people with mobility issues. An unseen obstacle, terrain change, or stair landing can cause you to fall.

A flashlight attached to your walker helps illuminate your path so you can see what is ahead. You can avoid bumping into another person or having someone bump into you.

3. Smartphone Holders

Cell phones have become part of our daily lives, and it is hard to find an individual who does not own one.

This is another instance in which someone using a mobility aid could benefit from having a device to hold their phone while using their walker. 

Without this accessory, you risk your safety. Smartphone holders are usually versatile and clamp onto a walker’s handlebars.

4. Umbrella Holders

Active rolling walker users who spend time outdoors can benefit from an umbrella-holding accessory.

Rolling walkers do not usually have a cover to shield the user from harsh weather.

An umbrella holder has a top and bottom mounting point to stabilize the umbrella extension.

5. Personal Bags

At times, having your medical supplies by your side is inevitable. For that reason, you want a convenient storage compartment to stash these personal items.

Moreover, you may need a removable storage bag to attach and remove from the rolling walker without trouble.

Also, note that bags come in various fabrics, shapes, and sizes, making the walker trendy and giving you a fashionable look.

6. Shopping Bags

Are you looking to carry some groceries or items but cannot sling a bag over your shoulder? A shopping bag for a walker rollator is your best bet.

These bags hook onto the mobility device and are spacious, allowing you to carry various items.

Moreover, look for a shopping bag you can quickly wash and dry to keep your rolling walker clean.

7. Cane Holders

Rollator walker users may need a cane to access areas that are not accessible with a walker, like bathrooms.

A cane holder clamps onto the walker frame allowing the individual to carry their cane around conveniently.

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1. Will Medicare pay for an upright walker?

Upright walkers fall in the medical insurance class of durable medical equipment. A therapist has to prescribe the walker as a medical necessity for Medicare to cover its cost. (4)

2. What is the difference between a rollator and an upright walker?

Man using a rollator walker

The difference between a rollator and an upright walker lies in the handlebar height.
Upright walkers have a higher handlebar than a rollator to offer support and relieve stress on shoulders.

3. Are upright walkers safe for the elderly?

Upright walkers are safe for older adults because they offer arm support and promote independence. They feature dual-hand brakes to prevent the walker from rolling away.

4. What does an upright walker cost?

The average price for a quality upright walker ranges from $80 to $600. The price depends on the user’s needs and required features.


You can use various upright walker parts to enhance mobility aid usage. Some of these accessories have a significant impact on your quality of life!

senior woman holding an upright walker

Let me know if you have used any of these walker parts or if there are others that you recommend.


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