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Vive Health Upright Walker Review: MY Honest Recommendation

Written by Crystal L
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Wondering if the Vive Health upright walker is right for you? I’ve got you covered with this detailed review guide.

My dad has been using this walker for a couple of weeks and he loves it! Find out why here, along with its functionalities, features and a quick guide on how to use and set it up (plus pictures!).

Read on!

This post contains affiliate links. We earn a commission if you make a purchase at no extra cost to you.


is a device engineered to assist you in regaining your upright posture [1] by making sure that your shoulders, hands, wrists and neck are supported properly.

It’s equipped with a sling-style padded seat, complete with a backrest that can guarantee comfortable seating. It also has a comfortable armrest to avoid tension on the arms while moving!

Brett Sears, a Physical Therapist of Very Well Health, says that this device can help people who just had an injury, just recovered from an illness or are trying to practice moving around. [2]

“One such device that can help you walk safely and independently is a walker.”

I’m a caregiver for my dad and after him using it, I can say that out of all the walkers I’ve encountered and my dad used, I consider Vive Health’s Upright Walker as the best upright walkers for seniors and most effective.

What Does the Vive Health Upright Walker Package Include?

When I saw the ad for the first time, I didn’t actually believe it, but I was fortunately wrong.

Upon unboxing the package, I saw it included everything they promised. Here are the inclusions of the package:

Here’s an image of the package after I opened it.

  • Base.
  • Two (2) Front Wheels.
  • Two (2) Tri-Grip Screws.
  • Six (6) Bolts.
  • Two (2) Arms With a Backrest.
  • Two (2) Adjustable Handles.
  • Six (6) Female Star Locks.
  • Two (2) Legs With Handbrakes.
  • Two (2) Curved Washers.
  • One (1) Cane Holder/Support.
  • One (1) Removable Shoulder Bag (with an 11-pound weight capacity).

You may feel overwhelmed by all these components. That’s why I came up with a step-by-step guide on how you can assemble your Vive Health Upright Rollator Walker!

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Assemble the Vive Health Upright Rollator Walker in 6 Easy Steps

If you’re finding it troublesome to set up or assemble the walker, fret not! Here’s the in-depth process of how you can assemble Vive Rollator Walker!

Step 1: Identify the Parts and Components

The first step is to make sure that you’ve properly identified all the parts and components.

What I like doing is spreading all the components in a large area where I can see and check if they’re complete.

When you’ve done that, make sure that the seat is locked flat in place.

Step 2: Attach the Wheels and Back Legs

Then, the next step is to attach the two (2) wheels by the base and secure them using the bolt.

Insert it by going from inside of the structure and going through the holes, securing the star lock on the outside part of the base.

Once that’s done, insert the two (2) legs at the back and secure them by pushing the pin and inserting it until it depresses, locking the hole into place.

After that, secure the tri-grip screws in place from the outside part of each of the legs. Screw it in to ensure that it’s connected tightly.

Step 3: Insert the Handles and Handgrips

Then, the next step is to insert the two (2) handles into the open tubes of the walker’s legs. Adjust it accordingly by pulling and pushing the pin and moving it to the height you want.

After that, insert the two (2) handgrips into the designated slot in the arms of the walker. Secure it in place using the curved washer, the female star lock and the bolt.

Step 4: Place the Cane Holder and Bag

After that, place the cane holder into the walker’s base (pinhead), and secure the brake lines out of the way using Velcro straps. This can help you maximize your movement.

Then, hang your bag using its straps onto the two (2) tubes that are designed to hold it.

Step 5: Position the Lift Handle

After that, position the lift handle into the female insert, which is on the backside of the walker. Then, align it onto the holes to prepare for the insertion of the bolt.

QUICK NOTE: You can play with the handle height to see what works best for you.

Step 6: Lock Everything in Place

Secure everything firmly by inserting the six (6) bolts in place and by making sure that it doesn’t budge.

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What Are the Features of the Vive Health Upright Walker?

Not all walkers are made equally. There are some that are beneficial and advantageous, while there are those that are standard. And Vive Health Upright Walker is not a regular walker.

In many years of caring for my dad, I found that perfect walkers exist — at least depending on what you need. And these walkers are those that can help you maintain an upright position.

Nina Strang, a certified PT for strengthening and conditioning at the University of Michigan, says that good posture simply is the balance along your back and body.

“Good posture, also known as a neutral spine, is when the muscles surrounding your spine are supported and balanced equally.”

What I consider the best-selling points of Vive Health’s Upright Walker are the following.

Easy Brakes Control

One thing I loved about it is the brake mechanism. It’s easy to use, you just have to push the handles forward or squeeze it tightly, and it will secure the wheels in place, stopping the walker.

Here’s an image of what the walker handles/locks should look like if you want to lock it or if you want the brakes to activate.

Lightweight but Sturdy

The walker is a combination of convenience and sturdiness all in one place! It’s made with a durable and lightweight aluminum frame with a weight limit of up to 300 pounds.

But the total weight of the walker is just 20 pounds! I found it easy to transport from point A to point B, not to mention another feature — it can be folded!

Foldability and Compact Storage Design

Yes, you read that right, Vive Health’s Upright Walker has a compact foldable design, adding portability and ease-of-use to the walker.

It doesn’t become lighter when you fold it! But it was simple to put in the car when I folded it and it was easily unfolded.

What you need to do to fold it is easy: simply lift and pull the handle and the walker will fold.

Here’s an image of me trying to fold the walker.

Seating Availability

One of the primary things I truly appreciate about Vive Health’s Upright Walker is that you can sit on it, and it’s not just like any other chair, it offers stable seating to catch and support your back!

The sling-style back support allows dexterity and convenience, giving you complete comfort.

Here is an image of what a person would look like when they are seated on the Upright Walker.

features of Vive health upright walker seat

Adjustability/Adjustable Height and Handle Height

Last, but most definitely not least of the features in this review are the easily adjustable seat height (seat depth) and the handles of the upright walker.

By default, the height of the walker would fit most people, as it can stand at an average of five feet and five inches. But you can adjust it according to user height from five feet to six feet and one inch.

The adjustable height and armrest heights will definitely make your experience extremely convenient.

Here’s a quick video recap.

Benefits & Drawbacks of Using the Vive Health Upright Walker

The extra stability helps prevent damaging falls.The assembly is not ideal for beginners or independent mobility. Someone other than the person who will use it will need to help put it together.
It comes with clear and easy-to-follow assembly instructions.The upper armrests can prevent you from sitting comfortably (limited movement).
Can also help regain grip strength and overall balance.
Risk-free guarantee within 30 days of purchase.
It’s very mobile and easy to use.
It can withstand close to the maximum user weight it can support.

Watch this video from Vive Health that can give you further detail and visualization about their Upright Walker.

Why I Consider Vive Health’s Upright Walker the Best Mobility Walker

The reason I consider this as the best upright walker for seniors is the fact that it’s easy to roll and move. It’s also made from a collection of strong and sturdy materials.

It’s also a lightweight walker that can be folded, making it easier and more convenient to transport and move from one location to another.

Here’s an image I took to help you visualize what it looks like upright.

And here’s what it looks like when you fold it.

Where Can I Buy It?

I purchased my Vive Health Upright Walker through Vive Health’s website and received it only 24 hours after placing the order!

Alternatively, you can also buy this upright walker for seniors at Walmart!


In case you feel you still need more information, here are a few of the most common questions asked about Vive Health’s Upright Rollator Walker product details.

How do I Maintain and Care for Vive Health’s Upright Rollator Walker?

To properly maintain your walker, clean it with a damp cloth in a mild cleaner. Then, dry it using a lint-free cloth.
Don’t use abrasive cleaning agents because they can damage the walker’s surface.

What Are the Benefits of Using an Upright Walker?

There are many benefits of using upright walkers, but the most important include reduction of pain when walking, improvement of proper posture and enhancement of stability.

What Do You Think of the Vive Health Upright Rollator Walker?

This comprehensive Vive Health Upright Rollator Walker review will help with your decision.

Overall, my verdict is that this walker is completely effective for the daily necessities of the elderly, people recovering from injuries and illnesses and those that need to improve poor posture.

vive upright walker

What do you think of Vive Health upright walker? Please share your thoughts below!


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