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The Etac Clean Mobile Shower Wheelchair: A Welcome Design for a Mobility Aid

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The entire caregiver community is talking about the Etac Clean Mobile Shower Wheelchair, and for a great reason!

This innovatively designed wheelchair is a total game-changer for people with mobility issues.

Read on to learn all about it and find out why it’s making headlines.


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The Etac Clean Mobile Shower Wheelchair is a Total Gamechanger

Over 1 billion people worldwide live with some form of physical disability [1]. Despite this fact, many of their basic needs are simply overlooked, including their need to maintain their personal hygiene.

In fact, there might be no activity more difficult for people with mobility issues than maintaining one’s personal hygiene.

Having someone to assist a person with mobility issues is highly recommended.

It is, however, at times, difficult to find someone to assist a person with mobility issues 24/7.

In such a case, a person with mobility issues needs to develop some degree of self-reliance in case help becomes limited.

Imagine though having to take a shower or use the toilet while having very limited movement. Limited space within the shower or washroom can make movement difficult.

Added to this is the fact that most bathroom installations are not designed to be user-friendly for those with mobility issues.

 It would be best, therefore, to afford people with mobility issues options to make them as independent as possible.

Etac Clean Mobile Shower Wheelchair : self propel hygiene chair

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The Challenge With Traditional Wheelchairs in Bathrooms

Most people with mobility issues need some form of an assistive device such as a wheelchair.

Without elaborating on much though, it is quite obvious that due to the size and the design, a wheelchair is not the most practical thing to use when taking a shower or using the toilet.

Individuals on wheelchairs often make use of other extra mobility aids, such as transfer chairs for bath chairs for example.  for them to be able to use the toilet or shower.

the man in a wheelchair is brushing his teeth beside the sink

These usually take up extra space in an already cramped-up space. 

It also takes extra effort on the part of the individual to move from one mobility aid to the next. At times, these may be impractical to use and even quite unsafe.

But what if there is actually a hygiene chair designed to help individuals with mobility issues to use for their everyday hygiene routine without needing extra mobility aids and devices?

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The Etac Clean Mobile Shower Wheelchair

Introducing the Etac Clean Mobile Shower Wheelchair. This wheelchair has been designed for use by people with mobility issues with their hygiene practices in mind.

The wheels are large enough and easy to maneuver, so users can really move around even in limited space.

etac mobile shower chair in white

It can be used just like any ordinary transfer chair, by the individual in the shower or during baths and even over a toilet. It can even be converted to a commode chair.

The Etac has a large and comfortable seat, and the armrest can flip upwards in case you need to move towards the side of the chair.

It also has adjustable foot support and even locking casters for extra safety.

That’s all great, right? But is it durable? I mean, you don’t want to drop almost a grand for something that won’t last!

You’ll be happy to know that the Etac Clean Mobile Shower Wheelchair is made of a powder-coated steel frame so you can be assured of its durability.

The screws and labels are thoughtfully designed so they do not serve as dirt traps. Plus, the body of the wheelchair is made from polypropylene so it doesn’t rust. The material makes it easy to clean as well.

Unlike ordinary wheelchairs, the Etac Clean Mobile Shower Wheelchair comes with a frame that is slim enough so it can be positioned right above wall-mounted toilets.

The seat itself is open at the rear end so it can be used directly above the toilet or as a commode chair.

The foot support is rounded to protect the individual from an injury that sharp edges in ordinary wheelchairs usually cause.

Etac Clean Mobile Shower Wheelchair : self propel hygiene chair

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When not needed, the user can easily flip the foot support up to give him additional leg space. It can be easily flipped back into position when needed.

The Etac Clean Mobile Shower Wheelchair can accommodate individuals weighing up to 285 pounds.

Rest assured that the materials and design will provide you with years of use.

Personal hygiene is a part of every individual’s life. We all have to maintain our hygiene in order to keep healthy and to stay away from disease,

Not only does maintaining hygiene keep an individual away from disease, but it also is a way of keeping one’s self-esteem.

Using mobility aids such as the Etac Clean Mobile Shower Wheelchair will help a lot in giving a person with mobility problems that much-needed assistance while keeping him as independent as possible.

It has been designed with that very purpose in mind. The little things that are often ignored or taken for granted, such as personal hygiene, have been addressed by this simple yet very reliable system.

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Etac Clean Mobile Shower Wheelchair : self propel hygiene chair


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Etac Clean Mobile Shower Commode Wheelchair
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