Revolutionize Your Mobility: Lightweight and Sleek Wheelchair Design with Advanced Practicality

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Molten, a Tokyo-based company specializing in quantum, medical, and welfare equipment, collaborated with Quantum’s design team to create the Wheeliy wheelchair in 2019.

The original model was launched in 2022, and the updated version, Wheeliy 2.0, is even more impressive. 

The designers utilized magnesium in the main frame and carbon fiber in the wheels to reduce the chair’s weight. 

Wheeliy 2.0 weighs only 8kg, 2kg less than the original, making it more comfortable and easier to use. 

The chair also has armrests that act as integrated brakes, footrests that can be folded aside with quick single movements, and other refinements to make handling, folding, and general movement more intuitive. 

molten wheelchair
Credit: Quantum

The S-shaped frame, three-spoked wheels, and signature yellow accents of the original Wheeliy were retained in Wheeliy 2.0, and the design was enhanced to make it more practical for both users and people who assist them. 

The yellow detailing serves as visual indicators of how to hold and stably lift the chair, as well as to fold it easily. 

Additionally, the simple frame structure makes for easy cleaning and regular maintenance. Wheeliy 2.0 is available in four color options, two more than the original. 

The wheelchair won the Dezen Awards 2022 in the design project category and was also named the overall design project of the year. 

Judges of the awards ceremony believed that Wheeliy was a “dignified design solution for an underrepresented group in society,” breaking down barriers in disability access.

For more information about Wheeliy 2.0, questions about purchasing, or general specifics, visit quantum|Wheeliy 2.0

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