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Looking Good & Feeling Good: Skincare At The Age Of 50

Written by Claire Bonneau
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It is natural to expect your age to change the way you look, but some people may be more accepting of this than others. For some people, this will mean focusing on improving the health of their skin.

This is to say that while ‘looking your best’ might be different for everyone, it can affect your mood, confidence, and self-esteem. Read on for more information.  

Looking Good & its Effect on Your Self Esteem

That your appearance is often linked to your mood is a well-documented relationship. For example, depression manifests physically:

A lot of people with depression simply stop taking care of themselves, and their physical appearance is affected as a consequence.

This outcome may also be the case for you as you get older. It is safe to say that looking good can help you feel good and vice versa. When you feel good on the inside, you want to look good on the outside.

As such, taking care of your skin and developing a viable skincare routine could be a great way to address this concern.

Many people think that looking good is performative and done for others, and while this is certainly true to an extent, looking good is primarily done for oneself.

If you want to feel younger, caring for your body is the way to go.

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Where Do Skincare Routines Come in?

Skincare routines will become all the more important as you get older. Self-care refers to the acts that a person performs to look after their skin.

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There may be many steps involved, depending on what you’re looking for. There is a strong argument to be made that skincare routines can help improve the health of your skin as you get older.

You may find it best to speak to a skin expert to help understand your skin better. City Skin Clinic offers several treatments as well as resources to help you to learn more about your skin.  

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Refusing to Bow to Societal Pressure

This was touched upon briefly above, but it is worth elaborating on further. Your skin’s appearance doesn’t define who you are.

While it is true that, as you get older, you should be indulging in self-care, you don’t have to do anything you’re uncomfortable with.

This means you don’t have to sign up for beauty treatments or anything like that, you need to have a skincare routine that works for you.

Your appearance should be an expression of your inner self, a way for you to communicate to others at a glance who you are.

This is why it is essential that you understand what you want from your skin as you age and that you don’t change anything because you are trying to fit into a beauty standard.

Any changes to your physical appearance should be done for yourself, not for others. 

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